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I saw this at SIX! Very very cool!

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Congrats on your first Jam! This is way better than my first game jam that's for sure.

Little nitpick: The little menu between levels doesn't serve a purpose. You're making me reach for the mouse to simply say "yes please, I'd like to play more of your game" I'm not sure why I would ever choose "title screen" just take me to the next level!

Loved the fact that sand worked differently than you'd expect!

Slight controls nitpick: I think having the movement be based on a relative drag would go a long way. Having to keep bring the cursor to the middle of the screen was kind of painful on my wrist after a while.

Loved the fact that sand worked differently than you'd expect!

Slight controls nitpick: I think having the movement be based on a relative drag would go a long way. Having to keep bring the cursor to the middle of the screen was kind of painful on my wrist after a while.

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The visuals were excellent and the framing was very cute! It wasn't super clear to me if I was winning though, I brought the player to zero health multiple times (I think?) but she didn't seem to die. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong.

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So clever right from the title screen! Pressing Q + P primes you with just the right expectations of "you're gonna need to do some weird button combos to play this game." It was so fun fumbling around on the keyboard and SO SATISFYING when I finally figured out how to launch missiles. I love that some tasks require you to be in a certain state (achieved by holding one key) before you can execute a command by pressing another.

Combine that with the charming framing of a guy on his first day on the job and the bureaucracy of being a Final Boss in a video game and you have a wonderful submission!

Minor nitpick: the text seemed to bleed off the right edge? I tended to miss the last word at the end of a line of dialogue.

Edit: Aha! It was because I was zoomed in to the itch webpage, apparently if you're at 150% zoom it causes the game to zoom in as well.

Very cool interpretation of "reverse shoot em up!"

Hey! Another "reverse shoot-em-up" entry! We almost titled our game "up-em-shoot" so I was curious to see if anyone named their game that, yours came pretty close!

Cool submission! It felt like a tower defense but I was defending against a shoot-em-up guy.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it

Thanks for the crash log! I'll have a look in a few days

These are awesome! I've been digging into these for about 10 minutes now and I'm only halfway through. I look forward to using these in future game projects!

Thanks for posting these!

Very cool! I got to the second or third purple tile puzzle and got stuck. really love the presentation and vibes!

You should link your LD Submission page so we can rate it!

Thanks so much for adding subtitles! People who put their VO in game jam games often don't realize how crucial that is!

You should link this to your LD submission page so you get the banner at the top that links to your submission (itch has a special field for Ludum Dare in the back-end)

Heya! If you go into the itch backend for this page and add the `ludum-dare-51` tag itch gives you a field to put your jam page link. That way you'll get a nice banner at the top that takes people to your submission page so they can rate it (also it shows up in tagged searches for Ludum Dare 51)

Congrats on actually finishing a thing!

Couple things I noticed:

  • I wish it were clearer what object I was about to pick up and where I was about to drop what I was holding, I lost several runs due to dropping something one tile to the left or right of where I thought it was going to land.
  • ESC to start is a very strange choice. Since the clock starts ticking right when the game starts I have to hit escape and then quickly move my hand over to WASD to start playing, maybe it should just be "Hit any key to start"
  • The color choice of "light blue" for things that are "warm" (or at the very least un-cold) is an interesting choice. I would consider choosing a warm color (orange perhaps?) That would help me piece together what's going on on screen.

I was looking at my analytics and I've noticed a weird anomaly. Lately I've been getting pretty big spikes in download numbers for my games. Normally a given game gets one or two downloads per week but lately I've had days where I get 14, 16, and 22 downloads. The weird thing is: I see more downloads than views. That means (I think) that someone went to my game  page and hit the download button multiple times? That would make sense if the difference were 1 or 2 but it's like a 3:1 difference. Here are some examples:

  • 2022-8-18: Lay Down Your Roots got 8 views and 22 downloads.
  • 2022-8-24: Lay Down Your Roots got 9 views and 14 downloads.
  • 2022-9-10: Lay Down Your Roots got 3 views and 16 download.
  • 2202-9-10: Function Conjunction got 2 view and 14 downloads.

What's going on here? Is someone going to my game pages and hitting the download button over and over?

Very fun and rewarding! I felt really clever with each puzzle I solved! The music, sound and visual flavor of the game was really fantastic as well. The fact that even the enemies have a special animation when they slide on the slippery surfaces was such a cool touch!

I think one the tiny bit of feedback I'd give is that I wish there was more attention drawn to the randomness of choosing which effect would happen next. I didn't realize it was random until about 12 levels in. Honestly I think the game would have been better without the randomness at all, but I guess we have a theme to conform to ;) 

I'm on a quest to play every game with "Pip" in the title.

Really cool premise for a puzzle game, I had an idea a lot like this at the start of the jam but didn't go through with it because I wanted to keep my game 2D.  There were a couple weird things mostly regarding the perspective/camera that hinder the execution but I still liked it!

I found this game because I wanted to see how many other submissions used the word "pip" in their title. Turns out our submissions are similar in more ways than one!

I love the gradual slow reveal of what the game is and what it's about, discovering the cups and what they did was very cool.

As my "factory" grew the sound got a bit grating on my ears (when I finally closed the tab I could feel this relief of pressure). But sound design for a game like this is very challenging so I don't blame you!

Made it to wave 21! Had to play the tutorial twice before I "got it" but after that I felt like I understood how to play.

I think with a bit better UI design this could be really fun! As it stands it takes 2 clicks to fire/heal/defend/etc and that typically involves moving the mouse all the way down to the bottom of the screen to all the way to the top (or close to it). That's a lot of precise movement that I'm being asked to do while also trying to rotate the ring to track my shots.

I also found that if I clicked on the Fire button while it was on cooldown, it de-selected my current die which meant I had to go back down and select the proper die, wasting valuable time.

Not to mention having to scroll! I barely used the "defend" command because it was so out of the way to reach it. I never used "Stun" for the same reason.

A possible remedy (I think) is to have the 4/6/8/10/12/20 buttons be built into the fire/heal/defend buttons and there should be a separate indicator for how much of that resource you have. That means firing is just one button.

Another remedy would be to bind hotkeys to all of the commands (both selecting dies and fire/heal/etc). That would make it much easier to engage strategically rather than keeping plates spinning.

Really cool idea, would love to see a post-jam build!

Neat idea! I've noticed a running theme of submissions that involve rolling attack/defense.

I wish the combat were a bit faster paced, after a while I felt like I spent most of my time waiting for the 15 second timer to hit.

Very focused idea with a tight implementation. I made it 10 waves in before I was finally overrun. Really fantastic submission!

A minor nitpick: I wish that when I rerolled the "value" of a die that I could get some guarantee that it wouldn't be the exact same number again, it felt like a waste of a round.

Got destroyed by the first boss. 6/6 would roll again

Nicely done! 

I'm not sure if Cadillac Loops (the composer for the tracks used in this game) posted the tracks anywhere but I'll ask him!

For other people trying to rate this submission, the link is here:

Wow! As a huge fan of fake operating systems games, this is really fantastic.

Pro tip: There's a field in the back-end for your itch page to put your LD link and it'll put a fancy link at the top of the page

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Very cool idea! Similar premise (but wildly different execution) from my submission, where you also play as a healer who has to keep the party alive.

(hope you don't mind me linking here:

Thanks for providing a link to the jam page in your description, although pro-tip: With LD itch has a special field to link it (should be right below tags I think?) which puts a fancy embed at the top of the page to link to the submission.

If you go into the back-end for your game you should have a field to link it to the LD Submission page, this gives people (like me) who want to rate your entry a handy link to LD so we don't need to go searching for it. Thanks!

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Zombies are awesome! Instant buy for me.

Jokes aside, excellent submission!

I clicked it!

Zombies are awesome! Instant buy for me

Really cool flavor

I found Radar to be the hardest opponent. Even The Champion took fewer tries.

Thanks for the response! Even if it briefly opened a window, did the work, and then closed itself, that would be good enough.

Unrelated question: It says that it's open source but I don't see a link to the sourcecode anywhere? Is it on GitHub somewhere?

This is really cool! I want to use this but I'm worried it'll be really time consuming to convert all the assets in my game. Having a command line interface would be amazing where I could just do something like:

`scalenx.exe my-image.png 4`

Then I could automate on all the pngs in my assets folder rather than pulling them all in one-by-one.