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Bro, I didn't realize you had so much stuff on itch! Great work lately :D

Nice dude, this explains all the aseprite I've seen you in! This was a lot of clicking for a slowpoke like me, but I love the concept.
Took me a few tries to figure out the strategy, but I'm filling up the screen now and doing some swears when one of the fogeys takes an unreasonable bounce. 
Fun game dude! And the music is Smooooooth :D

Awesome! 😃

Whenever a game asks me to name a character, I revert back into 12 year old me.

Had a lot of fun with this one! The map editor was great, I spent too long messing around with stuff :P It also took me WAY too long to realize that when people get combined, they reset to level 1. I had to decline all further loot boxes after that haha!

👆This was literally my first combination, so it was absolutely hilarious to me. Thanks for the game!

Thanks for the feedback! We tried it and liked it better if you have to be quick to read and sometimes you have to come back to pick up the gift after clearing the area a bit. Haha! Makes it a little more difficult and you have to think fast.

Glad you liked 'em! 

Thanks! We tried, for sure! 😁

Wow, thanks! We definitely had fun making it, and appreciate the comments! 

lol, I had to step away, but I'll be back! I'm assuming I'll have to play through the other levels again to unlock the last ones, right?

Great puzzles! Interesting choice that you have to die to go forward. I kept trying to hop back into the portal. One of the zerglings got out probably level 5 or so (whichever one is the first that I need to hit 2 switches) and was camping my spawn! Haha! Great looking game, great art and tiling, and nice polish!

Awesome game but now I'M SWEATING AT MY DESK. Gonna go shake off the anxiety! Haha! Love the animation and sounds, and the game certainly feels nice with the controller! Great work!

Took me a minute to figure out that the shining orbs were good things that I should be picking up! I got to about 73 wrenches I think... Definitely a fun game, with that one-punch-man achievement! nice work!

This one was tough!  I finally found out it was best to sort of get 'em out in the open and up high because you fall faster than the wrenches! Also I didn't realize until I was almost done playing that you could just catch a wrench by touching it. (I think?) A lot of fun! 

I know you had tuned in last night so you know pretty much all the things I'm gonna say about the game haha! Love the camera, and the objectives, super twitchy game and I definitely wanna go back and play again because I was so close to beating it :P

Those puzzles got more and more complex! Great work, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next time!

Absolutely fantastic game! The art style, the polish... This game looks like it's almost ready for market! I did find it difficult to pick up DNA in the beginning, but then I realized that I needed to kill the rats farther from their spawn to give me time to pick it up. Great job to everyone involved!

Great work, Collider! I spent some good time tokyo drifting around these levels 😂 

Awesome game! Took me a minute to realize I needed to pick up those items to throw at the kangaroo-bots but once I figured that out, it started feeling a lot like an old-school SNES platforming game! Great work!

Oh yeah, and the art style is fantastic. Great work!

Felt like Sid from Toy Story, reassembling torn apart toys! Was a lot of fun! Was a little hard to tell what the conditions were for whether the toy was junked or walked out to what I assume is the sales floor :P But for the most part I just tried to keep a head on top and some limb-like limbs on their limbs

You already know most of the stuff I'm gonna say, cause you watched me play it! 😃
Love the art style, the controls, everything feels like a polished indie game I'd pick up for a few bucks on a steam sale. The satisfying impact of the arrows, the way you rank up your skills. Awesome game! I may even go back and play again because my only regret is not taking down the big guy!

Interesting! I think you're the first person I've seen post with a behind the scenes screenshot in their game! Was this your first time working with Unity? I like the heart particles that spawn when you hug your tree 🤣

I definitely found myself painting the walls with wrenches! I thought the wrench spawn rate was spot on 😁Once I spawned enough enemies downstairs, I just left and went up to the wrench painting sandbox, and had a good ol' time making it rain. Haha! This was more fun than I thought it would be at first go! Definitely a good start, and can't wait to see what you do next year!

OH Bktaco, I didn't realize this one was your game! I actually played it on stream last night! It was a lot of fun. I got to like 50+ candies and then I died cause I got too comfortable 😂 The guy jumps quite a bit higher than his move speed, so the gaps are pretty hard to hit sometimes. Definitely challenging. And I dig the art style, but I'd recommend a thicker stroke around the character to match the blocks / trees maybe. Was definitely a lot of fun, and I had a good 4-5 attempts before figuring out the sweet spot to make the jump! Also great work on the procedural levels. I couldn't tell until I got far enough in and was like... wait a minute... This just keeps on going!

Oh also, forgot to mention how much we liked your intro for your brand "Italic Games" super cool design :)

I also somehow managed to fall into a pit of darkness from colliding too long with a table, haha! I was waiting for my wrenches to reload!

ooh, I did download the game! I just saw a screenshot when I was posting the comment and assumed that's how it was in the build! Sorry about that. 

Oh no! I was wondering what the toolbox was for! I gotta go back and play again now 😂

I played this game on stream last night, and was like "oh I see what they got here... though maybe not a good game for streaming" then I found the store button... I played it for way longer probably than I should have. Super addicting. Haha! Great work

This game was a lot of fun, I actually played it on stream last night! Those little squirt guns were kicking my butt! I think the biggest thing I would have liked was a passive health regen. I got lucky once with the mutator but I was already at 90% health when I got it. Other than that the DNA mutation screen popped over the first time I saw the boss(?) dude with a shotgun, and there wasn't really a way for me to see where the murder was coming from, haha! But awesome game! Love the randomness and the enemies! We also used the godot engine in our game, how'd you like it?

Nice job! Interesting art style to blend PBR & Pixel art. My only gripe is that the camera is so far in that it's hard to tell what's coming up and how to conserve your wrenches! Maybe even if the character was just farther to the left of the screen instead of fixed in the middle, that would have been easier. But maybe it's exactly as hard a game as you meant it to be, and I don't have my young man reflexes anymore 😂

Woo! Fun game! Thanks for not randomizing the order the colors were in on the manual, lol! I would never remember the order of things.

I played this game on stream last night! Took me about 4 attempts I think, but I won! Very cool concept and the singing was hilarious!

Thanks, we had a ton of fun making the game! Mike basically threw together the santa logic in one big push, and it adds so much to the game 😁

Fun game! I feel like I almost got the boss, but he didn't have a healthbar so who knows 😛
I'd recommend throwing a ground texture on the grey to break it up a little, there were points where I couldn't tell if I was moving because the art was so smooth. Also maybe some drop shadows under the characters, but certainly great job for such a small time constraint!

At first glance, seeing the pixel art move independently from the sprite was confusing, but allowed for pretty subtle movement that adds to the style. And once in the game, you don't even notice it anymore. Really awesome execution, and just like everyone else, I'm not gonna shut up about how cool it is to have a narrative on a book spread as the level. Great work especially for a jam game!

I wasn't able to kill the blue flames... was I supposed to just avoid them or was I doing it wrong? Was definitely a fun challenge. I tried it probably 6-7 times and dropped some spacemen into some nail traps. I liked the animation on their helmets too!

Yep, my only gripe was no losing conditions. Having the game become a bit more difficult as it goes on would make it more and more of a challenge to keep playing! Very cool theme and I dig the art and music as well.