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I didn't want to hurt you, feedback is always good to take when it's constructive. But sincerely, your game is really good.

It's a good game ! Graphics, music, sfx and UI is really well done. Poor maneuverability at low speed may seem frustrating. Good job !

It's a good game ! The graphics, the sound and the gameplay are well done and the idea fit well with the game jam theme. A supported gamepad would have been even better. Good job !

The idea is really good. The sfx fit well. I love the graphics, simple but efficient. The spawn is well implemented. The difficulty is well increasing.

There are only 2 downsides : your game need accurancy, but it's hard to move the stick 2 millimeters to aim -> better if you just have left/right inputs multiplied by a settable sensibility (check asteroid);

The second downside is the control of several ships, it's a bit frustrating to have 5 ships that all crash together -> make them repulse themselve, or anything that help us to keep away  from them.

A music which grows/decreases in power with the ship count would be perfect.

Really well done !!

Funny song ^^ It's pretty cool to burn all, but there is a lack of enemies. Also, getting a feedback on when a tree is burning would have been good. The idea of particule system is good but the camera is too close, "half" of the screen is hidden. Your game has good potential. Good Job.

I'm a hardcore gamer (player of SuperMeatBoy, SEUM, Give up) but I find your game pretty hard (even if I finished it). The level design is still very good. A music would be good.
I just realized in watching the video that we can grab the enemies, it is surely easier with this info.

The wall jump and the grab mechanics are well done. Good Job !

Polished version available (WebGL + Windows).

It's pretty good. Jump on W and I would be better. Good job.

Excellent game ! Well done !

Perefect Game ! The music, the sfx, the animations, the gameplay, the visuals, the difficulty are all good. Well done !

Thanks for your reply, we will publish a polished version asap.

Perfect game !!! Really well done !

The visuals are awesome ! I'm a bit sad to have no credit menu. Good job. (Highscore : 99 ^^)

There is some display bugs on level 3, but the overall is good. I love the characters animation. The backgrounds are good too. Maybe add a barlife on enemy to know when he will die. Good job.

Thanks, I add some tips on description to help

I tried at first the game and since I was alone (snif snif), I look at the trailer and I didn't remind the sfx in game. I just retried, and maybe just a sfx of slide on ice would have been better.

The pun is well found. All is good, the graphics the sound, the gameplay and especially the physic. There is just a lack of sfx for the immersion. Well done!

The memory part is good but if you forget, it's over. I think the double jump would be more adapted. The movements look slow. Speed up the whole game would have been nice, for gameplay and difficulty. The rest is good.

Pretty fun, Good thing the Shaky Cam, the kissing action intensified, and the music is totally awesome. Well done