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This was fun! I like turn based strategy/puzzle games, and this is really similar to many others in this genre, where you can think about a good strategy, and slowly and carefully, and using save/load to progress. I thought one of the interesting part of this is that, at some point, the world opens, and I suddenly noticed I skipped 3 chapters of the story. 

I've unlocked new game+ with that new item, and perhaps one day I'll try that version too.

It's not completely perfect (like the really slow walking if you want to clear out a monster in some other part of the world), but the strategy part is great and I love it. I'm also happy with the difficulty of the game, and that it became easier after a few chapters. Because with so many new choices open up, it would otherwise be too hard to choose a good route.

Very enjoyable if you like similar games in this genre, like Tower of the Sorcerer, or Desktop Dungeons.