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Looks awesome. Watched Drae play a bit of the game and had to get it. Enjoy the tip and keep up the great work.

Just checked it out, was quite fun. Would be awesome to see it expand a bit or see the story arc change some. Good art style for the story. I like the simple controls, would love to see more mini-games too. Good stuff! 

I know it's been a bit since this titles, but if you are still interested I hope you are still making games. 

Just released the web build. Not 100% sure is it will have different requirement though.

That's no good sorry man, I will try to drop a web variant later on. I don't know if that will behave differently.

One of the original goals was going to implement a scoring system where the longer the weapon, the less points obtained. I wasn't having any luck with one that felt appropriate so I ended up cutting it. 

Thank you for checking it out!

Wheew, this is both incredible and headache inducing I haven't looked at a magic eye in about 20 years was a bit hard to do!

Thank you for checking it out and the feedback. I had ran into some trouble with the animation code and preventing repeat due to a hacky implementation it was on my bug list but I wasn't able to squash that one on time =(. No clue how I missed the red text on demons though haha good catch!

Half the test were done with stuff like [Smooth Criminal] and [Baby got Bat] sometimes I went extreme with [this is the weapon that doesn't end it goes on and on my friend some people started swinging it not knowing what it was....]

Thank you for check it out!

Thank you for trying it out. I arrived at an odd impasse when it came to music, I really wanted something that captured "he's inside his mind" but couldn't find anything that fit. I ended up sticking with the 3 songs I had because I couldn't pick another but I wanted some different once the battles started.

Odd rambling aside, I totally agree! 

Awesome good fun! Amazing it was combined it such a short time. The slap fights are hilarious. Good job!

Awesome animations hilarious sound effects. Overall I love the character and want to see more of them... not just because I'm hungry.

I know better understand how blackchain technology can better the world through decentralization. You take a central point and smash it into millions of little points! Thank you for helping me wrap my mind around this concept!

Good job on the game. Played super smooth and the splat was super satisfying!

Were they punting around a lifesaver? Amazing feel overall. Great art and sound design was on point. 

Great to see some pico8 love and pizza to boot! Well designed and took me back to the days of bubble bobble. Loved this. Thank you for the great game!

Was a fun little game nicely done. Interesting mechanic that was executed well. I did find out in the final little box you can fill it with the trail you leave behind and then squeeze out through the walls. I wanted to go exploring. You know what I found out there? ....  .... death... I found death.

Absolutely gorgeous use of the themes and extra achievements.  Good story and the graphics style suited it well. Good job!

Gorgeous game! Love the art style all round. Quite difficult at times!

So much to love in this game. Everything from the lighting to the little star dude to the puzzles themselves. Good work!

I ended up having a lot of fun with one of the enemies on a platform. I kept planting the bombs on the block underneath them then detonating as they would walk over. It would launch them like crazy. Definitely future potential in the concept! Good stuff.

Amazing game. Loosely reminded me of world of goo. Kinda felt bad at some points having to use my more docile friends as trap bait.

The guided dart was fantastically done. I experienced some trouble telling when I made contact with certain objects though as the infinite darts didn't seem to impact  the targets.

Very well done. The corrosion mechanic made it a little rough for me I didn't realize what was going on for a bit. I love the puzzle aspect underneath it all.

Amazing tutorial! When it came to the full game I got kind of lost. Has a ton of potential though. I loved the feel of it all.

The pixel art was well designed. Was a fun little game!

Was an awesome experience. Love the art and the mechanics!

Awesome art and I love the combat system. Cranking out these rpg like mechanics in such a short time is awesome!

Loved the rope mechanic. Also I love how the moves meant something, you commit after you make a choice and the sense of regret as I slowly would be grappling toward my doom was all too real.

Very cool design and execution. Love the low poly art throughout as well!

Never thought I would get to burn my bagels in space.

Very well done. The game ran very well! Was super easy to pick up and looked good while doing it.

Awesome! I look forward to seeing it!

Thank you for trying it out. Originally I was going to add a scoring system that rewarded shorter weapons better, but I couldn't find a good sweet spot for it where it made sense.

Too far... way too far. That's just torture.

You summed up how I sleep very well. 

Loved the general aesthetic of the game. The placement and stacking of obstacles was well done as well. They were placed well enough to not seemingly create an impassable challenge. Good job!

Was a bit hard to stay in the air at times but the controls grew on me. I love the return effect on the feather/knives. And the story albeit demented was pretty awesome.

Adhesive... errr cohesive art direction. I like fighting with the office supplies. It reminds me of my day to day but I have yet to run into moving cacti! 

Pretty good took me a moment to figure out how to throw in the desired direction but once I got that down everything penciled in properly.

Worked very well and was quite fun. Click the about seemed to start the game for me though. The game was simple but still had a good challenge to it. I like it!

Wonder if that will get rid of the old people smell?

Game ran very smooth, flamethrower effect was cool. The super weapon was nuts. All and all good fun.

I always wondered if the flying toasters ever made it to their destination! You have answer this for me!


They thank you for your service!

Was a fun little concept. I had some trouble navigating from the perspective but it looking darn good while doing it!

Those bombs can create some crazy effects! I had one stuck to my characters head and it pulled me incredible high into the air. Base concept it pretty cool!

Nice lighting and smooth controls. I felt pinned quite quickly though.