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good luck 

glad you liked it :D

The jumping at the screen was very nice made. Took me a second to figure it out how it worked, nice job done :D 

Loved when trying to go through the door haha :D 

Nice game, the creepyness answered my question when investegating it haha

I like the idea it's nice. The lights seemed a bit buggy or it was supposed to be like that. Could also have been my potato laptop ;) 

I liked it nice work :D

The idea is nice, but for me not the most enjoyable game. not saying it's bad just not my preffered style. Nice work anyway :D 

Fun idea, getting bigger is fun. as it said a bit buggy, not too bad only with jumping and moving got stuck a few times. Doesn't matter, nice job for a jam game :D 

Mine was 600 my potato laptop was struggling with the game so it was a bit leggy haha 

and i understand for a jam game I understand but if you want to expand on it you could do it that way ;) 

I LOVE IT! A game making fun of itself is the best :D 

Very nice job Had several giggles :D 

Nice game in the start I didn't get it but the bombs grow over time, very clever :)

I liked it :) 

unfortenutaly no music, the sounds were nice :) 

Keep up the work 

Nice game, only got glitch out via the table.

I think that it's hard to kill all the skeletons without running out of mana. It's part of the game but maybe it's to much skeletons or your mana empties too quick.

For a jam game it doesn't matter, The idea is nice and if you want to expand on the game you this is an option. There are probably other ways to improve ;) 

 in general I liked it! :D

I liked it a lot :) 

nice work 

Nice game, took a bit to figure it out after 3 thief endings I got puppy love and prankster. :) 

I liked it, good work :D keep it up 

Unfortunate no Sounds and music Besides that fun game :) 

Nice work :) 

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Very cool game pretty hard. in general very fun! :) enjoyed it 

Now i got the upgrading, that makes it easier. if you go full attackspeed you can break the game haha :P

very nice enjoyed it a lot :D

Very cool game, enjoyed a lot!

It's just great! 

Took me a bit to figure everything out, but I made it to the boss but I lost :(

In general great game only the attack and damage/die animation seemed a bit delayed and when you get hit was questionable for me. But I liked it a lot :)

This is amazing! I love the idea, the artstyle. Although it didn't work properly and the last enemies didn't show up. But it's great! 

If you going to improve the game keep me up to date, very interesting to see the end product :) 

This game is great, had a lot of fun :D 

pretty hard but not in a bad way :) 

Great game, Pretty had and I couldn't see how much time I had. Also would be nice if you had to be in a specific range to grab the money. You can now take it from anywhere (or at least great distances). :) 

A nice puzzle, I liked it. Normally don't take the time to read everything but I did it and managed to finish the game.

Good job :) 

I tried to figure out the game, but I couldn't get it working. Also a bit unfortunate it didn't had any screenshots 

There is potential but at the moment it's in a very prototype stage. 

still nice work :) 

The game was nice, although i could bumb into the monsters and not lose hp only when they bumb into you you lose it. But in general a nice game. The sounds were pretty harsh, on the other hand it had sounds :) 

Loved it a lot! Great game, funny with the noise meter :) 

would be nice if there was something that you can't stay at your bed all the time. But for a Jam game this was great! unfortunate not a lot of people have played it yet 

Took a while to figure it out how it worked, but it's a nice game 

although it's hard to know if you're close to an enemy (or however you want to call the red blobs ;) )

Nice work :) 

I liked the game a lot, unfortunately no sounds or music

but the idea is really nice and you could build on it a lot!

it's okay no problem ;)

Thanks :) 

I'm glad you liked it

Good work, I enjoyed it! :)

Sweet game, liked it a lot! 

Very deep game while keeping the limitation in mind

Amazing, game I like the idea a lot. Much room to expand on

Also pretty jealous that you got a game like this working, I have tried some things my self but didn't come this far haha ;)

Thanks :) Great to hear!
Yeah I know about the upgrades I didn't have the time to tweak it decently 

but thanks for the comment :) 

okay didn't know thanks for the tip

Maybe I can upload it (for me) tomorrow (in 14 hours)

oh yeah not sure what I used I'll try tomorrow

in full screen it doesn't appear at all and when I'm windows the screen is black and stays that way, but the music is playing

OMG what a nonsense I LOVE IT!!!! 

It's so silly but so funny 

Great game! Now only multiplayer and i would be a rediculous game for playing couch co-op :D

Pretty fun game and challenging although you can be a baby and take a safe spot 

The voice acting is amazing :) 

no idea how you made the stacking bubbles do damage but it's pretty cool that it works :D

Really fun the music is a perfect fit :D

Good game with some potential and I really love the exit button haha

Unfortunate that the bombs just go in a linear line, for some reason it really took my by surprise everytime I took a shot

but overall very nice game :D

Very fun game and the noises the aliens make so funny :D