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Potatoes Are Not Explosive

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Thanks! I usually do more competitive jams where this would have been a big no-no. Thank you! I feel much better!

Here's my postmortem!

Not your fault-- I had the wrong version labeled as the jam version because I'm a dingus. It's fixed now but it's kinda too late. Really sorry.

omg I wish I read this sooner! You're so right! I had somehow replaced the jam version with the post-jam version. That's why I was getting so confused about what version people were playing.

The jam version is now up. It's the one with a black background. I'm so sorry for all the confusion.

For future reference: it really should be on a separate page. I accidentally uploaded the post jam build (which was almost entirely graphics/sound changes and a few level tweaks) to the same page and somehow managed to take down the old one in the process.

More info in this thread.

I've now fixed it. For real this time. But tons of people already played and rated the wrong one. aaaaaaggghh!

Ahh shit. I just figured out why people were playing the wrong one.... I think I accidentally re-uploaded the post-jam build as the jam build. Well this is super embarrassing. I think I'm gonna forfeit this jam I really f'd up and I see no other way to proceed that doesn't look like I cheated.

I'll do that when I get home

LÖVE Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic I messed up!

People are playing my post jam version (which is the submission to a different simultaneous jam) and I think my ratings are getting inflated because of it.

I'm very sorry! If this disqualifies me I understand, just thought I'd fess up asap

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yep. gamepad works. Thanks!

For real this is really well done, it's like "polish: the game"

Yeah that's because I spent a week refining it for the post jam build. Sorry for the confusion

CLARIFYING COMMENT is the POST JAM BUILD. It's not labelled as such because it's actually a submission for another jam. Please base your ratings on thank you!

oohh! I think you played the post jam version! I hope your rating  is based on the one without the background (aka no blue shirt person) :x

Thanks for playing anyway!

Was that the "precise angle" level? Try only pulling the string back slightly and not using the wind at all.

I was this close to cutting that level but after some changes I was like "nah it's fine!" I regret it.

Maybe there's a happy medium? Maybe display a timer or some indication that a spike is about to be deployed?

Waaayyy too hard right out the gate. I'm not given time to learn the mechanic before being presented with a literal wall I have to get past. The second puzzle on the other hand gives you a more controlled environment to see how the speed effects your own movement in a tangible and clear way.

I think the spikes that sink and rise would be more fair if we could see them embedded in the ground, or get some kind of telegraphing that they're about to come back up since the moment they're visible they're lethal.

Graphics look good! You get a lot of mileage out of that monochrome style.  Overall I found the game kind of frustrating but I'm not really that into precision platformers.

Very snazzy UI/style.

I like how simple this game is but I almost wish there were something more to it. It seems like a player could figure out exactly how much the ball will move based on a given line and get the exact shot they want every time.

The golf clap made me laugh out loud.

Great submission!

Nice shaders!

I just released a patch that should make aiming much easier. You no longer need to click on the character and the sensitivity is much lower

Hiya! Since this is open source I have an easy answer for you:

clone/download the repo and change .zip to .love :)

End of day 2. I'll let this speak for itself for now. I'm going to bed.

Hiya there! For those that don't know me, my name is Potatoes Are Not Explosive (or just NotExplosive). I have done a shit ton of gamejams so I'm pretty good at making stuff look good in very little time. The thing that I struggle the most with is coming up with that initial concept, but once I have the vision in my head for what this game is gonna actually look like, the actual making of the thing is just an implementation detail.

I'm actually going to be making two games this week, one for this jam, and one for LOVE Jam. 

Now that being said, LOVE Jam is just the weekend while this jam is a whole week. So currently my goal is to make a vertical slice of the game I'm making for this jam, and submit that to LOVE Jam. I'm also starting a day late, so this means I'm gonna be cranking out a lot of game in very little time. We'll see how that goes.

I'm reusing some assets from my game Lens for now, I don't intend to use this for the final game, I just needed something to get me started.

This is an animation test. Note that the bow squishes down as you pull back the string. I had implemented something a lot like this when I used this asset the first time, so this was actually really easy. I'm going to borrow something else from Lens, but more on that later.

Here's an example of the predictive arrow path. Not sure if this will be in the final game but it's nice to have for now and wasn't that hard to write.

Hey, since you took the time to read this, here's a bonus gif:

Completely unrelated, I just think it looks cool.

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Thanks! You get that crackle if you cut the sound before the waveform hits the zero line. It's super obvious if you zoom in in Audacity (or whatever your tool of choice may be). Should be an easy fix!

Very well done, especially for a gamejam submission, although I would consider replacing that heartbeat sound effect. On headphones it has this gross "crackle" to it that I couldn't not notice.

Hiya again! Just so you know I now have an official mac port up. :)

Hi! Mac port is coming in just a few days. IGMC won't let me update the uploads section until the judging period ends.

thanks for the heads up again, didn't realize we couldn't update. I'll hold off until judging ends

Thanks for playing and thanks for the heads up! Did one specific wallpaper make you crash? I'll fix this asap if I can identify it

Hiya! This appears to be because you don't have a video card, is that correct? If that's the case there's a chance the game won't run on your system at all. I can look into that bug in particular (moonshine is a third-party library the game uses for shaders, it's not at all essential to the game). I have another version posted above with moonshine disabled, let me know if this runs.

Aaaand posted! This might be the final version, I'm not sure yet. Still have 7 days until the jam ends so we'll see.


This literally spoils almost an entire puzzle, but I think it's the best way to show what's going on in this game. :)

Here's a sneak peak into what this game is all about.

Lots of good work today, I now have a system for putting buttons on the screen and they look sufficiently windowsy. What better way to test my buttons than a settings menu? :)

The ending is the the part your player is going to remember the most, it would be more impactful if it ties up all of the loose ends. I think if you intend to use this game as "Chapter 1" to a larger game, then you could insert more into Version 2's "Chapter 1" to lead more into the narrative you'll have included by then, if that makes sense.


Gonna put some strong consideration on "Wonders in the Machine." Thanks!

I don't wanna give away too much but this game is gonna use a window manager as a framing device. What's depicted here is the basic UI of the game. I'm trying to go for that nostalgic Windows XP sorta feel, at first I was trying to get perfect feature parity with Windows (I was amazed at how much I knew about the little nuances of how Windows' windows work), but I've decided it's too much work to get it perfect when really I just need it Good Enough (TM).

I'm open for ideas for names, my working title is "Windows Adventure" which isn't that great and I kinda don't want "Windows" in the title. The in-universe OS name I'm going with for now is "Wonders NX" but I'm not exactly married to that either.

Any ideas for a title? Also feedback or whatever? I know there isn't much game here but I don't want to start making the game until I have all the systems locked in where I want them to.

Delightfully simple concept and a really well polished implementation! Although I would suggest changing your theme colors on this page. The white-on-light-blue for writing this comment is really hard to read.



I figured I'd start a thread where we can post screenshots and videos of what we have so far to get feedback.

Here's what I got so far. I have a rough idea of what the actual game will be like but I'm still looking for ways to add complexity. I'm also garbage at pixel art so that's currently what's taking me a while.