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Turtle-y awesome 

Awesome! It’s a beautiful character regardless :) 

I would love it if he could jump! Lovely work thank you :) 

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback! The hitbox is something that I'm getting a lot of feedback so I might need to implement some of the "forgiveness mechanics" the butterscotch boys talk about! I felt that players who want to see more could spam the fire button and light up the room that way and remember where things are rather than being able to see everything outright. If I add reloading I'll probably swap out the restart button, but to be honest I probably won't add manual reloading, what I might do is add in automatic reloading after a certain number of shots so that the player will have to time their shots against the zombies better. 

Did you do all the art yourself? This looks great! The only tip I would give is that in gamemaker you can use the "build" option to create an .exe that other people can play on their desktops but great work! You should be proud!

I like the character sprites a lot! Great work!

the art is gorgeous! Great work!

I really like how the menus look!

Great game! Lighting was a big part of our submission and we felt it added a lot of juice!

Adding a tutorial is always fantastic, great job!

it’s always nice to have audio, although obviously not always possible during a jam! Great job with it!

The visual design seems very unique, great job!

it’s so beautiful!

Losing weight adds so much juice, great job!

It’s always great to see a dev put so much of themselves into a game, great work!

I love the grafiti style logo, great job!

A fellow submitter just before the deadline, keep up the good work!

Who could’ve ever guessed that the humble baguette could become an instrument of war!

Great job on uploading the in game tune too!

I really like the vibe on this one!

Great polish! Especially for a jam!

Fantastic concept!!

There’s a real XKCD vibe to this which I love!

the art style isn’t lovely! It would’ve been nice to have audio too but I understand that during a jam it’s impossible to do everything!

I love the game boy aesthetic!

Teeth drilling! A disgusting but funny concept! 

nice use of depth!

Love the design choices!!

i love the art!

beautiful art! Great job!

I loved how the Mounties looked! Great job!

awesome mechanics! Very experimental! Great work!!

fun game!!

it’s a super complete game! Fantastic work!!

the art direction was super interesting!

nice simple controls and fun game, great work!

I’m really liking the game boy style graphics! Great job!