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Chaotic DNA Multiplier 2K19View game page

Submitted by RetroBananaManNL — 2 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline
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Chaotic DNA Multiplier 2K19's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Music and Sound#522.9412.941
Fun Factor#842.5292.529

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The music in this clicker is great! That and the rotation kept me clicking away for longer than I expected. Nice clicker game!


Yes, I know I added it and I was myself like. This is much more fun, although it doesn't change anything really :P

Thanks for playing :) 


This is pretty cool! I feel  like upgrading the older upgrades are not worth maxing out by far! Haven't played too many clicker games so can't say I am an expert but wanting to see the next item to achieve was nearly enough to make me keep clicking in its own right. Great job!


No, It's porbably not worth it. I just added a formula and just made up some max numbers that seemed reasonable. I didn't think what the price would become with the formula I implemented. 

Thanks for playing :D 


I played this game on stream last night, and was like "oh I see what they got here... though maybe not a good game for streaming" then I found the store button... I played it for way longer probably than I should have. Super addicting. Haha! Great work


That's great! Thanks for playing :D


I think my favorite part was

the clicking


Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Good to hear, if I will ever continue working on it I'll add a hardcore mode that can only be completed by clicking without idle mechanix :P 

Thanks for playing! :) 


Nice clicker. Good job on cells :)


Thank you :) 

Thanks for playing 


Cool idea for progression. Love the silly artwork! Wish there was more to the gameplay, but like you said, you ran out of time. Great job for what you accomplished!


Thank you! Yeah, maybe in the future (probably not though I don't see commercial value in it).


Cool little clicker game! I liked the simple but catchy music~ did you make it?  Keep up the good work!


Yes, thanks. I think it's personally a bit chaotic the music (too much going on after the build up). I should've put it all out over a longer time maybe, but a huge compliment I'll take it. It's like the second time I made a song for a game (jam).


I can confirm that the depictions of Kuiper Belts and cells are accurate: 6 stars for visuals.


Thank you, I highly appriciate it :) 

Thanks for playing 


Pretty silly clicker. Definitely needs an auto-clicker option... my finger and my mouse would thank you.

Great job! I enjoyed the click-marathon :) !


Haha Thanks! Maybe I'll add it later, on the other hand probably nobody will play it ever again after the voting period is over. 

Thanks for playing anyway :) 


Cool concept. Got to the gould betls but I had to click way too much. I thought the cell looked to much like a phone but you've cleared that up haha. I enjoyed it at the start but the game is too long and is missing an auto-clicker in my opinion. Nice job though.


Thanks for playing. Yes I missed the Idle part I had to cut it out because of time constraints (or real life needed more time than I hoped for). It was planned with an idle part in mind, that's why the amounts from the gould belts get pretty crazy. Also I wanted to have a big reset and you could buy buffs by that, but also no time for that. 


Nice twist on the clicker style game! Going up the hierarchy was satisfying.

I'm not really into clickers, but the idea with DNA going up to full systems is neat. You did a good job creating what clickers need: a feeling of satisfaction.

Also having cells be a calculator was pretty funny.


Thanks for playing!

Glad you enjoyed it. For the cell I took inspiration from the Nokia 3310 phone. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very interesting game. Made it to Gould Betls, but my fingers are now dead. Typing this with my nose :D 

5 stars for Weirdness/Charm. Fun Factor and Balance was not really present. Maybe the missing auto-clicker part would have made that better. But, I really enjoyed the sprites rotating around. Especially the K and G belts :D

I'm also not a real fan of auto-clickers, but that was one of the achievements and you went down that road. I normally like to play an auto-clicker one time, but after resurrection/incarnation/whatever, the game is not really interesting anymore, because it's the same over and over again :D


thanks for playing, honestly I'm most proud of the cell. I know the idle part would've made it much better but I ran out of time, maybe later.