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Wow, amazing and beautiful

Thank you, Dahll, for sharing your experience and being vulnerable - our families are really the best things we have in life, and our parents and grandparents have given us so much. ❤️

i really enjoyed this, thank you so much for making it! i loved the pacing and how it made me feel like i was visualizing what happened in my mind, vs reading a novel

thanks for playing and sharing your video!

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i have no idea what to write to fully describe what im feeling right now after playing this game, but if you've ever lost a pet you should play this. this experience was very meaningful to me. thanks for making this.

thanks Paul! That means a lot!

Hey all, I got deathly food poisoning over the weekend, so I wasn't able to work on my story until yesterday and today!

Either, way, here it is! My first interactive fiction, written using Ink (!

Loved the animation and idea of the hourglass itself storing the time! 

Hey, there seems to be a bug: if i change my "grabbing something when running out of the apartment" and then proceed to not change anything else, the game thinks i also decided to NOT install window grills. There's no way for me to grab something & install window grills as far as I can tell.

It's dark, but I'm definitely trying to find the best ending!

thanks for the thorough feedback. Definitely thinking more about allowing for player error in future games!

U should check out Pico8! It's in Lua but loads of fun and great for jams

True! I banged my head at my jump physics before telling myself I had to move on

yea I was not a fan of coding the jump physics from scratch. I still don't understand what I wrote. Agreed it feels really clumsy

Clever mechanic! Would echo a lot of the feedback below, and that it was a little hard to understand what the center platform was with the collectibles. Maybe due to the condtraints of the aesthetic.


Art and feel was great! Very creepy. I would like to see better feedback when you're roasting the demons as it doesn't look like they are affected by the fire until they die. Either the Sprite changes a bit or they slow down or something :)

Nice theme and art and music!

Love the idea of sandwiching mechanic!!

Was hard to tell from the gameplay video how to fix something. Do u click the green smoke? 

Unique camera angle feels intense but agreed it's incredibly hard to understand where you are in space. Might be good as an intro animation but after the intro move back to a simpler camera angle. Also fhefes not much feedback of which veggie u collected. Just the ding and no animation

Nice mechanic! Cool to see the states evolve as you layer on gameplay mechanisms. 

Hilarious! Would like to see even more cops to kiss

Oh no! The customer is on fire! Cute and funny

So much detail and polish. Cute and good work. Coin bonus mechanic feels very fun

Love the art. The projectiles felt very slow and not sure why the projectile couldnt reach the whole screen. Looked like a bug not intentional

Art style drew me to clicking on this game. Nice work!

Great one tap mechanic, it felt like a good balance of fast paced action and also slower waiting game

Great idea for a game mechanic. Simple but can immediately see how challenging it can be :)

Great work. Played the Android port. Love the mechanic, but it is a very unforgiving game. Maybe because thumbs but I would always get damaged trying to circle the enemy, since u only get a short time to create the burning path I had to be very close to them to complete the loop 

Ui animations were also fun

So much fun! Great dialogue and I loled several times. 

The Sprite art is great! I wish the same quality could be in the UI and the stage design as well. The sprites really stood out as much more polished so it felt a little jarring compared to the rest of the game 

Would also be cool to see some of the fire paritcles remain on a dead furniture after it falls!

agreed with speeding up the pace of the animations to make it feel more intense

I liked the destruction of the environment as part of the gameplay. It wasn't clear that you would grapple the ceiling and the sticky bomb Sprite is a little small to see, and could be a different color to help visually identify it like your grapple hook is purple. Good work!

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The void sucking mechanic looks really fun! 

I really liked the mechanicof having the whole screen turn. Good work for your first jam!

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I am assuming the comment was about me doing this game for two jams at once? It's true! I note it in the description. Two themes from two jams for the same weekend :)

yea good feedback on the reset mechanism. There really is no other way to remember if you've forgotten. Thank you for playing!!! 

thanks for completing the game! I considered having lethal enemies but decided to simplify it a bit since there was not a lot of room for error

thanks! Yea I was really inspired by bubble bobble, one of my fav childhood games