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Thank you everyone for the great feedback and Constructive Criticism. This has been a very fun game jam full of amazing projects both from first timers and long time developers. If there were to be another I would not hesitate to come back again. I have gone over the feedback both positive and constructive (negative in a good way) and I have solutions for the future of Slime Guardian.

Battle Pace

The most common negative is how slow the pace of the battle system is, I agree its super slow. 

I have three solutions for this.

3 Second Turns

I have a way to shorten turns to 3 seconds by animating the attack while also doing the attack instead of doing them separately. The only exception are critical attacks that will have a few extra seconds in a slow motion effect.

Optional fast Turns

Some people may think this system is too fast so I will make it toggle-able between four options.

Option 1 Jam Speed aka Slow - This will keep the speed of the jam

Option 2 Normal Speed aka Normal - This will be faster but slower than fast

Option 3 3 Second Turns aka Fast - This is the 3 Second Turn option

Option 4 0 Second Turns aka Instant - No Animations just a damage effect.

Turn Pause Toggle

There will be two options, if Turn pause is checked (checked by default you will need to press a button to go to the next turn, the other option will make turns happen one after the other with no pause.

Lack of Battles

It is true only one battle exists but do no worry as there will be more, in fact I will start the game from nothing and focus on the battle mechanics first, including player, allies, enemies and all sorts


People like the graphics that is one of the main comments, of course I only had time to make a limbless character with barely any animation, however as you can see from the picture he will have arms, legs, a neck, new hair and more.

Hero Name

No one said anything about him being called just Hero however in the final game you will have the option to name the hero, even change the characters gender as well.

Many New Features

Hero is not the only Human that stands up for slimes, Meet Annabal the Slime Breeder. When she was little her house was set on fire, with no way out and no hope a miracle occurred, A lava slime who happened to secretly be living in the house consumed the flames and smoke around her keeping her safe, to this day it has been her loyal protector (Right slime on the picture) it was named Blaise.

Actually playing the game is super fun, Glad you fixed the download :D

Now it keeps crashing after time I click fast in the battle.

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I couldn't play the game but it looks amazing from the trailer and even sounds good, also you are the last person out of all 119 games to be reviewed by me.

These games are amazing, I like the music, sounds and everything about them but most of all how different they all are from each other and how unique they are

This is real nice, the music and sounds were good and the simple jump animation is amazing

I like the minimal art style reminds me of cave story or undertale, The menu static effect is also nice and I like the music as well.

What a fun game, and the music fits

This was fun if only it had audio

A strange but fun game with interesting music

I could not find the game but it has a nice concept

The grapple and sticky bombs are nice. Its an interesting 2.5D look where the blocks fall into the front or the back of the main level as well and the music is neat.

This game and many other games are not like TV shows with censorship of same gender relationship, instead they show them in bright and wonderful colours. The music was also neat.

I like the gameplay and the sandwitch pun, the music is also nice, the bullet delay is very slow even with upgrades however.

Fun game but very difficult.

Nice game, I liken the ice physics and the music

I won after burning after house and tree even the ones outside, it was fun. Nice music as well

I really like how the characters becomes thinner a nice unnecessary detail which makes it more awesome, The music is great, the game is fun and everything about this game is how a cheat day feels in a diet.

The graphics were awesome and so was the music, I didn't expect to be killed by a purple pac man however Good Game

I liked the wall jump mechanic and the music, too bad the game is shorter than I thought

Nice music and sounds, Its a fun game

I really like the music and the gameplay is fun my favourite power is the circle spread

Nice game idea, had no people to play it with however

Awesome but unusual game, I never considered burning grandmas alive until this game. The music and combo voice was epic and I love the omega blaster

Get OFF my sword enemies, Love this game and shish kebab'n my foes. It had good music and was fun also that flip when you jump is funny

Looks amazing, that song though haha

This is a nice game not sure why Void tentacles, Am I a squid. 

Nice game the voice reminds me of the moral kombat narrator especially with the laugh when flamo wins, I like the concept of Fire vs Water, a Firefighter vs a FireStarter. It had nice music and felt very refined.

This is a nice game, quite short but acceptable, I like the concept

I saw the video as the file was unusual and new to me, It looks amazing, the sound effects are awesome and the music sounds nice, wish I could have played it, maybe its possible who knows

I had an excuse to use my fancy controller nice, My hive mind of over 50 ships was blinding due to all the shapes dying in fact I have it pictured right here.

My technique was to shoot North and East, sometimes North East, then always hold Left trigger South West, any new ships would build up and be extra fire support, Your game is super fun and has great music not to mention shiny and awesome effects.

Just like real life sticky notes lose their stick fast in this game, I might of won if they stayed stuck but in the game hours are passing so it makes sense for them for loose stick and its on a screen so yeah it all makes logical sense, I love the music and the game is hard so Good Job

Nice game, love the rotation mechanic the music was also nice

The 500 coins gun is the ultimate one, Loved playing this game