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6. redraw and animate character with running and jumping animations.

7. Title screen

8. reload button at the end

9. animated end screen.

Thanks for the feedback.  I was aware of the bugs in the jump code.  Im sure I sound like a broken record but It was one of those things I just ended up moving on with because it was taking too much time. The collision code also had issues and there was one spot in particular I noticed in public play testing after the deadline where people often get stuck in the wall.  My goal was to deliver a polished game demo by the end of the weekend but as always I have just barely managed to deliver a playable game with bright points but a couple of issues that hold it back from being a great game. Maybe next time. I am still proud of the game I did end up making and the amount of work involved. I do not have any plans to go forward with this game but the ideas and mechanics may find their way into game ideas in the future.

Here is what I would have worked on if I had A couple more hours:

1. sound

2. level design (quality and quantity)

3. more enemies and good deeds.     I had the idea of flying enemies you could jump on and chain to jump on another.  The armadillos should be able to kill you if they run into you from the front but you chould be able to kill them if you jump onto of them like the turtles in mario or perhaps they could roll up into a ball and you could kick them into each other? There was also the idea of having one character mugging another which you could  choose to jump on the mugger or the muggee.

4. Jump/colision code. 

5. Boss fight.     If I had the time I would fully animate the badger and have an actual boss fight scene.

I like the art

I was not able to get it to work on my mac but it did work on my pc. I like the powerups and the level design, and the whole idea in general. The tune was catchy. The background and wall tiles kind of looked a bit boring to me.  I can understand not wanting to spend too much time on them in a jam environment. also the knuckles type wall climbing power had some issues for me. sometimes the character would point the wrong direction when attached to the wall.

I love this game. The sound effects are fun.  The idea is intresting. I found it was hard to select an angle. Perhaps if the charicter turned slower when standing in midair or if he/she/it pointed toward the mouse. If you wanted to stay with a retro video game theme you could make the arrows move a cursor on the screen but this would take longer. Also I The animation was missing for the midair jump for me (on mac) so I could not tell which direction the charicter was pointed.

I like it. The pixel art is pretty good. At first I tried to phase through the rats but then I found I could just phase in front of them before they attacked me and If I only held down the mouse button momentarily I didn't have to deal with so much cooldown

Im on mac. I almost got stuck behind a shelf once. I found it difficult to get to the seccond floor since igor goes to your cursor when you open your inventory.

Works on osx yosemite.  I like the game. music is catchy. The fight mechanics are cool. I just wish the enemies were more  enemy like you know? instead of glowing spheres. There is only so much you can do in 48 hrs though

I will be back to the game jam in about an hour or so

I dont know why thinks this is a tabletop game

My game is not a tabletop game!

you cant retrieve the sprites from the game file? with mine it saves the images under /sprites/images but i may have a newer version than you do. 

im tellin ya man you could make some money if you released this for mobile. I think I have the gamemaker extension for that on my computer if you need it.

Hey thanks guys. I realize I may have bitten off a bit more than I could chew seeing as I had never touched unity before the jam. I had planned on messing around with it beforehand but never got the time. Honestly working with Unity has been a bit frustrating this weekend compared to how easy it is to program with Gamemaker, but maybe I just need more practice.

Fixed the bug that made it not beatable

Made it beatable

there is a cheat of sorts. I feel like I shouldnt be sharing this but, Catsup can be registered as ingredients so if you just go to the bottom of the screen right under the arrows and just shoot a steady stream it’s possible to skip a level. Stars register too that’s why the arrows twinkle from time to time.i definitely plan to fix this in a future version

Yes I realize these are issues. I didn’t have time to address within the time limit.

huh you are right. wonder why nobody else noticed that yet. it should work now

ooooh the spears have to hit the wall. i was just firing them at them like bullets

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Didnt read instructions and ate all the things instead.  lol
this is actually an accurate description of what trying to diet feels like
I like the graphics and music

ah. I haven't messed with Inkscape much. Iv'e used illustrator but not for pixelart. Idk of anyone else who has even tried that. I usually just use  Pyxeledit, or Photoshop.

oh duh! of course

hey thanks

That part is not working for me. 

I think the song kept playing every time I died and it started a new one at the same time. I was kinda diggin it though.

I  liked antsy pantsy food party. The light colors and the music went together.  the cheery theme made the end all the more funny. I also enjoyed the avatar reference.

how do you get past the red block thing?

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This game does not work for me. it takes me to a screen with, some people in a ball of goop? and a 3 headed purple dog? there are no buttons (window8,7). I love your artwork though

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I love how you effectivly combine light effects and pixelart. The atmosphere of this game is top notch. Its too bad the game isnt more eyecatching. I was tempted to pass over it and not play. im glad i chose to download it. Idk how to fix that  without fundamentally changing what is great about the game.

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I love the hand drawn characters and sound effects.
I wasn't able to see the whole title screen the options were off the side of the screen

I love the characters.  

Its an option in gamemaker under global game settings windows/graphics. idk if you use gamemaker. Its just some of the stuff is a bit blurry.  When I see this happen with my pixelart its usually because somewhere I have left an interpolation option turned on when I resized it.

I love the art style very colorful and light. I found that once Istickied at least one monster they no longer were able to kill me. just push me arround

I know the BS guys love interpolation but it is best lefft turned off a small resolution pixelart game 

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Absolutely love the Pixelart. I wasnt able to get to any level except for 1 and I killed all the enemies on level 1 and the level didn't end. Tried on windows 7 and 8. on 8 at some point I got to the endscreen but idk how. It would not run on my mac. Said the file was damaged. Tried downloading 3 times. 

This is a cool game I like the sprites. I wish Eli had a fullsize adventure/beatemup game. I wonder what type of shenanigans he would get up to and what environments he would traverse. also I am having problems with the up arrow sticking

Its as frustrating as it is addictive. I didn't expect a game with a one button control to be so fun.

I should totally work on this game some more and try to sell it to a sandwich shop