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Potatoes Are Not Explosive

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Hiya again! Just so you know I now have an official mac port up. :)

Hi! Mac port is coming in just a few days. IGMC won't let me update the uploads section until the judging period ends.

thanks for the heads up again, didn't realize we couldn't update. I'll hold off until judging ends

Thanks for playing and thanks for the heads up! Did one specific wallpaper make you crash? I'll fix this asap if I can identify it

Hiya! This appears to be because you don't have a video card, is that correct? If that's the case there's a chance the game won't run on your system at all. I can look into that bug in particular (moonshine is a third-party library the game uses for shaders, it's not at all essential to the game). I have another version posted above with moonshine disabled, let me know if this runs.

Aaaand posted! This might be the final version, I'm not sure yet. Still have 7 days until the jam ends so we'll see.


This literally spoils almost an entire puzzle, but I think it's the best way to show what's going on in this game. :)

Here's a sneak peak into what this game is all about.

Lots of good work today, I now have a system for putting buttons on the screen and they look sufficiently windowsy. What better way to test my buttons than a settings menu? :)

The ending is the the part your player is going to remember the most, it would be more impactful if it ties up all of the loose ends. I think if you intend to use this game as "Chapter 1" to a larger game, then you could insert more into Version 2's "Chapter 1" to lead more into the narrative you'll have included by then, if that makes sense.


Gonna put some strong consideration on "Wonders in the Machine." Thanks!

I don't wanna give away too much but this game is gonna use a window manager as a framing device. What's depicted here is the basic UI of the game. I'm trying to go for that nostalgic Windows XP sorta feel, at first I was trying to get perfect feature parity with Windows (I was amazed at how much I knew about the little nuances of how Windows' windows work), but I've decided it's too much work to get it perfect when really I just need it Good Enough (TM).

I'm open for ideas for names, my working title is "Windows Adventure" which isn't that great and I kinda don't want "Windows" in the title. The in-universe OS name I'm going with for now is "Wonders NX" but I'm not exactly married to that either.

Any ideas for a title? Also feedback or whatever? I know there isn't much game here but I don't want to start making the game until I have all the systems locked in where I want them to.

Delightfully simple concept and a really well polished implementation! Although I would suggest changing your theme colors on this page. The white-on-light-blue for writing this comment is really hard to read.



I figured I'd start a thread where we can post screenshots and videos of what we have so far to get feedback.

Here's what I got so far. I have a rough idea of what the actual game will be like but I'm still looking for ways to add complexity. I'm also garbage at pixel art so that's currently what's taking me a while.

I'm a big fan of Superpowers (although I'm likely the only one):

It's a great collaborative HTML5 engine that actually runs in the browser. If you set up hosting for it you can get google-docs style collaboration, which is not great for proper software engineering but it's awesome for game jams!

It definitely has a few bugs and quirks though but what engine doesn't honestly? That being said I'm happy to help people get started with SP if they're interested.


It sounds like what you'd want is to have one of the actors watch the fields of another. You can use `Sup.getActor("SomeActorName").getBehavior(SomeBehaviorName)` to access the fields of another actor's behavior. This way you can track the progress of the transition animation from another behavior.

Alternatively you could have a counter tick up on the update loop that only ticks up once the level transition has been kicked off, and once the counter is equal to your desired time, it transitions. Update() happens at APPROXIMATELY 60 times a second (it's different if the game is laggy or whatever). So you can just have the counter tick up number_of_seconds_you_want*60 to "wait" that many seconds.

You can also get a bit more precision with javascripts built in I'd do some googling to learn more about that.

There's no way to do async waiting like you're describing, at least not that I'm aware of. As far as I know, everything in the user-space for Superpowers is on one thread.

Hope that helps!

The artwork looks lovely!

I'm considering making a more fleshed out version of this game with elements of Speed Date Shuffle (another game I made) mixed in. Might contain the prequel scene, who knows! ;)

Hey thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

If you liked this I highly recommend you check out my new game, Speed Date Shuffle!

Thanks for playing! I tried to follow the instructions on the site to make the game a standalone and it didn't work. Not sure if I'm missing something or what. I'll look into it when I have time. Thanks again!

d'oh. I already did that and forgot about it.

Thanks. :)

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I already have my submission up-- it's not done, I'm still updating it, I just wanted to get everything setup on itch before the deadline. I'm curious how we officially affiliate a github repo with our game. Do we just provide a link to the repo in the description of our game or is there a more official way to affiliate it?

Thanks! Super excited to play all the submissions!

That's prooobably fine. But the point of game jams is an exercise in creativity within a time limit. So like Lee said, it's more in the spirit of the Jam to make everything from scratch. That's not to say you can't expand  and re-add assets later after the jam!


The whole point of doing more than one game jam is that you're making more than one game.

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I just figured I'd start a whole thread for controller related issues because my XBox One USB controller doesn't work. I'm running Windows 10 and the same controller works just fine for every other game I've used it for.

Demo was great!

Anyone else having controller issues? We could just dedicate this thread as a "Post controller issues here" deal.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

After tons of feedback (and finally getting around to it) I shrunk the font size! There's still a few little weird quirks with the text that I should have sorted out soon. Thanks for playing!

That explains it! Thanks!

I quite enjoyed this game. Although I do a have a question: could you make it so I can use the arrow-pad on my controller for movement? I prefer using the arrow pad in favor of the thumbstick for my precision platforming.

Great Job!

WASD doesn't do anything for me, I can't seem to move. Also my mouse disappears when it's over the window. Something's up. Looks really cool though!

Hotfix posted! Thanks everyone who pointed out typos and errors!

Can you link to your LD submission page? I'd love to shoot some rating your way. :)


Uh... Not currently. But there will be soon!

Probably one of the most unhelpful videos I have ever made. I started out as a tutorial on making pong, then it turned into a tutorial about polish. Then... this happened.

What about this?

Not sure what's going on? Can you screenshot what you're seeing?