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Pirate-crunching cargo shuttle. Theme: Crunchy Pirates
Submitted by Fogsight
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Music & Sound#1291.0771.077

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Crunchy Pirates

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wow, I'm coming back to this one... big learning curve, but really well thought out.I could feel myself get better with every try. Very ambitious, and well done!


Nice job on this one! Big undertaking for only 48hrs and you did it really well. The controls take a little bit to get used to not because they are bad, by any means (in fact, I think it handles really well) Because, no one could just jump in a spaceship and know how to drive it! I like that learning curve!! Also, the graphics reminded me of the awesome old vector style game Spectre Challenger (well, now that I look your graphics are way better!) but I like that low-poly look. Very cool!


Thank you. I've spent a lot of time trying to get the "hardcore" controls right, too much really.  I'm sure I'll use them in one of my projects in the future.


This was quite a cool game! It was too hard for me (even after you tweaked the difficulty) but it was really cool to see these systems come together - the AI pirates, chasing down cargo to deliver it...this stands out as something pretty unique from the jam. And the pirates are indeed crunchy as I was able to ram a few of them. Very cool - I hope you take it somewhere after this.


PC version is up, controller would be tricky to implement for 16 buttons in this time frame.


I'm surprised by how few flight sims I see at game jams, given how easy unity makes them. 

I'm really disappointed that there isn't a windows build with controller support for this game.


Bug-fix update.
Pirates respawn properly now. Claw can properly release cargo. Also added cargo timer indicator and tweaked balance, the game now can be won.


Thanks. I wanted to recreate original Elite controls, then realized how limited they were, and went all out on it. I need to fix physics on pirate ships and their spawn. Everything else works as intended, mostly, apart from absent music/sound, engines particle effects, claw animation and iteration on placeholder models...


Let's talk about what a miserable space pirate pilot I am.
Love the concept. But I am, really, incredibly bad at this.
I know. I know. "Space is a vacuum" or whatever. But I'd love to hear some sounds.
Great jam game.