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We had an animation for interacting with the controllable platforms planned, but ran out of time to draw it. I often ran into the same issue while testing the game, so I completely understand!

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed!

Cool idea for progression. Love the silly artwork! Wish there was more to the gameplay, but like you said, you ran out of time. Great job for what you accomplished!

Love the playing through a storybook idea! The game has solid foundation with lots of interesting ways to take it in the future. Great work!

An interesting game where the main challenge seems to be learning to best utilize the controls and commands. Would have loved to have seen some way to change the direction of the attack, maybe through a command? Great work!

Haha, the result of having a word in mind but no direction or sleep! lol

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed!

Thanks for playing! We had more complicated puzzles in mind but didn't have time to implement unfortunately due to a few problems that arose. Glad you enjoyed, and I'd love to check out your game!

Interesting concept! I like how the two character present different playstyles, with the vampire being more aggressive, and the ghost being more stealthy and crafty. I'm curious to see where you take it for an end goal. The dancing was a nice touch as well.

I enjoyed the different power-ups and the puzzles that each presented. I would love to see more levels  and more complex puzzles using the mechanics! Two things to improve would be to add sound effects and lower the volume/add a slider for the volume of the music and to add more contrast between the platforms and the background, since they are very similar in color and got a bit lost at times.

Overall, I enjoyed using the power-ups. I think they provided a good variety of challenges and abilities!

I enjoyed the platforming challenges. I thought the fall speed was a bit fast though, which made some jumps harder than they seemed to be. It was also a bit hard to see some platforms as they blended into the trees, but this didn't affect anything really. 

Overall, a short but enjoyable platformer!

Overall pretty enjoyable. Waves definitely felt like a race to take out the sentry enemies though, especially in the later waves.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for checking out the game and leaving feedback Jester!
Nice catch on the mechanic! That is something I definitely intend to fix in the future.
I do have plans on expanding into a full game once my life's less hectic.

Thanks for checking out the game and leaving feedback Oslaf!

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Thanks for the details!
I agree that the animations (or lack of) are currently disorienting and will definitely need to be improved. 

I think the problem with the lack of predictability is a problem with how the game is presented to the player. The push back direction is based on the direction the player is looking (pushes opposite from the direction the player is looking/hits). I will have to keep in mind in the future how I present mechanics. 

Thanks again for the helpful feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to check out the game and leave feedback Colin! I want to make the best possible experience for the player, so I'd appreciate if you could elaborate on what felt like "flailing around" (e.g. loss of control, level design, etc.). 

Phew, worked the second time. Went into a mini-panic mode there for a sec.


I'm having some problems uploading the game, what should I do?