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Find collaborators!

A topic by Greg Karber, writer created Oct 23, 2018 Views: 255 Replies: 13
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Hey! I wanted to create a thread for people who can draw but can't code or who can code but can't draw. If you make music, post! Find someone else to collaborate with, and you'll make something even better together.


Keen to find someone to join in on the music side of things, that's one area I really suck at :P

Hey, I'm somewhat of a beginner musician, but I've made something listenable. On the coding side, I'm a total beginner, so I'd rather make music for someone else before I know coding better. Interested? Here's something I made:


I'd love to involve something spooky as the main music for the game, the game isn't really going to be THAT good though, hopefully will be trying to improve it after the jam as well

So should I make something then? Should the music be loopable?


That would be perfect if you could :) StanTheGuy#2560 is my discord

Just so it doesn't seem like some random guy is trying to add you, I'm Banacumber#4920. I sent you a request.


Accepted, yeah was wondering a little

If anyone is looking for some voice acting done, let me know!

Hey ya'll I'm a sound designer/composer, would love to link up for the jam!


I don’t do art or music, but I do unity. Hit me up 

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Hi I can do art but not unity. i do animated best


if you wanna put your animations in a game, let me know :)

I am composer and sound effects person, looking for a programmer and artist for this, Ideally we can work in unity game engine.

I like the sound of a 'Spooky chess' variant. Message me if this sounds good to you also!