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Yes! We always do a jam right after Valentine’s day

Maybe we can hold another one on the pride month if there is enough interest.

Hey everyone! If you are still finishing your project and haven’t been able to properly submit, we will have a grace period for you to contact me through Discord so that I can help you submit it!

For all of you that have properly submitted your entry, congratulations! I hope you had fun participating, and now go sleep so that you can wake up to a new day and play all the amazing entries in the Jam.

Thanks you all for taking part of this! it has been a really exciting week, and I’m more than happy with the result.

Let’s see how the rating period goes, I hope you all can rate as many entries as you can in the upcoming weeks!

Congrats and See you around

Scratch games are not allowed in a jam where games need to be made using LÖVE

What are you talking about? Which one is giving you problems? haha

This game was not made with the LÖVE Game framework so it’s not a valid entry for the LÖVE Jam

Sorry but this is not a valid submission to the LÖVE Jam since it’s not made with the LÖVE Game Framework and was made way before the jam started. I’ll be removing this entry

Sorry but this game is not a valid entry to the LÖVE Jam, since the first rule says that your game MUST be made using the LÖVE Game Framework.

I’ll be removing it from there. Also the game was made before the jam, so it goes against the spirit of the jam.

This is true, but derivative assets would probably be fine… Also it’s up to the participant, they can just mention it in their submissions if they just don’t intend to be rated on Graphics or be slightly penalized in their score for using pre-made assets.

Assets is not always the end, having a good visual look sometimes depends on shaders, editing and what not, so I’d say it depends on how the assets are used.

Oh very cool!

Too bad the .vox files are paid assets, otherwise I would pitch in Lovox Redux by Tjakka5 and I haha

Hey I hope you can find a teammate before the jam, remember to join the Discord since it’s a lot more active than here.

Also, in the worst case, consider using free assets like Kenny’s and such, is a great place to find very good assets for free. Just write it down somewhere so that people know that the art wasn’t made during the jam.

Good luck!

My screen is 1366x768 60hz notebook monitor. I think it’s around 15” but I’m not sure.

Hope that helps!

Wow this is awesome info! I will have to take a look too, sounds interesting.

I wonder if I can make it work with Concord! I’m interested how the syntax would look like or what additions would be needed.

I’m glad that we have something else other than Moonscript and Haxe to work with LÖVE <3

Please explain why making a game is hilariously easy. If you could define what you mean by “game” and “easy” that would be great.

Also why is app development different from game development?

We’ll see I guess haha

Get ready for next time! I really wanna host a second LÖVE Jam after pride day, so you have more than enough time to get ready <3

Hey! if it’s at least playable, create a page and contact me over Discord, you can always make a post jam version with everything on it

Wooow! That’s crazy, congratulations, I’ll check it out later

That’s so sad to hear @intensify13 I hope you are at least happy with the game you made <3

Making the theme image with all those candies definitely made my mouth sabour the sugar hahaha

I think supporting a different platform adds a lot of burden in the development of a GUI heavy tool.

Also Mac (or actually Apple) are very restrictive on HOW to make and distribute apps for their Operating Systems, and things like giving up support for OpenGL in the near future, having to code sign your apps (paying for a certificate), using XCode and building on a Mac (not being able to cross-compile at all) make this a bigger challenge that it’s actually worth.

If people can run this app through Wine, I’d say that they should do that instead.

Anyway that’s my opinion as a developer, just wanted to state it, because this statements and successive requests (after rxi said there were no plans to support Mac) make for unnecessary pressure to any developer.

Here to help! It’s all part of the learning experience haha

Collectibles would be great. An idea would be a sort of bomb you can only collect on that it spawned, but the explosion affects the other phase. Something weird like that maybe? haha.

Maybe phase shields so that you can clean a phase while being in the other?

There is a lot of room for exploration here, and with something this small I would consider the game really complete.

Tell your girlfriend she is really good! And should keep doing pixelart.

I’m amazed at what you made even though you are just starting with LÖVE.

I think the best way to learn your way around LÖVE is to try all the different APIs and things it has to offer. And also knowing Lua entirely (LuaJIT more specifically), even things like performance and optimizations. Just be sure to work up slowly cause there is a lot to learn.

The rest you’ll figure out just from working with it. But if you really need to, there are tutorials here and you can always come to the Discord server or the forums to ask questions

If you can, you should also try to learn common Game Programming Patterns, you may already know some of these though.

I found out what my issue was, so once you toggle to reset, there is no way to turn it back, that didn’t seem intuitive to me so I tried to flip the switch and couldn’t.

I think a button would have been better there.

And the other one I tried to spin it as if it was a circle, but I now realized I needed to slide my mouse horizontally to go through the different levels (which I wasn’t expecting). I thought it depended on the angle to the center of the knob.

Did you actually score points? It’s not chill at all when you care about points haha

Oh the channel idea is really good!

PS: You went to so much trouble to play this haha you truly are a good judge.

Okey this game took me a LONG time to rate, it’s been days since I first played it but I had to give it another go. It feels really good!

The controls are somewhat un-ituitive, timing it right is hard. and getting the grasp of the shapes is not that easy (specially with the squares)

Still the puzzles are good and you can work them out somehow.

I would like more feedback, like knowing where it’s wrong, and when it’s correct and I don’t have to tune anymore.

I wish you had music and maybe some sound effects when interacting with the UI would be great.

And the graphics are top notch! Just perfect, specially the curve animations.

I really liked the complexity of your game, I think you did an amazing job.

Thank you for participating!

WOW I’m so bad at Rhythm games haha. This is very very very well done! There are some small timing issues (this are a common problem in LÖVE Audio so not your fault) but otherwise the mechanic is really good. As people mentioned a penalization would work best (I did horrible and I deserve to be told that)

The music is really good, though the sound when you press the keys could be improved.

Graphics are very clear and simple, not much to say, nothing too crazy going on but it works really well.

Thanks for participating! I’m glad we have ths rhythm game in the Jam

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This is an easy fix though, instead of love.keyboard.isDown use love.keyboard.isScancodeDown, and instead of using the first argument of love.keypressed/keyreleased use the second argument (the first is key, the second is scancode)

Docs for you:

Well I have little to say, the fact that you managed to do all this in just a few hours is amazing.

People have already detailed the problems which are the same I had, when does the song end? What’s on the deck? Feedback is really needed, same with the calls I picked them up but if there were requests and such I didn’t get to read them due to the pace of the game, it doesn’t give you much time.

Graphics wise it’s really fun as a CLI, I would love to see how you could provide that feedback I asked for above.

AND PLEASE ADD SOUND! This would be so good with real music haha.

And again thanks for participating! Good job on this speed entry haha

Nice Bomberman clone! You already have most of the mechanics in place, your enemies are lacking collisions and they run out of the world though haha.

Very well done, the graphics are really good, specially Karl and the menues.

It’s lacking sound and that’s too bad cause this would be even funier if you had some haha.

I really liked the humor and the theme the game has haha, hope to see a more finished version later on. Thanks for participating in the Jam!

Nice little game you have here! Graphics wise I think you did great, the Metroids and the Schnabeltier looks really good, and so does the font you chose. I would have loved to see a background, and some particles when the Metroids impact.

The music has that supense to it I liked it, and the jumping sound is great also, I wish there was a sound effect when the Metroids impact too.

Regarding gameplay, this is the area you can work the most, jumping doesn’t feel very good (it’s like you are floating and it’s hard to move forward) the Metroids stack forming walls you can’t pass, and as people have mentioned you can just hold right and never bother with jumping and such haha.

Anyway, great entry! I’m glad you could take part and I hope it was a learning experience for you :D

Wow! This game is so cute and well executed, I really liked the mechanic and the movement control. It felt tricky yet really fun.

The graphics are great, very nicely done and contribute to the overall cuteness of the game.

Sound and music was ok not much to say here. There could be some more sound effects I guess?

I also found that having an extra challenge other than survival would be great, also a real need to give Pinky some love haha.

Great entry overall! Thanks for participating in this Jam.

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Hey everyone, the Jam finished yesterday and I see a lot of people have been rating and leaving feedback already. So I want to issue a challenge!

Who can rate and leave feedback in ALL the games? You DO NEED TO PLAY THE GAME!!

That’s it, that’s the challenge, I have 32 games to rate yet, not including the 2 I’m part of but yeah that’s still a lot.

Well participation is optional and you won’t get a prize or anything but I thought “LET’S MAKE THIS A CHALLENGE” and here we are haha.

Have fun playing and rating! Leave nice feedback and be good <3

EDIT: Okey let’s change the rules a little! “Faster” is not a thing anymore, just PLAY, RATE, LEAVE FEEDBACK in all of them, if you do, comment down below and get some LOVE! <3

You have two weeks so there is no need to hurry in your reviews just be sure to rate them all, that’s the challenge.

I have seen JAMs where people don’t take the time to do this, and the winner has 10 or so ratings when in this case should be around 40… so can we get there? It means 1600 ratings which is CRAZY!

This is a community challenge, let’s make this happen together!

I really liked the mechanics and all the content you put into the different channels, with the weird stories and the funny commercials. The mission was simple and I easily figured it out, but I think it has a lot of potential as a mistery game, with puzzle mechanics, finding things out felt really good.

Regarding visuals I really liked the VHS like look, felt like using an old TV haha, I think you have room to improve here, like putting actual videos and such. And that ties to sound, unfortunetly you have no sound, which is okey given that you have the very descriptive subtitles haha but here you can do a lot more! I hope you can find the time for it cause that would be great haha.

Very funny and really cool game, for a few hours! I hope you enjoyed making it as I enjoyed playing it, have fun playing and rating! Thanks for taking part on yet another LÖVE Jam <3

Sure I’ll make a GIF and show you! But basically they didn’t switch properly.

Oh yeah! I think most people just miss it, in-game instructions would be great.

The tweaks I would make would be the orbit thresholds first (showing exactly where they are). And yeah play around with how the tail interacts… but if you are clear about it in the instructions I would say you can just let it be haha.