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Potatoes Are Not Explosive

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The artwork looks lovely!

I'm considering making a more fleshed out version of this game with elements of Speed Date Shuffle (another game I made) mixed in. Might contain the prequel scene, who knows! ;)

Hey thanks! I'm so glad you liked it!

If you liked this I highly recommend you check out my new game, Speed Date Shuffle!

Thanks for playing! I tried to follow the instructions on the site to make the game a standalone and it didn't work. Not sure if I'm missing something or what. I'll look into it when I have time. Thanks again!

d'oh. I already did that and forgot about it.

Thanks. :)

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I already have my submission up-- it's not done, I'm still updating it, I just wanted to get everything setup on itch before the deadline. I'm curious how we officially affiliate a github repo with our game. Do we just provide a link to the repo in the description of our game or is there a more official way to affiliate it?

Thanks! Super excited to play all the submissions!

That's prooobably fine. But the point of game jams is an exercise in creativity within a time limit. So like Lee said, it's more in the spirit of the Jam to make everything from scratch. That's not to say you can't expand  and re-add assets later after the jam!


The whole point of doing more than one game jam is that you're making more than one game.

Created a new topic Controller issues
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I just figured I'd start a whole thread for controller related issues because my XBox One USB controller doesn't work. I'm running Windows 10 and the same controller works just fine for every other game I've used it for.

Demo was great!

Anyone else having controller issues? We could just dedicate this thread as a "Post controller issues here" deal.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

After tons of feedback (and finally getting around to it) I shrunk the font size! There's still a few little weird quirks with the text that I should have sorted out soon. Thanks for playing!

That explains it! Thanks!

I quite enjoyed this game. Although I do a have a question: could you make it so I can use the arrow-pad on my controller for movement? I prefer using the arrow pad in favor of the thumbstick for my precision platforming.

Great Job!

WASD doesn't do anything for me, I can't seem to move. Also my mouse disappears when it's over the window. Something's up. Looks really cool though!

Hotfix posted! Thanks everyone who pointed out typos and errors!

Can you link to your LD submission page? I'd love to shoot some rating your way. :)



Uh... Not currently. But there will be soon!

Probably one of the most unhelpful videos I have ever made. I started out as a tutorial on making pong, then it turned into a tutorial about polish. Then... this happened.

What about this?

Not sure what's going on? Can you screenshot what you're seeing?

Shouldnt be? They were unlisted until 8pm Pacific yesterday. But by the time I posted this they should have been up.

10/10 would press.

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EDIT: Apparently the videos are showing up as private when embedded to Itch, here's a link to the playlist

Part 1:

Part 2:

I made a short video series to help understand what the 2D platformer template is doing to help on-board beginners to the structure of Superpowers projects. This took waaaay too long to make, juggling this project in my spare time with university work I ended up spending THREE FREAKIN' MONTHS on this video series.

Just so we have it logged-- how did you fix it?

Wow... that's... impressive. I had no idea batch was so powerful.

I like this one. Although it feels like it's an intro to a bigger song, like it's about to lead into some bigger melody. That's my take at least. :)

That's adorable!


My roommate introduced me to this VoIP program that's an alternative to Skype/Teamspeak/Ventrilo/etc called "Discord". Claiming to create the best of all of those worlds and yet be entirely free. From what I've seen so far it seems quite nice. It can run entirely in a browser (if you want) which means if you want to add someone to your server who doesn't normally use the app (me at the time), they don't have to commit to installing a whole new program. It also has a really pretty UI which looks a lot (aka exactly) like Slack, if you're familiar with that.

What do you all think? Has anyone else heard of this? Does anyone else hate skype as much as I do?

Also: what do you guys think of having an itch.io community Discord server? The server itself would be free it would just be a matter of getting people to use it.

I'm noticing Superpowers isn't on that list, a new-kid-on-the-block, open source, extensible HTML5 game engine.

It was going to be a game where you'd just walk around, talk to people, and look at stuff. The story had gone in all sorts of directions and I couldn't settle on anything that I was happy with. Kinda why the game fell apart.

Also: whenever we bring this up in my University's Game Design Club I always start off with one thing: Scrabble With Swords (game title: sWords with Friends)

I had this idea for a game where you play as an RPG Questgiver (similar concept to Recettear), with an interface like Paper's Please. You would look on the map of the area around your farmstead/castle/city (your hub and the scale of the map upgrade as the game progresses), on the map you find something to give a quest on (perhaps bandits have attacked a neighboring village). That event has a level assigned to it, you assign an item to that objective of a similar level, and then a gold "!" appears above your head.

You wait for a (dynamically generated) hero to come by and take your quest. Complete with generated quest text and dialogue. The hero runs off and comes back a few minutes later to complete the quest. While you're waiting you can create more quests and send off more heroes. Some heroes also come by simply to drop off their "vendor trash", items that aren't worth anything to them. You use these items as rewards for lower level quests and the cycle continues.

That's one of the things I hoped to address in this thread. I too have a new favorite every week/month/day/hour. But (for me, at least) there's always been one game that sticks out.

Could you elaborate? I'm familiar with match-3 games but I'm not totally clear on how you mean.


That's a pretty neat idea. The link is fixed so you should try it now and lemme know if you come up with anything else. Thanks. :)

Interesting! Could you expend on that? What would happen when you overlap an enemy? Do you lose all of the things that were used for that shape? What if you collected more blocks than you needed?

OK! Links fixed! Sorry about that!