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Steam now requires "Steamworks SDK (1.53a)":

and GMS2 now needs an extension for steam functions:

 The goal is to fill requests stamped on top of the truck. 

I had some last minute plans that took out my whole Saturday . This is about 15 hours of work and nearly no polish.  Just glad I was able to submit something that worked. Thanks for any feedback and willingness to try it out!

Very accurate judgment could not agree with it more. Thanks for giving it a go!

Thats ok! Thanks for playing anyway. The goal is to fill requests stamped on top of the truck. 

Wow that was crazy! felt super frantic trying to focus from one screen to the next and on the typing. Super good job guys! love the music and the visuals are very well done. Good game you made.

I got to level 10 and called it quits, so I could rate other games. how many levels are there? By the end of it I was feeling quite proficient! :D

Cool game, I like the concept it is defiantly  frantic. The space ships look great!

5 out of 5 would run out of gas again.

5 out of 5 would run out of gas again

Wow this game is very fun! The concept is amazing. Wish the inputs were a bit more fluid. But really great otherwise. Top notch art!

Very quaint game I love the Asteroid feel. the 4 motors is a fun twist to it. Quite enjoyable game you got there. 

Fantastic game sir was a joy to play! love the movement functionality as health wonderful execution. 

I added it as a non steam game to my library. but that does not support remote play together. I also tried through parsec but it just gives remote players control of the host mouse. Would be a huge deal if it did work though.

Has this been tested over Steam Remote Play Together?
to verify if I could detect each persons remote input mouse and keyboard individually?

This is pretty cool! I feel  like upgrading the older upgrades are not worth maxing out by far! Haven't played too many clicker games so can't say I am an expert but wanting to see the next item to achieve was nearly enough to make me keep clicking in its own right. Great job!

Very nice game! Bravo! You nailed the feel and music is great! you put the effort in and it shows.

Pretty fun little game, kept me around and I played a fair bit. At first I thought it was too easy but after a few seconds it actually felt pretty smooth introduction curve. Great job! Very impressed

I love your sprites the reindeers looked great! Those seeking reindeer were tough! lol Great job man looks like you put in some good effort!

Cool one punch style! Music was slapping and you even took the time to make volume sliders! the timing is difficult even with one guy and it really amps up! Top tear Santa gamers wanted! lol Good work man.

Game looks great music is fun and spooky, Seems randomly generated and sometimes impossible. But a strong contender nonetheless! Great work guys!

Pretty cool idea, Would have liked to see more trap varieties but def a good start!

Thanks man, Means a bunch!

Thanks man! How far could you get? what was your FPS (top corner)

If you do end up beating it (you get a score), Post it here I would love to see what people get. 

There is currently no escape option or button that I can find (on the keyboard)

I know you are targeting for switch and controllers mainly, but as far as keyboard is concerned it is difficult/ not intuitive  to use skills with direction especially for doing it to the right with "D" and using "F" and "E". If I could suggest just having it use the direction facing or the last input direction. Obviously this is your design choice.

Connecting my controller worked fine, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and did not get any response till I restarted the game. Duplicated twice.  (Connecting my controller via usb cord.)

Uploaded Mac game file

Very fun game, double jump is a bit tedious but over all it is outstanding and seems very polished. I am madly in love with hot dog boy! 

Hey, thanks for the comments! It was a tough about 24 hours getting that code working. It was a good exercise. I am a netcode wizard now! Haha

Thanks man! Yeah would be cool to coordinate with some people and play test it with more than 2. Getting the net code up and functional took longer than I had expected it to. Sooooo Music and sounds got cut. :shrugs: So it is when you make jam.

Game has great potential. Its like how flappy bird made pewdiepie cuss so much  so everyone else wanted to try it.

Haha, My weapon of choice  was The D, wish I could click though the intro after I had seen in once. Fun concept!

Haha, My weapon of choice  was The D, wish I could click though the intro after I had seen in once. Fun concept!

The only way to make/ eat void sandwiches is with friends!

Thanks sir! Wait till you see next years game ;)