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Pretty cool. Could be fleshed out, maybe rethemed with some unique art ;D

I'M hyped :D

Follow @tweet_dungeon on Twitter to get that full version as it comes out! :D

Love it. Props!

You still thinkin' of a Steam release? :D

Sounds like I need to optimize!

I wonder what your computer didn't like about it, though?

Yeah, I think I'll add and change a bit of it :D

Awesome, very helpful! Thanks!

Dig the dark humor! The memorial is a great idea :D

Gotta give extra credit for the little player character sounds and those wild finger animations! :D

Lots of good "game-feel" additions. Nicely done!

Nicely polished for a jam!

Solid stuff! Would play more!

Plenty of interesting ideas in here! Nicely done :D

Lovely and clever. Might be worth expanding upon!

Really charming and weird. Love it!

Yup, this is pretty much how I play video games, haha

Well-scoped, well-executed. Well done! :D

It's hard to make something interesting and fun in 48 hours! Good jorb :D

You legitimately have something here!
Watching the simulation go is satisfying.
I think you could flesh it out and release it, if you so chose!

I think my favorite part was

the clicking


Stealth + wrenches? Of course! :D 
Those vision cones are really neat! How do they work?

I f****** died :D

Looks great for such a short time frame!

Being able to jump on the arrows was a nice touch!

Good stuff! How did you manage such a tricky movement pattern? I was attempting to include some similar stuff in mine, but ended up going with something a bit simpler...

Hey thanks!

Needs more screen shake :D

It's beauuuuutiful

Hey, sorry, another quick question: Is there a way to add this to my YoYoGames asset library upon purchase? 

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Cool, thanks!
...Just saw that at the bottom of the description, now. Hopefully that wasn't there when I asked... :P

Looks great! Just confirming compatibility with GMS2.

OUTLASTEROIDS is a quick print-and-play space-station-building roll-and-write game!

You can play it solo, or with unlimited players (they each just need a playsheet and something to write with).

It's 3 bucks here on Itch, or you can grab a  free copy by signing up for my (very sporadic) mailing list!

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Goblins Never Die is an experimental roguelike text adventure that runs on twitter at 

Think Zork, but the world remains affected by your actions beyond each player death.

Players collectively play as a succession of feeble goblins. 

The story so far is available here:

Come play!


is a Twitter-and-Instagram-based choose-your-own adventure game that takes place in a post-a-Poke-lyptic world!

Join the titular pikachu, Bruder Zap, on his quest for redemption here: and here:

Catch up on the story here:
OR here:

I had a Good Time!

I partied with Wanda forever