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No problem, it happens when short on time ;) 

Yes, I know I added it and I was myself like. This is much more fun, although it doesn't change anything really :P

Thanks for playing :) 

No, It's porbably not worth it. I just added a formula and just made up some max numbers that seemed reasonable. I didn't think what the price would become with the formula I implemented. 

Thanks for playing :D 

That's great! Thanks for playing :D

U.F.O.'s and tree hugging! Amazing! Fun idea :)


Nice polished reaction game! I liked the concept, I think if you would throw the educational part out and added that the 4 colours were in random combination it would've been more challenging. (although I only got to 37).

Fun concept. I liked the wrenches shooting at machine gun speed! 

Challenging game. Very fun concept it took me 2 rounds to understand it and managed to get a score between 1500 and 1600 :) 

It was challenging. Very cool you could jump on the things when you shoot them in the wall! 

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Good to hear, if I will ever continue working on it I'll add a hardcore mode that can only be completed by clicking without idle mechanix :P 

Thanks for playing! :) 

Nice! Good luck, yeah maybe I'll try it out when I see it pop by! :) 

Haha okay Nice! Good to hear it is intentional that means you put some thought into it! 

Nice game! The art is good and the music is amazing. it fits very well and makes the game very enjoyable. 

Very cool idea, I found 6 proteins! I think that's all and you haven't had the time to add more. It's a very nice solid base for a game! The background music was also fitting :) 

It's a very fun puzzle idea. I liked just messing around making weird faces. Great work and the music was very nice!

Very nice work! Not my preferred type of game, but the idea is very nice! 

It looked very good! I couldn't play it with  more people, but I really liked the idea and the shooting from the strings is very cool! :) 

Also you have the wrong OS at the download, the zip shows apple (just a minor detail). 

I really like the idea but everytime the buttons changed around and I couldn't remember what did what so fixing something took way too long. The change up buttons idea is cool, but maybe once per level would be doable now it was fix look what does what press the right button and then get hit so it'll change again. Sorry it was a bit frustrating. 

Besides that Great game! The art was very good, some music and sound would've made it all come together!

I like the game a lot, the idea is great! It would've been nice if the cursor stood out a bit more, because it was hard to collect the coins to throw at the presents. 

Very nice work!

Nice random generation, Unfortunately shooting did nothing because I was bothered by the red block tripping around me. 

It's a solid base to build a fun game around :) 

This is a great concept, it was nice looking around and seeing all the creatures change in size and so on with every generation. Very cool!

I managed to play it and finish it! For a first jam game congrats for having something playable, people don't submit a game in the end of the run and you did it! I like the idea, but probably you had a scope that was too big for the small amount of time. That happens a lot! Did you make the music yourself? It was nice to have background music instead of having nothing, even though the music wasn't great (my music also isn't great). You can't do everything perfectly the first time (or second) ;) 

 A sound when you pick up the wrench would've been a nice touch. I don't want to talk you down, You did a great job for a first jam (solo I assume?) and there is a lot of room to grow and you'll get better over time by joining more game jams and practicing yourself! 

Unfortunately nobody was hosting or joining, but it looked very nice and the music was good!

Pretty impressive game for a game jam!

This is great! The DNA Mechanic was cool, but could've been used that you got random upgrades, instead of a set upgrade for every bar you filled. Great game nonetheless I liked it a TON!!! 

Great game! I love these short minigame types of games (does me think when I played a lot of 4 frezy seconds). It would've really come together with some upbeat background music. 

Nice job on the game itself! The art was also good!

This is Great! It was very fun and when you win or fail it shows all the people with the names, it's a very nice touch!

Some good improvements with last time I played it! When picking up a shield the music changes to the start what is a bit unfortunate, maybe a sound that you got the power up would've been nice. The same for a speed boost. also when I had a shield I couldn't pick-up a shield agian or a speed boost (it just didn't do anything).

In general still a good game and better then the first time I played it. I had 11 wrenches left I felt so sad that I died :( 

I found the ZIP file! :D 

I played it! It was great! 

I wasn't sure if killing things gave you like experience that you level up or something. The general Idea is very cool and you could do a lot with it!

The hitboxes were a bit tricky, if I understood correctly you have to stand next to the monster and hit them. Sometimes it felt a bit unfair to me because I was standing for my idea 'below' a monster (with at least half of the body) and i still got hit. and some feedback when you get hit by a sound would've been nice. But for a game jam this is some gooood stuff! great job!

also the art is amazing!

No problem, that are usual things that happen with jams. My game is also missing a pretty important part, due lack of time I couldn't get it in. 

thanks I'll give it another try ;) 

The core game is a fun idea! I was a little annoyed I couldn't see what was happening after the 4th stone, but understandable for a jam game. Also I could place the diggers at the same spot or even above the ground, but that are just details, I really enjoyed it!

Nice game, the music was fitting! fun to change the wrench you need to use and a good way to show that changing it is needed!

What is the difference with the normal upload?

Thank you! Yeah, maybe in the future (probably not though I don't see commercial value in it).

Thank you :) 

Thanks for playing 

I didn't know that, I learn everyday :) 

Then my first thought of the arrow was correct!

Groetjes terug!

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Nice game, I like the idea. It's a nice base where you can build on. It's a bit easy at the moment I was at wave 8 and let it ran while doing some chores and came back at wave 18 still alive ^^

Very  nice work for a jam game!

Update I left it playing over dinner I'm at wave 46, but it gets a bit laggy on my old pc with rendering all the black spots XD

So if you will continue working on it, there is room to balance it better ;) 

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Nice game! A lot of fun!