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Nicely done!
This game scores

in the doot rating! :D

I'm glad you liked the game. I plan on updating content for the next couple months. Thank you for trying out DynaBlaster! :D

It also works on linux with wine & winetricks

With a bit of tweaking the system itself, it can be fully compatibile with windows XP

This is AWESOME!! ^^

Other than that though, the game's pretty well done.

Deleted my previous comment because you can't upload images in comments and it looked ridiculous.

Well, I was really hyped to play, i thought it would be some hardcore action bullet hell shooter like the old days, but turns out the only bad guy in the game seems to be an.. internet troll? Also there seems to be a collision box issue with the red circle things. (I wanted to post an image but it didn't quite let me.)

ask in discord, they have a channel 4 that

Someone should make a Spider-Man game

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/// this is more for fun than anything else lol but enjoy anyways

DynaBlaster takes place 7 years after “the orbital brawl” event. In the year 2022 the enemy forces, also known as “The Zatrons” invaded earth, and successfully took over the whole planet in just 15 minutes, with the use of a huge mothership.
The earth sent upon it DEFIANT MK.4 Boomerang - the one and only space attack ship they have had... but it had no chance against the alien giant.
The Zatrons used special technology at the time unavailable to the humans.

2 Years after The Zatrons took over, humans started experimenting on using their own technology against them, and soon enough, a company called AVA was born in the city of Warsaw, Poland. AVA in collaboration with DEFIANT developed the first human attack spacecraft - “Hawk” which proved inefficient and incapable of stopping the Zatrons. 

Their next project however, was “Kestrel” - the first ship featuring NRG, a renewable energy source. 

The NRG is also used by AVA to develop the only spacecraft laser type able to do any harm to the Zatrons.
A special cannon like that, powered by the NRG itself, is called a Dyna-Blaster.

Soon after AVA made their second spacecraft, other companies followed in their steps.


Polish company, AVA, owns the best shield technology The Zatrons had to offer, and uses it to produce military-grade light combat ships, equipped with laser shields on the same frequency as the Zatrons’ projectiles. AVA’s shields let you deflect the projectiles right at the enemy. AVA is also the inventor of NRG.

Based in United States,DEFIANT Corps. used the already-available earth technology and combined it with the NRG, creating top-notch laser gatling guns. While AVA was the first company to work on spacecrafts with Zatron technology and NRG, DEFIANT was first to make a regular attack spaceship - the MK.4 Boomerang.

Originating in Spain, Banshee makes Luxury spaceships for the public. While not everybody can afford such a beauty, even less people are able to pilot them, due to their immense speed. Banshee’s spacecrafts are certainly worth their huge price. They are the first and only manufacturer to incorporate Hyperjump technology, as well as other unstable and experimental solutions into their spacecrafts.

Straight from the Motherland, the russian Specter inc. goes all in on the power. Their aircrafts are heavy, and slow but one hit of their Big-Bang unit could cripple a whole fleet of Zatrons. Savage looks, unstoppable force and the power of hardbass. That’s what you can expect from Specter inc.

it's a meme, it's the steam description of Hunt Down The Freeman, the worst game ever made xD

Thank you! I took your suggestion, and it's now (sort of) in the game! You can save your score and username as an image file! Check it out, if you'd like :D

Did you just beat me at my own game?!

Thank you!

Thanks! Woah, I didn't know it was this addictive! :D

Thanks a bunch for trying out my game! :D

This game scores a whopping

in Doot points!


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It's time to tell the story of the villain. Shittiest game i ever made takes you into a journey like no one has before. Witness the pain of the villain firsthand with over 14 hour gameplay, over 40 levels, immersive gameplay, cinematic cutscenes and an over an hour long, heart touching OST.


The player picks up the handgun of Lt. Gae, who finds himself in a hospital during alien invasion so called 69 Hour Invasion. Lt. Gae is thrust into a battle of survival and is forced to face challenges to survive. This marine has to use all of his training, both with firearms and thinking tactically, to parkouring across the levels. Mitchell has to manage his inventory with over twenty-six unique weapons and gadgets, find the best way to get the job done, and do whatever it takes for his own survival.

Key features:

  • Rich story:

    A brand new adventure, a new protagonist, a new story, a new point of view. This is not a remake of a story that's already been told, it's a unique tale of a villain hunting the good guy.
  • Inventory System

    HDTF boasts an inventory system with many guns to chose from, managing ammunition among your weapons. If you run out of 9mm ammunition in your submachinegun, your 9mm pistol won't work.
  • Parkour Mechanics:

    Climb, scoot and crawl
    around your enemies! HDTF did more than leaning when you run, Its pride and joy is the parkour system. Falling more than ten feet doesn't mean death anymore.
  • Characters

    New faces, new voices. It's time for a new cast, featuring some prominent multi-media celebrities.
  • Cutscenes:

    Over 45 Minutes of cinematic cutscenes, creates the perfect taste to the story.
  • Graphics

    Time for a new toaster, we've added new higher resolution textures and high-poly models, pushing Source to the limit.
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Okay, i'm on Solus here, watch this:

1) Get steam
2) Add the .exe version of this game to your steam library
3) Enable Proton (AKA Steam Play)
4) Profit

and it works with like 99% of windows games

Oh, in that case - i would guess this has to be my personal best of the 3 submissions :)

Ah, yeah.. that's because the layout ends outside the screen and
player.isOnScreen=false is counted as death. I'll get to work on ProjectUntitled when i finish DSR.

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Tbh, I only thought of submitting it after version 0.1.0, because the overall graphics were medieval-like (e.g. no guns n stuff like that) so i can totally see where that's coming from, and turns out in the time i started making this the #2 jam was taking place, so that's another reason i thought i could submit this. Thanks for playing, I hope you had at least some fun =]

Oh I am loving this.


There is no sound. (What is it with games and silence?)
but other than that i didn't see anything wrong with it.
I'd say it's ok.
There is room for improvement but it's not bad at all :)

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Nope, the art is publicly available on and OGA, with the exception of some of it made by previous Demonshock developers and me.
Thank you for trying out Demonshock! I appreciate it ^^
Here's a hint: Stay in the menu and listen to the theme 4 times to find an awesome easter egg :D

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Wow.. err... congrats on winning?
The game looks.... if anything, a little rushed.
There is no sound.
There is no score (or at least i didn't see)
There is no wave system
There are no upgrades
There are no animations for the player


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I like the graphics and mechanics, but there is no sound at all (or at least it wasn't playing) and I never managed to attack a single enemy as they kept running away from me. The player doesn't turn when moving, neither the enemies.

 After reviewing all the Indie Games Lab Jam #1 games, this is my favourite of the three.

Hey! I wanted to ask if there would be any voiceover for the presenter guy?


How are the comments spinning wth