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This game was truly fantastic, the quality, storyline, art style and gameplay in general is seriously one of it's kind!

I'd love to see more of your games in the near future! :D

Great game, it was super fun, I really enjoyed it and the memey aspect it had!

Congrats on making your first Unity Game!

I know this is a REALLY late reply, but, I've got to say, your comment is just amazing!

Thank you SO MUCH for your support!

(and yes, I'm pretty glad as well that it's not a battle royale xD)

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Great job! This game was great! I completely understand the fact that the engine took quite some time and effort to make! Gameplay is still great!

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I agree, the human race has evolved (in weird ways)... what can I say...

By the way nice game! (Doki Doki Schoolhouse) I’ve downloaded it and I’ve started playing, so far it’s really nice! 👍

P.S. Thank you for putting Mac, Linux and Windows download links for your game, that’s really nice as I have a Mac as my main computer, and most games (especially fan games) don’t provide multiple platform support!

Thank you! I am working hard on some new updates coming VERY soon!

Great game! It was really fun to play!!! Well done! 

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Sorry about that inconvenience, it’s just that I was in a HUGE time constraint due to my exams and due to some personal reasons, and my compiler on my Windows laptop had an issue in compiling the game simply as an exe, and because I was in a rush to create the YouTube video about the game, unfortunately I had no time to solve the problem! So, instead, my only choice was, unfortunately, to package the game as an installer...

P.S. My Windows compiler has a glitch and once I tried to unzip the folder, it would ask me to enter some content into it first... (the file was about 1,040 KB). I’m not sure why... Anyway, I am going to re-compile the game on my other laptop now that I have time, which has a working compiler and I will re-upload it as soon as I can!

Super fun game! I love the art, the concept, the music/sounds, and EVERYTHING about the game! Great Job!

SUPER fun game!

Amazing game! Love the concept! It was really fun to play!

Well done!

I love the concept of the game! Interesting mechanics too! This game was really fun to play!

Amazing and fun game! I love the conecpt too! Well done!


In order for the Mac version to work, just so you know, simply drag it to your applications folder, and it will run!

I’m glad you liked it!

I’m glad you enjoyed the game!

Hold down [SPACE] and ANY KEY for about 3 seconds to start the game!

(It took me some time to find, but, eventually, I got it!)

Great News! I have figured out on how to make the file run on your Mac!

Simply re-download the file (Which I have changed the name and some settings), and drag it to your 'Applications' folder! (Or, you can just change it's directory!)

Thank you! I'll check it out!

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I am working on repairing the problem, and I am trying to make the program just an EXE instead of the installer! Only problem was that my compiler had some problems, but I will try again!

To draw pixel art you can use programs such as piskel! Link:

Furthermore, the name of the installer by default I think is either ‘Made in GameMaker Studio 2’, or ‘STICKY JUSTICE - SHENANIJAM 2018’

I am very glad you enjoyed the game! I am working on the bug on Level 3, and I will try to add a health bar system!

Thank you!

This game is really fun to play! Well done! Great art and game concept!

Amazing game! I really like the concept! Great art too and gameplay!

Amazing game! I really liked the speech text boxes system you added! Amazing game storyline too!

Thank you for downloading and I am very glad you enjoyed the game! I am working on repairing the bug on Level 3!

Thank you!

Thank you for downloading the game! I’ll try to add that to the game!

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I’m really sorry to see that the file was corrupted on the Mac version! I'm working as fast as possible to repair it! Sorry about the inconvenience it caused!

P.S. to end the level you simply walk to the very right of the level, where it will take you to the next level!

Amazing Project!