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Thanks a lot for trying it! :)

Thanks for trying it out! Glad you liked it.

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Thanks a bunch! Appreciate the feedback. Yeah didn't have time to compose, so I figured some underwater ambient bubbling was good enough :) Perhaps in future update.

Neat little puzzle  game. Graphics are nice and simple and puzzles are good. Respawn button didn't work ( at least for me ), so I only had an option to RAGE QUIT :)

Neat puzzle game. I was able to finish it. Nice work on the bubble gun.

Cool shooter! Nice art and gameplay. Love the epic battle music.

Cool and simple game. Art style is awesome and the game feels very polished.

Neat little jam game. Art and animation are excellent! sound would have been nice.

Oh sweet! This looks like a game ready to be released. Love the simple graphics, cute music and buttery smooth gameplay. Awesome!

Fun jam game. There is slight metroidvania feel to it. Nice chill acoustic guitar track.

Nice concept. good solid gameplay and great art.

Good platforming, smooth controls and great music!

Fun fishing "simulation" game. Good gameplay, great art. Nice and simple mechanics.

This is awesome! Cutting those hanging bricks off with scissors and fish is a cool idea! Hilarious game.

Fun and simple infinity runner game. 

Oh. It might have something to do with monitor refresh rate in full screen mode. Since I have 144Hz display... Might be something there

Sentient Sink Bubble

Sentient Sink Bubble

A game about sentient bubble...with laser-beam-eyeballs. Sink down to the depths unknown and blast everyone who stands/swims in your way to smithereens with your MUTANT LASER EYEBALLS! You need to collect air bubbles to keep your brain running, and plutonium to power up those laser eyes of yours.
Link to Game page

Gameplay Video

Solid platformer. Love the art style. Great music too.

Neat tiny game. Very cute!

Hilarious game! That's exactly how I look when I'm trying not to down! Nice art and ragdoll physics. Tried not to drown for 5 minutes...Help didn't arrive :(

Great puzzle game. Fantastic art style. Relaxing elevator music

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Neat jam platformer. Nice art. 

Cool idea for movement. Controls are bit tricky :)

Nice and casual! I can see this work great on mobile. Great art!

Really cool idea. Good gameplay and I like the simple art style.

Neat paltformer. Like the animation on the Professor.

This is hilarious! :)

Damn! Super cool! Very polished in every aspect. Awesome gameplay, art and music. Only "bug" I found was when I switched the game to full screen it doubled the game speed.

Thanks for giving it a go!

Cool jam game, neat wrenches. Liked the last one best! 

Nice game. One of those games you have to try one more time! Really nice work on the reindeers.

Nice game. Pretty unique controls :)

Pretty awesome. I Liked that you could shoot in four directions, Nice platforming and that random mutation system was a nice idea. Great music. 

Fine platformer. Great hand drawn art style. At first I didn't realize you could do wall jump. Once I did, I was able to save Christmas :)

Very refreshing type of game. Not seen many (if any) of these. Those keywords were a nice way to branch a story. Nice art style. Some atmospheric music/sounds would make this even better.

Gosh! It looks so pretty and plays well. Really nice art and animation. Sadly there was no one else playing it at the time I tried it. Also found out that you can jump around on your butt if you hold down x and move left or right Haha! :) 

Great jam game. Really smooth gameplay. The wrench throwing- and aim assist mechanics were well done. Nice!

Actually really fun platformer! Has a true retro feel to it. Good music and art, and nice color scheme!

Neat idea for idle game. Nice dirt particles. Would be cool if you could move the camera and see deeper underground.

Pretty neat game. Camera following mouse was good idea, it was easier to defend "yellow squares" when they were opening doors. Cool jam game!