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Great gameplay and a banging soundtrack!!

This is quite the twist on the tried and true Tetris formula. Well done and a ton of fun! :D

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To be fair most of your ports are new to me, as I never owned a Commodore 16. They're allowing me to experience old games for the first time :D

I loaded this up onto an actual cartridge and it's a lot of fun! Great job on this port :D

Very excited to give this a go!

This looks great! I loved the Pyoro mini-games, and this looks to really take that concept and expand.

You're very welcome. The game deserves more recognition.

This has some of the best visuals I've seen in this type of project yet. Great job!

Very entertaining mechanics, and enjoyable music. Great job!

Wow, this was quite a lot of fun! Do you have any plans to release the rom, like your other releases? I'd love to throw this on my actual console :D

Really well-polished game! There's something nostalgic about box-pushers. Great job Max!

I'm looking forward to trying it out!

This is a really laid-back platforming experience. It definitely gives me old Amiga vibes. Can't wait for more! :D

I had just finished Toree 2 a couple weeks ago, so I couldn't have discovered this at a better time. I love these little Toree titles, including McBat! I played that many years ago, and was super happy to discover you're the creator of that as well!!

Just finished playing through the first Glitch Dungeon and the 3D prototype. Awesome stuff you've got here. I can't wait for this one's release!

This is a really enjoyable 2D platformer with a glitch of a twist! Took me about 35 to complete. Well worth your time!

Really enjoy the old-school visual style. Searching for the spark plugs was fun. For a 24 hour project, fantastic! :D

Anticipating tomorrow's release :D

This is actually a solid experience. Very short, less than 10 minutes to complete, but very polished in the graphics and gameplay department!

If anyone is looking for some voice acting done, let me know!

Sweet ideas, I'm really hoping we see some unique FPS experiences as well!