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A rhythm game where you are a judge that slams your gavel to the rhythm
Submitted by NoodleSushi (@ShenanigansMike), Ant0nin — 20 minutes, 33 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Music and Sound#44.0534.053
Fun Factor#323.4213.421

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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beautiful art! Great job!


Rhythm games are not always my thing, for this game the time between each case is dramatically short, also I played the tutorial and assumed the "gifts" would cross over with the game, the Good/Bad Score Ui and Timing Ui could at least be in an easy mode right, but its got amazing music and the mechanic is awesome despite being very difficult.


This is a pretty great game. Would have liked a little more of a grace period for missed hits especially on the lawyer beats. Otherwise, had fun. Cool concept. :)


High score of 7 lol. The tutorial was great at teaching me how the game works exactly and it was really cool how you got the music to change based on who came next. Some things that could make it easier for noobs like me would be to make the intervals for slapping the gavel a little longer on certain difficulty modes and maybe also allow clicking the mouse button to slap it.


Amazing tutorial! When it came to the full game I got kind of lost. Has a ton of potential though. I loved the feel of it all.


This is SO gooooood! Super unforgiving though. Great concept, cool beats and very neat how tapping affects the music in the game. Got to 38!


Game has great potential. Its like how flappy bird made pewdiepie cuss so much  so everyone else wanted to try it.


Have to love rhythm games! I love the music and the visuals. I agree with what others have said before, I wish it didn't go straight to the game over screen if you mess up. I kept getting thrown off by the lawyers because I got so fixated on blood or not and every time I was bummed I had to start all over.

Really great game overall, one of my favorites so far! I remember seeing you posts during development and really wanted to try. Awesome job! (P.S. love seeing Godot games, Yay Open Source!!)


the aesthetics, music and visuals are really nice.

Too bad I'm so bad at it I can't finish the tutorial though XD


Super cool game!  I am with Seanzee on the forgiveness part. One thing you could do is make it where the player knows they messed up... they know they lost but it automatically puts you back into another game until the player decides they are done.  Kind of like Super Meat boy where yes the game is crazy hard but because you can get back in so fast you keep going for even more deaths.  Your game a lot of potential for sure and the art was fantastic.  I was able to get to six cases but it turns out that I really like sending innocent people to jail!!!!!!!!!!  Nice job!! 


Absolutely fantastic. This is definitely up there with my top favorites in this jam. Honestly, very close to the top. However, my biggest gripe is there is abolutely no forgiveness, which doesn't make the player want to keep playing. The music is awesome, and the art is amazing. I'd suggest instead of a game over, if the player doesn't get the timing right, let them continue but don't increase their score.


Thank you for your feedback ^_^.  I could create a story mode for encouraging the player to play more. The current start game will be endless mode.


I'm keeping it installed so I can get better at it, so I can experience it more. : ) Must improve my primitive human reflexes!


Awesome! Super satisfying to watch.