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Adam Coster

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Sounds like everyone had a blast. I'm intrigued by the void function constraint -- we've only ever constrained ourselves on the design side!

The key to game physics is to fake it!

This one also looks very cool :D

Very weird -- I dig it!

The animations are great! Consider adding a gentle squish-bounce while the slime is just walking left/right -- it'll make it feel much more alive.

Really well done and aesthetically pleasant platformer! Adding a simple bouncy-squish while the character is walking would make it feel much more lively when you aren't jumping around.

Great concept and execution!

Silly aliens. They were prepared for much, but they coudl have never been prepared for a sticky cannon.

I love everything about this. The trailer did a fantastic job of making me want to play the game.

Beautiful minimalism! I dig how you solved controlling multiple ships at once.

I should get one of those trees instead of this now-boring Venus fly trap.

This would be a great way to teach people morse code.

Fantastic demonstration of how good design and juicy effects can make a minimalist art style feel great.

Hey, that video is for something else! Something quite spectacular, though.

It's great that you spent (and managed!) the time to add all those subtle juicy details that make games satisfying to play. Idle animations, spinning coins, kicked-up debris, and entertaining animations go a long way towards making a game.

Great art style! Some sort of poof or other quick thing to replace enemies on death would make a huge impact on how this feels. You would only need to solve it once and could then use it for all enemies.

Interesting new mechanic for an old classic!

Love the look of this. The rapid-recoil feels great -- I still can't really tell if I'm seeing screenshake or the vibration of the gun, so the subtlety is doing its work!

Cool use of the environment for gameplay. The 2.5D look is pleasant.

Working through a  jam is where the true value comes from, not the game itself. Your lessons were hard-won and honestly earned, and you should feel great about that fact!

I love how the bread sticks to and then EXPLODES people.

Clever use of moving the UI elements to indicate that you're at the end of the map!

Great design and polish. Quite pleasing to look at, and the slide animations as you move blocks around are satisfying.

Stellar aesthetic and vibe. Adding some gravity to those projectiles will make it more satisfying to throw them, and will create a natural way to shorten their range so they don't have to pop out of existence on-screen.

I feel sad for the lonely log. It seems less deserving of its plight than humanity. Super satisfying aesthetic and great use of clean, simple animations/stretches to add life to the scene.

Love the dynamic title screen.

Nice! Making the road and items move at the same speed will make it feel more like you're running on an actual road. That'll also make it feel more static, but some shadows (a.k.a. black circles) and a little bit of bouncy squish will take care of that.

Hilarious concept and delightful art style.

Great training video for ingredient proportions at Subway.

Great aesthetic. What brought all these sandwiches to life?

Cute art style. I love the little jig the character does while walking away from the camera,

I dig that premise. Great way to use story to explain using words for art!

Fun bullet hell! When you're limited on time for animation, try removing parts: if your candle just floated instead of having legs, it wouldn't be as noticeable that it isn't animated!

Tightly scoped, easy to add new levels -- great jam concept.

Great use of single-frame animation :D

Interesting mechanic! If you slap some blinks on those food items they'll really come to life.

Great aesthetic! We very nearly took the "Just Ice" interpretation for our own game.

That's fantastic! Please let us know when the post goes live so we can take a look :D

There's a lot happening here, nice!