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Wait I just realised you already rated my game thats how I found yours haha. Nevermind. Also good luck. 

Fun game. Looks like one of those old school browser games on miniclip or something. THe idea is interesting but it doesn't fit the theme the that much(even though there are some elements of the theme). Jumping kind of feels like you are flying. Also I found a bug where you can spam F during dialogue causing it to glitch. This can cause you to get a lot of A tests from that one teacher(Mr. D i think he was called) and effectively have infinite health.  The game would have also been a lot better with sounds and music.

That being said the game is good(especially for your first game jam), and the map size was impressive.Also and I understand your time constraint was the main reason for all its flaws. Hope this feedback encourages you to update and improve your game.  Congrats on your first jam and I hope to see more from you in the future.

Also I would appreciate if you played and rated my game as well.

Interesting game, the story and concept weren't bad. However there were some points that could be improved. Death dialogue didn't need to repeat itself more than once per level, the isometric view was really difficult to navigate, thankfully there was a shadow below the character to give you some idea where you are, if it wasn't for that I definitely wouldn't have finished the game. I don't think I've seen an isometric platformer before and maybe this is the reason. But if you try and execute it better it just might work. Good submission nevertheless.

Nice game. Fairly challenging. Could see this  being a good mobile game.

I liked the music. The graphics were decent. Got a bit frustrating at times and I thought about quitting and just rating what i had played so far(I usually dislike when jam games last too long), but now that I finished it I don't regret it.  I really liked the ending and had to restart the game to check if the exit had always been there. Would have been pretty funny if it had. Maybe your game wasn't the most graphically or musically stunning out of the ones I played but the idea and implementation of the theme were great. Read in your comments you plan on expanding on the game after this jam, wish you luck with that.

I took me a bit of jumping before I got a little confused to why it's taking so long. Then I read the title again. The stickman animation was nice although i think you could have added an outline to the ground as it felt like i was falling into the ground the first time i played it. Interesting submission.

Fun game. The sounds made my friends kick me from a discord call so good job. But I'm not sure if this complies with the rules that everything has to be made by you during the jam.

Nice game. The music and art were good. Found a bug where you move faster or slower on platforms(depending in which direction you go) but that didn't affect gameplay too much. The game was fun although i died on the second level twice just when i reached the castle lol. So good job.

The art and music were amazing. Got a little confused since i thought I was trying to free myself not someone else. The atmosphere is great. The only thing that felt weird to me was that the items followed the cursor(which took me some time to realize since you only control the character with a keyboard), but other than that the game was great and I wish you the best of luck.

Shooting that fast firing weapon was surprisingly fun. Didn't really feel the modifiers and they kind of confused me a little when a modifier showed up along with the opposite one. The controls felt nice and i liked the sounds. Also the graphics were nice, not really sure what Brackeys was doing here but whatever floats your boat.

Really liked the graphics, they are quite reminiscent of blackthornprod. The combat felt a little bit weird though. There was no reason for attacking to be done with the mouse since you can't move while attacking and can only attack in the direction you're facing. Had to play though 3 times before I beat it so it wasn't too easy or difficult. Overall nice job.

Game was fun, was missing sounds though. I liked the concept. Good job!

Cool game. Quite enjoyed it. The music was pretty nice. Overall nice job!

Had a good laugh when i played it.

I kind of didn't do much work the first days of the jam so didn't really have time to edit the text although I would have liked to change the font. And I agree it's a little weird that you only use the mouse for the text i could have made that different. I don't really see the text as difficult to read when i am fullscreened but if the game is running on a low resolution i suppose it could be an issue. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll check your game out when I have the time. 

At first i didn't understand i had to give up an input. A strange but interesting mechanic. Although shooting is kind of the only one you want to keep after getting knockback on your shots.

Fun concept. Think it has some potential if worked on more adding more stats and interactions. Was surprised when my weapon changed. Couldn't get the bow back but the swords and axes were fun when they didn't have a small range. Overall good job.

Nice game. I enjoyed the music and the story had it's charm. Also it was a cool easter egg that the cat had 9 lives. Didn't notice until my friend pointed it out. Although the game was too easy in my opinion but maybe you weren't trying to make it challenging so it works.

Thanks for the feedback. We wanted to do something else with the level but couldn't since we didn't have enough time. Also something i wanted to add was text telling you that you need to press E to open a toolbox but didn't get round to that either. Hope the people who played it saw that in the game page and weren't confused.

Cool concept. Got to the gould betls but I had to click way too much. I thought the cell looked to much like a phone but you've cleared that up haha. I enjoyed it at the start but the game is too long and is missing an auto-clicker in my opinion. Nice job though.