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Game made within 48 hours for the Butterscotch ShenaniJam 2018.

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#662.9052.905
Music and Sound#732.6672.667

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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this is pretty cool and fun to play!  jumping (and double-jump) is a bit weird, some of the platforming is a bit difficult because of it.  there were a few times the enemies dropped down right next to me and immediately threw bombs (killing me) which felt a little unfair.


Polished version available (WebGL + Windows).


Those bombs can create some crazy effects! I had one stuck to my characters head and it pulled me incredible high into the air. Base concept it pretty cool!


Pretty neat visually and the bombs are a neat concept. I had some trouble with controlling my character at times, the controls just felt a bit "floaty". With a little bit of polish this could be a really compelling game! Great job overall!


- It's a bit frustrating because it's difficult to know how to deal with the enemy bombs. Sometimes, I get sucked in and lose, sometimes I don't and it was a bit confusing.
- The music isn't bad, but when you die, it starts again so it overlaps and at some point it's pretty bad on the ears >,<
- Overal, could use a bit more polish, the colissions felt a bit "floaty" and I would have liked some audio feedback on some things, like when you get sucked in a hole or when an enemy gets sucked in.

Aside that, I like the atmosphere and overal visuals, not bad!


Thanks for your reply, we will publish a polished version asap.


I really like the visuals and the music! Great job!


thanks, betray; did u participate, too?


This game is really fun to play! Well done! Great art and game concept!


very kind of you! thanks!


I think the song kept playing every time I died and it started a new one at the same time. I was kinda diggin it though.

Submitted (1 edit) (+4)

The void sucking mechanic looks really fun! 


The Sound overlapped for me every time I lost, but the graphics are really nice!


This is a difficult game, the amount of times the enemies stuck bombs on me are countless. The graphics are amazing however and I do like the bomb blackhole mechanic.


Thanks, I add some tips on description to help


Left click not right click to throw a bomb, but it's ok I figured it pretty quickly ;)


This game is pretty good and the bombs are hilarious to play with