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Thanks for your kind words and taking the time to play Hot Dog Boy!!!  :)

Thank you for playing Hot Dog Boy and providing useful feedback.  The double jump works great with the controller but for some reason it appears to be glitchy with the keyboard.  I think next jam I will leave the double jump out all together.  I made the tiki's that way because at first the camera would move to them as soon as you got near even if you did not want to read it so the game felt jerky but there was for sure a better way I could have done it.  I think I had time to do something better but by that point my brain was not working very well lol.  As far as the mini map goes... I have no idea how to code that.  haha.  but that would have been nice.  Thanks again for playing and taking the time to rate and leave feedback.

I documented my experience while making Hot Dog Boy. I'm editing the videos now and posting them as I get finished.  You can check it out here... 

Nice game!  The feel of the game was very nice.  It did take me a few time to really get down what buttons do what.  (I watched the tutorial but just kept on forgetting) that is one of those things where a controller would make the game feel more responsive.  The game was fun tho and I like how the cops came out to arrest the dudes that you stuck.  Visuals 5/5

Nice game!  You did a great job coding the game in a way where baddies don't spawn too close to you.  I like the upgrade system as well.  My first time dying I had 58 kills so had a ton of upgrades.  Nice job.

Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad Hot Dog Boy did not let you down!! :)

Thank you for your kind words.  Excellent job on your itch page dude!  Geez, Slime Guardian might have the best game page in the JAM.  I really need to get get at stuff like that!!!

Animations had me laughing hard!!!  Nice job!

Thank you! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words!!!  (and no eating Hot Dog Boy) lol

Thanks for checking out Hot Dog Boy!!!!!!

Thank you so much for playing Hot Dog Boy and for your kind words.  I spent a lot of time on the animations so it feels good to hear you liked it.  I had an absolute blast last weekend hanging with you in the Discord Chat.  

thank you so so so much for playing and rating the game. I believe my next game jam I will not do a double jump lol.

Wow, thanks!  Yeah that is actually very clever.  

The music and level design were awesome.  I got far but did not beat the game (so this must really be a huge game.  I started off using the gamepad but later found the keyboard to be easy to control the jump.  Nice job on your game!!

I use Gamemaker Studio 2! :)


Thanks for the feedback! I am a fan of your art and games so it means a lot that you would take the time to share your thoughts.  

1.  Main Menu -- I had fun making it and probably spent too much time in there.  The point in doing that was really just to see if I could and then use the idea to change the pitch of the sound when collecting coins.  Also if you go into the settings menu I just changed the pitch to be random so if you leave your finger on the up arrow it sounds like the talking sequence in Mike Tyson's Punch Out (which was a fav for me as a kid).

2.  Camera:  I agree... camera movement needs a lerp command or something like that when it comes to the text. So at first it was a lot worst.  As in when you walked by the Tiki's it would automatically snap the camera to the text box (just for walking by it).  So I changed it to where the text box would not open unless the player was stopped.  So if his xSpeed = 0 and he was near the tiki then the camera moves to the words.  that way you can run by it with no jerkyness.  But yes still it should be smooth when going to the words.

3.  Character Sprites:  So there are a ton of animation sprites.  I just did not have the energy to create all new ones with all the different combos of condiments.  So i just did it for when you are idle.  So if you lets say just have mayo and mustard then you will get the sprite that has just mayo and mustard and you will only get that sprite if you are not moving.  I prob should have just left this off. I talked a lot about it in the Discord channel getting opinions from other jammers and we really just decided together that who cares throw it in there lol

4.  Double Jump:  Next time I wont use the space bar but honestly keyboards are terrible for platformer games.  If you use the controller it is very smooth with no problems or delays of any kind (this is most likely a prob with how I code as I"m sure others make great platfomer games using a keyboard).

5.  Yulp, map is huge!  I wanted to make it even bigger just ran out of time.  My plan was to make NPCs all around the map as like indicators as to where you are but just never got the time to do it.  

Thanks again for taking the time to play, rate, and give me feedback.  It really does mean a lot.

thanks for your kind words. And super thank you for checking out the game and leaving a comment. I just started to learn how to draw and I love pixel art so that is what I want to do but I was a little disappointed with the tile set and the fact that i did not have a background (i just couldn't draw it  so that part is just blue lol but thank you so much for your kind words.

thank you so much for taking the time to play, rate, and comment in Hot Dog Boy! I only got eight hours of sleep in those 72 hours lol. But i really wanted to make a "feel good" game. Something that gave off that satisfying feeling. I had 20 more ideas that I just ran out of time and could not put in the game. Thanks again for your kind words

Nice work revving up the difficulty with each killed demon!  

Fun little game!  I got to the Big demon looking guy.  Is the final boss?  I was not able to beat him.  There were a few glitches with the wall jump.  I found that if I just spam the jump button then my guy would at least awkwardly  get up the wall.  Also I would get this error message if I tried to leave an area without kill all the guys..  All in all I enjoyed playing your game.  I played about seven times trying to get back to that final boss before giving up. :) Nice job

I made it to wave six but I remember playing this game before I finished my game and I did much better.  lol!  Nice job!!

I like the slime shirt of the bully kid. Nice touch!!! It was fun chatting with you in Discord during the weekend and then finally getting to play your game!

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment on my game.  That means a lot!!!

hahah.. thank you for playing and rating!!!

Really I can't think of a single thing I did not like about the game.  Very cool experience!

Wow, I was really impressed with everything about the game.  Super cool concept and experience.  Nice job

Very cute game!  I love that you have settings and can turn music on and off and a whole story to go with your game. My most favorite part is the ability to name your own weapon.  My first name was Good Looks but that was just not good enough as I died. So my second play through my name was ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- which just happened to be good enough to win. 

Fantastic game!  I played all the way to the end but was not able to get all the secrets.  My only complaint on the game is the lack of controller support.  Other than that (which is really just my personal preference) the game was perfect.  Nice job!

The art is fantastic!!!!  The animation of the player movement was very detailed.  What program did you use to draw that?  The only problem is you uploaded your game as an installer but it has a different name than Stick Justice so I can't find it.

Congrats on finishing your game and allowing us to burn "empty" buildings to the ground!  I like your instructions page though I was never able to find the truck....

My high score was a 107!  I was a little sad that their was no music but I enjoyed the concept.  Have you thought about porting this to android?  You could prob add mouse logic which would allow for touchscreen input.  Just a thought.  Nice job on your game.

Dude, so many things about this game stand out from the others:  Your settings screen... I love it.  So I also have a settings screen with sliders for music and sfx but mine are just lines and words.  How the crap did you incorporate a bad arse spite.  Very polished.  I like that you have a link to your twitter account from the game (tho that did not work for me....) and finally the instructions were very clever.  A "hand drawn" page on the side of your title screen.  Nice job.   

I love it guys!!!  Oddly I think my favorite part is the meme poster in the game... genius!!!  The controls were very smooth.  The visuals were nice and sound fit the game very nicely.  The only thing that I would change is more levels (which in 72 hours is a lot to ask) but seriously you guys did a really good job.

Thank you so much for giving it a go and leaving a comment!!  :)  I'm glad you liked the cheers.  I wanted it to be a satisfying feeling.  

The art is 5 out of 5!  Excellent job on the use of lighting.  I've tried to do that in Gamemaker Studio 2 a few times and just could never really master it.  Nice concept.  My highscore is a 10 :)

Super cool game!  I am with Seanzee on the forgiveness part. One thing you could do is make it where the player knows they messed up... they know they lost but it automatically puts you back into another game until the player decides they are done.  Kind of like Super Meat boy where yes the game is crazy hard but because you can get back in so fast you keep going for even more deaths.  Your game a lot of potential for sure and the art was fantastic.  I was able to get to six cases but it turns out that I really like sending innocent people to jail!!!!!!!!!!  Nice job!! 

I live in Hawaii and there is nothing as far as I can tell.. I have been looking.  I could start one but I would rather just join one (that sounds super lazy) but I would still rather join one that start one.  If you ever hear about a gaming dev community in hawaii let me know lol!!!!

Thanks Lazy Goblins!  I was 100% going for the satisfying feel.  I am so thankful that you took the time to play and comment on Hot Dog Boy.  It means a lot!!!