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Master Doot

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the planet's rotation seems... oddly too fast on spritesheet export


what are the dimensions

Direct link ->

Hey! Did you know that now there's a dedicated and independent social media site for FNF fans ran by... FNF fans... Yeah it's pretty crazy but with some luck (and a lot of support) we managed to pull it off.

If you have a second, give it a try at !

Looks really good! Might get it soon. Is it okay to alter/change (such as adapting to a color palette) and use commercially?

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Go join "Any Game Jam" instead

this is essentially a "give me your ideas as CC0 jam"

Oh awesome, thanks! :D


if you can make a video showing this thing in detail, i'll actually consider getting it

if it's paid i assume you pay for the rights to use this anywhere anyhow?

mm bloody

why does Alt make him UGH?

I like this actually, I like it a lot!

Well well well, if it isn't Pasta Siege, destroyer of boredom the funbringer

About time we hit another jam! It's been quite a while now!

Again, if anyone needs music or SFX, DM me straight away.



What's the bonus password?

This game is great, if you have a couple spare minutes, you should definitely play it.

Jokes on you windows users, I run Linux as my main OS! :D

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Hey! I'm Master Doot (AKA Kaizen)
I've made some games in the past but recently switched to making music.
I am also the owner of Open Repository, which is full of all kinds of tracks (mainly electronic though) ready to be used!

Open Repository link: (Yes, it's a discord, and the files are uploaded directly there. Edit: It is not a social server.)

Here's some of my work that you can freely judge:

I also do commissions, so feel free to hit me up if you need anything!
Alrighty, I gotta go now. Cheers!


Arrow keys - movement
X (Hold) - Physics shield
LShift (Hold) - Flight
Drag and drop .msbx files to add objects into the game!
Hold Left Click to position objects.
Middle Click an object to remove it.

"Pay us or fuck you!"

- Apple

Well... I launched the game, clicked "Play" looked around the screen and lost. The game then hung up on the game over screen and refused to run properly =/
Does this every time now.

And additional props for having a linux version, appreciate it very much as a linux person :)

Dang it somindras, you' did it again! You mad lad! :D

To sum it up, it's fun and all, but a little bit too generic for my taste.

Well, the game is interesting, let me elaborate.

- Upgrades? Where? You mean the collectibles? Technically, yes. Practically, meh?

- Controls, well, yeah, there's one button.

- Visuals? A bunch of squares & rectangles with a TV overlay and a bulge effect.

- Audio? Probably one of the better things here, the audio was actually pretty decent for a game of this type so there's that

- Gameplay is.. not too bad actually.

I'd say, it's something you'd see on Newgrounds or any site with flash games basically.

How does this fit the theme "Upgrade" though?

Hey, I'd like to submit my LagOut Framework for all them Construct 2 peeps out there.
It's a framework I used to make most of my games.
I purchased the bundle myself for 5 USD, and felt like contributing something important to me in exchange.

Rated 5 starts
In price-to-product comparison this is basicically 1-to-10
you pay almost nothing and get everything to make a complete legitimate retro video game, provided you know how to.

And I'm fairly impressed! This is some black magic level coding!