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Dr HomeoboxView game page

A five minute game about a mad scientist obsessed with DNA
Submitted by dancerfool — 3 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#742.7723.143
Music and Sound#852.0162.286

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I was not able to get it to work on my mac but it did work on my pc. I like the powerups and the level design, and the whole idea in general. The tune was catchy. The background and wall tiles kind of looked a bit boring to me.  I can understand not wanting to spend too much time on them in a jam environment. also the knuckles type wall climbing power had some issues for me. sometimes the character would point the wrong direction when attached to the wall.


Really fun game. Those mutation power-ups are cool. Sprite art is great, especially on the main character. Music is awesome!


Thanks! I'll pass the complement to the artist. And the music is by Kevin MacLeod, so I can't take credit for that haha


Great game! Love the different power-ups.  Some sound effects would help.  Keep working on this it has great potential.


Definitely considering a continuation! Thanks for your feedback!


Good job on the powerups!  I need to learn to do that haha.   As others have mentioned just need some contrast and sfx and it would be solid!  Keep on improving!  Play Puma Cat if you have time~


Haha not too bad just maintain some kind of game state within your object then edit the resulting variables on collision with a powerup. Thanks for your feedback man!


Nice game, the different power-ups is very fun idea. It was sometimes hard to see where the platforms where, a bigger difference between background and platforms would be beneficial. Also some sounds would make it more alive.

The concept overall is very good!


Thanks for your feedback man! Will definitely remember better platform contrast for future games, as well as sound fx.


I enjoyed the different power-ups and the puzzles that each presented. I would love to see more levels  and more complex puzzles using the mechanics! Two things to improve would be to add sound effects and lower the volume/add a slider for the volume of the music and to add more contrast between the platforms and the background, since they are very similar in color and got a bit lost at times.

Overall, I enjoyed using the power-ups. I think they provided a good variety of challenges and abilities!


Thanks for your feedback! We didn't go too hard on this game jam since it was our first so a lot of it was just building the game itself and most of the levels were actually implemented in the last few hours. We definitely would have enjoyed more levels, and may do a rework/continuation in our spare time since it was just a cool idea and we thought it turned out well.

Options/settings were also something that got thrown to the side in hurry to complete it, but definitely a smart move.  Also will keep contrast in mind for future games. Glad you enjoyed it!


Mac build doesn't work for me.


Yeah, turns out the way I was building it on GMS2 and the signing means macs don't like it when you're just downloading and unzipping it.  I'm not sure whether I'd even be able to fix the upload so it does work when downloaded, but I have verified it works when downloaded through the mac application. Sorry for the trouble.