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Haha, love it.  Reminds me of the insult sword fighting from Monkey Island

Very nice game, easily in my top 10 :)  Also, love the pun title!

Great work, I love the faces!  I noticed the life counter still deducts a life after the game over screen appears if there are cylinders still on the screen that haven't crossed the line but do so after you're dead.

Nice game for a first jam.  Hope to see some updates in the future

Great game! Love the different power-ups.  Some sound effects would help.  Keep working on this it has great potential.

Thanks for playing! I've got plenty of things left to add that I didn't get a chance to during the jam.

Thanks for playing and for the great feedback!

Thanks, I hope to make the candy move or spin in a future version which should make them a little easier to spot.

Its a randomly generated platform endless runner. It goes forever until you fall off and platform.  Great score btw!

Nice base, little disappointed there was no enemies spawning on the second floor.  Hope to see this built out more in the future.

Nice game, I liked the sprites.  It took a second to figure out the controls.  It would be nice to be able to attack and move at the same time

Thanks I'll check out your game. I'm planning on playing as many as I can!

Thanks for letting me know about the music. During the quick testing I did I never got far enough to notice it.  I'll get that fixed in a future version!