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This is great HAUO! Nice and small, works perfectly, nice challenge ramp up.

Very funny. I suck at asteroid type games, but this was fun. Definitely had me laughing.

Nice work and idea. Would love to hear more sfx (granny and cat noises).... Great job for such a short amount of time.

Heh, nice take on Guerrilla girls! Pretty not obvious/obvious solution. Great mechanic to reload with food, and trust me, I love throwing poop at the patrons! Great job :)

Love the Metal Machine Music sounding audio track. Mechanics are bizarre, but make sense - nice work!

Wow, great art and movement - reminds me of pluderland (Johnny Two Shoes). Great job!

Only tried 1 on 1... I looked a lot like the end of your video.... :)

I hate clowns. Nice work.

Could probably use better instructions, but once I figured out the mechanics was very fun puzzler. Nice work!

Great mechanic on the blood collection! Has a lot of potential, nice work.

Nice mechanic, great balance. Great entry for your first game!

Great to hear you're going to polish this up - graphics and gameplay are fun, nice job!

wow, I'm coming back to this one... big learning curve, but really well thought out.I could feel myself get better with every try. Very ambitious, and well done!

Overall great artwork + design. A little more polish and a bunch more levels and you'll have a great game!

Really great job on everything, amazing you got so much done in such a short time, congrats!

really nice art and audio, great concept. a little brutal to get through without messing up, but all around great job!

nice work - with some balancing this will be really great. Love the sound and art.

Yeah, would be funny to see effects on customers. I'm good at breaking the stuff, thats for sure. Nice work popping out a 3d game in such a short time! Funny labels too, good job!

Nice work. Not a big clicker fan, but this seems to have everything you'd want in one. Guitar fit perfectly :) Read your notes about your planned changes, looking forward to trying it out again when you have more content and bigger text :)

Nice art + idea, love the grow mushroom platforms. A lot of potential for a fun game once the collision bugs are ironed out.

Nice work. Feels a bit floaty, but once I got used to it was fine. Those cookie bobs are tough to kill!

nice work! interesting concept to pull off in such a short time.

wow - super ambitions to do multiplayer. awesome bouncing dudes and great take on the theme! really nice work.

Great job - awesome visuals and music! One of my favorites from this jam!

Loved it, made me laugh the entire time I was playing - awesome job. I can't get past the 2nd guy, but it's still a blast. Nice work!

I couldn't wall jump to save my life (literally!). It's too bad, as it looks really well done, would love to be able to play though the whole thing. I'll give it a few more tries later, but nice job - looks and sounds great.

nice job - great sprites, good idea, definitely tough to beat. Probably needs a more defined boundary (I got lost a couple times running away), but overall great work for such a short time!

Damn awesome, congrats!

Super nice job! You were able to get a nice looking and playing game out in a really short time, great work start to finish (love the tear :)

Good concept and execution. Tough to play, but I seem to be able to win if I go to town on the buttons (I suck at all those fighting games, so that's my strategy...)

Nice work!

Sooooo cheating to make something this good at your own contest. You could have at least broken 1 finger each, or programmed entirely on macs in text edit, or painted watercolors underwater or something...

That's all to say... great job. 

Oh, and looked at Xiya's reel on vimeo - outstanding animation! Love the style.

Great job! Animation and sound is fantastic. Very ambitious for 48 hrs! Some minor bugs, but very playable. Thanks for a mac version!

Love this one! Great idea based on the theme, love the art (who doesn't love a bunch of well placed fat pixels????). Could use some background music and alien coming down sounds, but this is a great showing for 48hrs, nice job!

Hey thanks all! Working on getting the basic idea and some actual animation up and running now, so it's at least more of a game. 

No SoundCloud, wonderingmonster, I just noodle around - maybe time to make one. This whole jam has bee a great kick me in the butt experience :)

Agree with t04glovern - controls had me a bit concerned at first, but you get used to them and they make perfect sense in this context.

Bug at 1st sewer on level 2 - got stuck upside-down and had to restart.

Great game :)

Very fun! I also didn't realize it was coop until after the first couple tries. Great job on everything.

Love this... only problem I had was identifying myself... maybe make hero single color? Otherwise goofy graphics and sound were pretty good!

Multiplayer would be super awesome! Great job!

Nice job on this! Good bones for a bigger project - great job for your first attempt - particularly under the time constraints. Love your sfx, oreos sounded great!

Thanks Sabiarts! Programming is my weakest link, so I spent very little time on the art, but glad you liked it. I'll definitely try to tweak this into a more playable game over the next few days, and for you, I'll make a decent tile set!