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Thanks for the response! Even if it briefly opened a window, did the work, and then closed itself, that would be good enough.

Unrelated question: It says that it's open source but I don't see a link to the sourcecode anywhere? Is it on GitHub somewhere?

This is really cool! I want to use this but I'm worried it'll be really time consuming to convert all the assets in my game. Having a command line interface would be amazing where I could just do something like:

`scalenx.exe my-image.png 4`

Then I could automate on all the pngs in my assets folder rather than pulling them all in one-by-one.

I'm so glad you liked it! I have lots of ideas for where this game could go in the future but I'm all in on Three in a Rogue right now. 

Very nice graphics and a very cohesive feel. I love the low framerate animations and the atmosphere of the whole thing. The first time I looked straight up and saw all the furniture and debris orbiting around me I said "wow" out loud.

I do have a couple thoughts though for a post jam build if you do one (which I think you should!), most are just UI gripes:

- I'm glad I have this big long arms to grab debris, but I wish I had a way to tell before I reached if something was close enough or not. Maybe a crosshair that indicates whether the thing I'm looking at is in range or not?

- I wish I had more agency in how an object is placed. I had multiple times where I got stuck because my character kept placing objects at the worst possible angle/position, creating an overhang that was impossible to jump over. I'd grab a ladder and try to get over it only to put the ladder into the overhang, worsening the problem. It would be nice to choose the angle at which I set an object down, but at the very least a preview of where an object is going to land before I place it down would be amazing.

- Pretty much all the text is either too small and in the wrong place. As a player my eyes are at the center of the screen, but the tutorial was this tiny thing in the bottom left corner, so I read that first. While I was reading the tutorial I saw big letters at the center (good!) but they went by too quickly for me to read them. Then all of the "plot" dialogue was at the very top of the screen (again, my eyes are at the center). I think it really is as simple as moving more text more towards the center of the screen.

Your game is good, and I think it could be great!

This is so cool!

Cool interpretation of the theme!

Wow, this game is a lot like mine! A little different though (mine isn't fourier it's function composition, but still! Awesome work!

Wow! That is some really excellent 3D art. Possibly the best-looking 3D game I've seen in a game jam.

The art and music are excellent!

This is a really cool idea but I think it needs a bit more time to refine. I have a few notes you might consider for a post jam build, if you choose to do one:

- I think you throw too much at the player at once. You go from introducing the central mechanic, to introducing the angle-locking platforms (which is a neat idea btw!). But the next part was a skill check that depended on your knowledge of the difference between a black wall and a red walls, and required you to reason about controlling two robots at once accomplishing disparate tasks.

- It's unclear (to me at least) what direction a robot is facing when I'm not controlling it. Maybe the face should have a distinct shape that's clearly visible from all angles?

- (A bit more niche): the screenshots look a lot better (in terms of the screen layout) than it did when I played. I'm on a 4K screen so that probably had something to do with it. Unity lets you test in different resolutions in the editor so this seems like something that you could look into.

- Tiny nit: "Escape" is an odd choice of button to proceed from the main menu

I hope that's helpful!

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Awesome submission! I like how half the time a level felt hard because I was making hard on myself. It felt slightly inconsistent whether or not modding the cabinet reset the level or not (I feel like it was supposed to always reset). I think clearer feedback for that could be for the screen to go static (or turn off) when you're modding the cabinet. Small feedback on an otherwise excellent game though

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Very tight execution and great tutorialization! I especially liked the timing puzzle towards the end

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Once I understood how it worked it was awesome, each level is a puzzle! I have a few UI gripes but that's to be expected for a jam game.

Nice, a one-button game! I have a special fascination with one-button games because I'm always amazed at how much variety you can get out of a single input.

Something to consider if you do a post-jam build: What if hitting rocks wasn't an instant game over? What if you instead got some invulnerability frames and lost a bit of "heart" instead? Each side could have their own independent invulnerability frame timer so getting hit twice at the same time hurts more than just one person getting hit.

Lots of really cool ideas here! The core concept is super interesting and I felt like a genius in "Mind the Pit" because each jump just flowed fluidly into the next. There were a few things that didn't quite connect for me, namely it felt ambiguous what did and did not contribute to sewing a tear shut. Also out of curiosity: why Shift? It felt really unnatural to me that shift was the button to swap sides.

Man this is a good submission. The static transitions when the level resets is super fitting. I love how the different characters are different in very practical and obvious ways. I also love that they need to stick together not because of some arbitrary meter or anything but just simply because you can't see what you're doing. Love it!

And you even have checkpoints! So thoughtful!

Blasted my arms into the stratosphere. 10/10.

The art is extremely good! However I think the gameplay could use a bit more tweaking.

Some things to consider for a post jam build if you do one:

- The text at the very top for Score and High Score is tiny! Especially on my high resolution monitor.

- When I just barely hit the ball it gets caught in my collision box and makes an awful sound. What this ought to do is instead (in my opinion) is act as if I bounced the ball up. Essentially, cheat in the player's favor.

- I had a few instances where the ball just bounced back and forth in the exact same two spots in a sort of deadlock. The bullets helped break me out of it but it wasn't fun. I wonder if you can some way detect that that's happening and break out of it automatically?

- The ball bouncing off the bullets is a really great twist! But the bullets are really hard to see against the background. I think they should be a bit bigger and have a more contrasting color from the background. They should be visible in thumbnail screenshots of the game. Also consider experimenting with bullets of different shapes.

- I noticed bullets bounce off the paddle but that didn't feel like it made any meaningful impact. I wish that the bullets bouncing off did... something. I'm not sure what that is, maybe that's a place where you can introduce another mechanic? Just a thought.

Whew, sorry for the wall of text. I guess I had a lot of thoughts!

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I don't think it's a bad thing. It's just like any other "physics based puzzle game" ;)

Killer moving platforms by the way!

I liked it! Very satisfying to watch 8 people jump over the same gap in rapid succession, only for the 9th one to miss the ledge and fall in

The art direction is absolutely astonishing (like, for any game, not just a game jam game). The game is hard but it incentivizes you use all the mechanics (I was doing much better once I started holding onto enemies to block bullets rather than throwing them right away). 

I do have some tiny gripes: it would be nice if the bar on the right indicated how close you were to having enough goo to shoot. I also wish the gun were just a teeny bit more forgiving, it feels bad to shoot at a group of three slimes and somehow manage to miss all three of them.

Those are tiny gripes in comparison to an otherwise really solid entry though. Great work everyone!

This is anything but generic! Cool and interesting concepts with puzzles that make you think, presented in a way that's just oozing with style. Awesome work!

"Come back when you're a little  mmmmmMMMmmmmm"

Glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing!

You can find the full OST here:

Wow quite an usual plant. Very nice!

Hey, Potatoes Are Not Explosive here,  (although my friends just called me NotExplosive). Just listened! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback!

Just wanted to clarify something: new gems don't spawn on the board until the start of your next turn, so all of the gems that fall down during your turn were visible to you at the start of the turn. Which is to say, any errant matches you get are actually "your fault." However it's not your fault for not realizing that , the hardest part of designing a game like this is convincing the player of what they have control over.

Also tiny gripe: I don't think you gave our composer enough credit, the soundtrack is a bit more than just bleeps and bloops, in my opinion. Granted I don't make music so maybe I'm just easy to impress.

(Now I'm gonna write a short novel about what changed since the jam build, you don't need to read this whole next part on the podcast)

Here's a summary of things that were (not) in the original jam build:

  • No free movement at the end of an encounter (you ALWAYS moved with the match 3 board)
  • Every gem spawned with uniform randomness (which meant it was statistically likely that you'd have zero movement gems for multiple turns in a row). Now the next gem is determined based on how much you "need" it.
  • (as you mentioned) No EXP bar, no leveling system, you had 3 action points flat.
  • Gems didn't compound their effects, matching 6 gems did the same thing as matching 3. So matching more than three gems was wasteful.
  • No "seeing into the future" with the top two rows.
  • No level editor / boss fight / campaign. There was only an "endless" mode where every door led to a random room (even doors you had already gone through)
  • Enemies were really dumb, most of them would move randomly, not even attempting to move towards the player.
  • The board would refresh with new gems right at the end of your turn, which could (and often did) lead to additional matches you had no way of predicting or planning for.

There's probably some other stuff I'm forgetting but it's easy to imagine how this leads to a much worse experience. Most players would stagger there way out of the first room (maybe hobble over to the chest to get the free potion). Then they'd stumble into the first randomly determined room. Then they'd realize they're out of movement gems so they'd wait for enemies to come to them, which they don't do because they move randomly.

If you look at our submission page you see a lot of folks saying "cool idea but it's not very fun" which is totally fair given how the game was back then. I knew there was a good game buried in here somewhere, it just took me a month to dig it up.

Anyway, thanks for playing and talking about it (one of you played for over an hour, holy crap). I tend to post new games pretty often, especially since I'm stuck at home. If you're interested earlier this year I made a relaxing game with the same composer as this one.

Hi, no I didn't make this in Unity, I made it in Löve2d

Thanks for playing! I don't think we'll be working on this game anymore (at least not for the time being). But I'm glad you came by to check it out!

I like this concept, it took me a bit to figure out what was going on but it was fun to figure out. Like part of the puzzle was figuring out how to play, I like that!

This is gonna sound weird but I had a hard time figuring out what order the movements were going to happen in. Like it's obviously top to bottom but my brain kept interpreting them backwards. Not really sure how to fix that-- or if it's even a problem in the first place and not just my stupid brain.

Maybe instead of arrows you could have a little grid with a tiny representation of the player on it and animate it to show the the movement the player is going to make? I don't know how elaborate the movements get so idk how feasible that is.

When I died some of the tiles got a little gray dot in the middle while others didn't and I never figured out what that meant.

The menus feel really slick and polished, but the one setting I was looking for was a native "fullscreen" (like without the taskbar etc).

Also one last nitpick: Screen shake is good for when you hit walls/die but a screen shake on every move feels a bit excessive.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Spacebar to end turn is a great idea. I'll add that ASAP.

I'm also pushing updates every 2-ish weeks so if you're interested in playing more we'll have a new version up in about a week and a half. The focus for next patch is to mitigate any output randomness (currently it's possible to get a match that you had no way of anticipating and that feels bad). I have what feels to me like a pretty elegant solution and I'm excited to see how people like it. :)

Thanks for playing. There's no endgame (yet!) But in a few weeks I'm gonna add a patch that will hopefully include a non randomized map and a boss fight.

To go back to the main menu you need to click the back arrow and then click the words that say "go back" ... That's not great UI huh? I'll fix that.

Thanks for the note about exploration. I'll consider that for the next patch.

Cute premise and art style! I didn't get past the jumping part so I never got to experience the use of the "Duck" command. I like your interpretation of the theme!

The music is a bit loud.

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I liked it! The UI did not scale to my screen very well. Still legible but I did have to lean in a little bit.

Lots of improvements coming soon :)

This is amazing and novel gameplay wise but it's kinda boring to look at. I get that it's got a minimalist thing going but I still think that some better presentation could really turn this great game into an incredible one!

I like the fact that shooting has consequences. I kind of wish the bullets stayed on screen forever, but maybe moved a little bit slower? That way every shot you fired would make the game that much harder. Maybe the bullets would get destroyed if they hit an enemy? Just a thought!

I also had a few instances where an enemy spawned right on top of me. I noticed in your post jam build you resolved this by giving indication of where an enemy is about to spawn, that's definitely one solution! The way I would have solved it is give the player a radius of "safety" (that's invisible to the player) and never let enemies spawn in that radius.

When I died the game would freeze frame on that moment, which is good-- it gives the player a clear sense of exactly what went wrong. There's an opportunity for some juice there, in that freeze frame the player could have an "ouch!" pose and maybe flicker and maybe a death sound could play.

I heard you say on Twitter that this was your first finished game. Great work! Keep it up!

I'll look into it none the less. Thanks!

Hiya. Thanks for playing. What size screen do you have? The placement of the columns is based on your window's width, I found a weird placement but for especially small windows and I chose not to worry about it because I didn't think it'd happen out ion the wild-- guess I was wrong!