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WAAAAAAGH! Glad you're enjoying it! :D

Hey, these are super cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Absolutely! Please send me an email at and I'll send you an Itch key! :)

My pleasure! 

Hello! I just uploaded a spreads version that you can print! (There won't be a black-and-white version, sorry.)

Hi there! I just saw this comment today and uploaded a spreads version :D

Playing as Big McDumbstrong is so refreshing. Everyone needs an excuse to shout and punch an unstable reactor core once in a while! :D

Just PC right now while we test and work on the core, but the next step will be mobile and other platforms! 

Great feedback; thank you!
It absolutely needs more juice (we've got a list of planned tweaks and features a mile long). The "following" indicators are a great idea! (For now, try pressing 'V' so you can read their wee minds :D )

Aw yeah! Good to hear! I just finished the final layouts :D

Aw, that's really nice! You've made my day!

Say, uh, if you like the idea of losing and replacing limbs and wildly underprepared cultures coming into contact with future tech, I've been working on a little something: 

(Available pretty dang soon!)


Haha, these are the patch notes I live for :D

Oo, these are killer! Love the bug-mask folks :D

Super fun!

Such a great theme!

Aaa thank you!

Heehee, awesome! Just wanna cuddle them

These look Really great!

These weirdos make my day :D

These minis are incredibly powerful

These are really cool, and I love your paper mini preview tool too!

Such a great style and theme!

Yeaaaah! These are great! 

These look killer! Love Ixx, too

These are awesome! Why not "Crowman" though?
Ohhh it just looks like "Crow man." Hmm. Hmmm. Anyway, great job!

Check it out! We've made a bunch of improvements! :D

Thank you kindly! 😁

Hey thanks!

Dang it, this slipped by me!

Yup, you're correct in your interpretation!

Would love to hear more about your sessions!

I've been thinking of a couple mini expansions for FRAGNAROK, but I'm working on some other projects right now :)

Thank you!

Haha, thank you!!

FRAGNAROK tells the stories of Vikings that have found alien technology and must use it to protect their clan and die in a heroic fashion.

One player will act as ODIN, the Game Master, placing hardships in front of the clan, describing the world and its inhabitants, and determining the results of contests.

The other players each control a VIKING HERO whose goal is to provide for their clan and die as glorious a death as possible, that their name might be sung in praise by their progeny! They are almost certainly going to lose some limbs along the way.

FRAGNAROK is built to be easy to understand and quick to pick up and play as either a single-session palette-cleanser between campaigns, or as a longer campaign following a clan of warriors over generations. 

It's also full of weird art, mechanics, and ideas. It can be played as a slapstick romp, a brutal, everybody-dies tale of vengeance, or something somewhere in between!

Pretty cool. Could be fleshed out, maybe rethemed with some unique art ;D

Follow @tweet_dungeon on Twitter to get that full version as it comes out! :D

You still thinkin' of a Steam release? :D