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Just checked it out, was quite fun. Would be awesome to see it expand a bit or see the story arc change some. Good art style for the story. I like the simple controls, would love to see more mini-games too. Good stuff! 

I know it's been a bit since this titles, but if you are still interested I hope you are still making games. 


Hey, thanks so much for giving the game a run!  Glad to see you enjoyed it :D 

You'll be happy to know I'll be giving each of my games a 3D makeover to better understand the inner workings of 3D in Godot, before bigger projects. That's where some new minigames and expansions of the idea will be added. 

I've had a pretty long hiatus due to life circumstances, but I've been getting back into the swing of things recently! The next project to come out will be a small top down 2D puzzler, using elements of magnetism as a basis for the puzzles.  The concept is simple, but hopefully the puzzles are not! 

The @enmodgames Instagram Story has been (and will continue to have) on-the-fly dev updates as they happen.  Updates in general can be found there, on Twitter, or Facebook (same handle)!