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It was a simple oversight that I have remedied but unfortunately cannot upload until the ratings are finished. :/

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I saw that score bug. It only happens sometimes so I didn't bother fixing it. After the scoring is done, I'll fix a few bugs and make the enemy spawn system the way I originally intended.

That was exactly it! Thank you so much! I've spent so much time trying to figure this out. You're awesome! :D

I will look further into this. Thank you for your response.

I have a loop writing sprites and sprite variables to a buffer in obj_steam using buffer_write. For whatever reason, they're writing and/or reading the values*256.  I am using the packet_handle_client script with extra switch case items to read the data on the client side.  What could be the cause of this x256 multiplier? 

I think I made the opposite of your game. :P

I noticed that the input delay is default 250ms. What is a realistic delay low that is possible with this system? I noticed that the  input_delay was set to 2. Experimenting with reducing this variable gave varied results. It seems that when reduced to a certain point, the player sprite starts to switch and flash. I am fairly unfamiliar with game maker netcode and am trying to do what I can to learn. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Found the perp. Fun little game. :)

Hat wiggle #1. Fun visuals.

Great game. Only issue was the blue smooches getting hung up on the right edge.  Visuals and music and everything were very well executed. Nice work.

This is a pretty great game. Would have liked a little more of a grace period for missed hits especially on the lawyer beats. Otherwise, had fun. Cool concept. :)

Didn't have a friend to play with but burning the first limb was pretty sweet. Good visuals.

Great visuals.

Would have loved to have played longer but attack being on shift keys prompting for Sticky Keys and tabbing me out. Had fun for a bit still, though.

Enjoyed tearing ass around and bouncing off of the walls. Didn't end up delivering anything but still enjoyed it.

Like the concept and just shooting goo bursts was kind of entertaining. Would benefit from a mechanic that allows a single player to play.

I was digging the tunes and burning things until I fell through the floor.

Made a post-jam version tweak from your feedback. Enemies will bounce off of the player on contact with a slight stun. Feels much more fair. Helps with late level spawns as well.

Thanks a bunch! :D

Great job. Awesome music. Cool effect with the video puzzle looping. Definitely one of my favorites.

I totally felt like I saved more veggies. Left my house after playing and now trees looking at me with disappointment.

Wanted to play more since I love vertical shooters but the floaty controls made it quite frustrating. I dig the style and concept though.

Love the music and sounds.

Are you using a controller or keyboard and do you have a controller plugged into your pc? Controller connection overrides keyboard input. Pressing enter should start the game.

I liked the part where I "obtained a fart."

I initially avoided the peppers for fear of heartburn. Played until 10K points though. My eyes are bugging out!

I love the animations for the hotdog man. XD

The sticky mechanic is well done. I like the direct mix of puzzle and combat.

The art is super sweet. Very impressive.

Pretty fun little game. Love the name and theme. The first time I walked into a dark comb space it was pretty wild. Also, great touch with the exit button. XD

Love the clapping sounds and upgrade system. There seems to be an issue with display scaling as the upgrade buttons are not where they appear. After finding their invisible positions I was able to upgrade the proper stats though. Fun game. :) 

This was cooler than I expected. I like the simplicity and the camera movement is good.

Great game. Got to a point where I was too frustrated to continue because I suck at it. 

I can honestly say that it's the best endless gummer I've ever played!

Thanks. The spawner is limited to the outside edges of the room. Didn't have enough time to optimize due to Sunday commitments. The bullet hit is based on the BoI tear hit.

Hopefully I haven't nerfed it into the dirt, but the AI should be easier now. Enjoy! :)

Once I scale back the difficulty, I'll let you know. It's in sort of an experimental phase right now. The overall consensus is that the AI is very difficult for new players though. Perhaps this weekend I'll tweak it a bit and upload a new build. Thanks for playing!