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Definitely not the Memory game I remember playing as a little kid! But a lot of fun and well done as a memory game. If you're playing with headphones on, be careful not to start with the volume too high. 

I love the big chunky dice in the sky! Getting those tiles to line up to where you want to go is addictively challenging -- a really nice variation on the roguelike map system.

(Small bug: I picked up gold but the gold counter in the upper left didn't update.)

Nice job! Clean visuals, great audio accompaniment, and fair but challenging puzzle design.

Thank you!

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Windows 10, Chrome Version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit). When I hit play, it plays the cicada sounds to the end, but no voices on top of that. I also tried Edge.

Nice graphics and music! I agree that movement could be a little faster, and that a brief description of controls would help get players started on the right foot. Maybe give the character a little more weight/gravity when falling?

Great swarm/flocking behavior! Really captures the feel of a cicada swarm.

An interesting take on the theme! I like the different paths. They made me want to play through a few times to see where they all led.

Flappy bug! :-) Good use of theme. I like the two varieties of audio recordings.

What a great idea! I love the mix of pixel art and photos, and the magnetic word poetry idea. I dragged words into the inventory area and clicked play in Screaming Hour, but it only played cicada sounds. Is it also supposed to have voices?

Thanks for playing! I think the hints to the final object are a little more indirect, but it's hinted through the playthrough that the player's grandmother likes to drink tea....

(The Tab key highlights all interactable objects, but they're only interactable in sequence.)

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You can join the BIG discord server.

There are some text channels in the category JAM ROOMS. We can grab one to discuss the game.

Interested in joining a group to do pixel art for a point-and-click adventure?

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Great! The jam host is a member of the Baltimore Indie Gamedevs (BIG) group. BIG has a discord server. We could continue there (I can send server invites), or we could discuss here on itch for a while first if you prefer. (This is Tony at Pixel Crushers, btw.)

I was planning to make a short point-and-click adventure in Unity. I've been noodling around with some story ideas, but @musicworm if your story concept would work for an adventure game, would you like to discuss teaming up?

If @DionRo is interested in creating the pixel art for the adventure game, that would be great!

Nice graphics and music! The Adventurer's Guild house feels nice and roomy. I ran into a couple of issues:

- Long dialogue text was often cut off.

- Is there any way to know the stats of potential recruits before accepting them into the party?

- When I exited Crammy Inn, I ended up in a different place from where I entered.

- When I entered the next building, I ended up stuck in the walls instead of at the entrance.

Excellent game, short and compelling. The writing, visuals, and music are spot on, and the gameplay mechanic is clever and fun.

Thanks! :-)

Thanks for playing! I may look into expanding it a bit for tablets.

Great little orbital tower defense game! You're right that it would benefit from more time on levels and progression. But that just shows that the idea has legs, and you could expand it further. The graphics, though simple, are easy to read and have a good, clean look.

Nice gameplay concept. Simple to grasp, yet makes you want to really optimize that traveling salesman problem. The clean, simple visuals are reminiscent of classic 80s games.

Wow, this is a pretty hard game. But in a fun, challenging way! Love the sound effects. :-)

Another really nice simulation with good audio and visuals. Easy to grasp, relaxing to play. Probably the closest I'll ever get to a green thumb. ;-) 

Super cute! I really like the concept of tamagotchi on a small, spherical planet. The art and especially sound are really good. This is the kind of chill idle game that you can spend more time than you expect just hanging out with.

Before I got the hang of it, I collected enough tomatoes in the first two levels to make a nice pot of marinara. Good gameplay, very smooth. I like how you chose a viewport resolution that makes the game challenging but still possible to play.

Nice simulation! Not much interaction, but it was interesting to watch my little fungus patch grow (or die out!) in different scenarios. I'm glad I could click-drag to give my little guys (funguys) a boost. Great choice of music, too.

Thanks for the extra info! I pushed up a new version that should fix those issues.

Thanks for playing the game and sharing your thoughts! That's a bug. When there are no more regions, it should hit the win condition. It sounds like you hit a situation in which that failed to register. If I have a chance to revisit this, I'll fix that bug and add a random 1-2 extra turns to unassigned quests. I think that will address the issue sufficiently while still requiring the player to choose a region every turn. However, once a group of heroes has embarked on a quest, I'll stick with the current rule that you can't add more heroes. Part of the challenge is committing the right number of heroes from the start, or taking the hit and losing a point of renown if you leave it unassigned. Some play sessions may just be more easily winnable than others depending on the random allocation of region events.

Oops, missed that. Thanks!

I did get stuck right inside the Boneyard though. Am I supposed to be able to jump up to the ledge? Or am I missing something

Nice game! The animations are really smooth. The cycling color palette of the backgrounds is so soothing, and it complements the chill music. It's satisfying to explore the world and talk to its inhabitants. 


In an after-jam update, I changed it so the combined character starts at the same level as the two original characters, whichever one is the higher level.

The character has a nice feel to it. Jam platformers in Unity often feel floaty, but this one has a satisfying amount of gravity. The music is nicely meditative, too.

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The random curses is a great idea. Whenever I died, I'd want to play one more round just to see what interesting new curse I was burdened with. The controls feel really good, and the color palette is nice.

What a neat idea to set it inside a book! Very nicely done.

The music in this clicker is great! That and the rotation kept me clicking away for longer than I expected. Nice clicker game!


Thanks! I'll investigate and fix that after the jam.

The sound and music worked fine for me, playing the web version in Chrome on Windows. Very satisfying to line up several enemies and take them all out with one shot! Nice job!

Nice job! I was briefly puzzled until the pleasant aha moment when I realized it was essentially a typing game. What about putting the key legend closer to the center of the screen somehow? In any case, it was fun and challenging to play. Nice graphics, too!