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Uploaded Mac game file

Very fun game, double jump is a bit tedious but over all it is outstanding and seems very polished. I am madly in love with hot dog boy! 

Hey, thanks for the comments! It was a tough about 24 hours getting that code working. It was a good exercise. I am a netcode wizard now! Haha

Thanks man! Yeah would be cool to coordinate with some people and play test it with more than 2. Getting the net code up and functional took longer than I had expected it to. Sooooo Music and sounds got cut. :shrugs: So it is when you make jam.

Game has great potential. Its like how flappy bird made pewdiepie cuss so much  so everyone else wanted to try it.

Haha, My weapon of choice  was The D, wish I could click though the intro after I had seen in once. Fun concept!

Haha, My weapon of choice  was The D, wish I could click though the intro after I had seen in once. Fun concept!

The only way to make/ eat void sandwiches is with friends!

Thanks sir! Wait till you see next years game ;)

Very nice graphical environment the grandmas are goofy and very fun! 

Ok yeah you said mine was hard, but this is imposible. In your play through video you are playing at a third of the speed that you released at. Visuals look stunning, music was fun. I kept trying to jump with Space and it ended the game. Still needs some work

Yeah @randomph escape will put it in and out of full screen mode. Should have a noted that here. It is a little difficult because it's all random. And mastering controls is not easy either. 

Fun Game, I do enjoy the tower defence aspect with the beat em up style too.  Great job putting this together I will be coming back to this for sure!

Great game man! loved it would boot this up and play it again for sure. I didn't quite make it there but I am interested at what happens when I do! 

Great game looks amazing. I am not in love with the controls expecially the attack button. The 3 attack system is fantastic! very good job man.

Interesting to say the least 5 stars on weirdness! worked my right arm out more than most of my online activities. I lost my horse on one of my tries.. he never came back. Good game well done.