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Great! A bunch of balancing and this will be awesome!

I WON!!!!! (or did I?)

Love the writing. Obv the hit boxes are wonky, but so what... got used to it. Tossed myself in the lake just to see what would happen :D

Hey, nice entry! Lots of stuff you can do to this to spice it up, but nice work for the limited amount of time.

Nice idea. Could have used a tutorial (or at least some directions), but figured it out from the comments. I couldn't keep it together. I've been fired.

Good to know! Great effort, still had fun playing it!

Nice idea... couldn't figure out how to do the syringe... I tased a bunch of dudes, but got knifed trying to needle them. Nice work though, got a lot done in such a short time!

Nice - didn't realize the first time I played it had the command system. Watched the video and became UNSTOPABLEEEEEEE!!!!BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

Nice work. I couldn't dodge the front ones to save my life.

My little brain could only get to level 3 before it exploded! Nice work!

Nice job! Wasn't quite sure there was an end to this, but had a great time jumping around!

Hah, thanks! Was just on PCPartpicker working up a 2nd machine... your game deserves to be played on 11 GPUs at least!

Looks great, a little too tough to kill things, but great start. Def needs some sound, but as we all know... only so much time in a day (or 2 days to be exact!)

Santa keeps pinning me down!

Very nicely done.  That's a lot of work for such a short time! Art/animation/music/concept are all great. And the curses kicked my butt.

Heya BS kids... I COMPLETELY missed the fact that the vid needs to be YouTube (I submitted Vimeo). Just uploaded again - any chance to add this to the list? Sorry and thanks!

Love this... art is awesome, and combos are really cool, great work!

Nice work, and great idea!

Nice work, love to see where this goes!

Totally shredding the DNA gnar gnar, brah.

Lourdes and Anika were jerks anyway.

Fantastic job on this!


Yeah, plowing full steam ahead is fun! I built a couple rounded levels yesterday, works much better for this type of movement, you can bump and slide your way to victory. I'll keep the corners for tougher levels maybe. Thanks for the feedback - I'll see if I can design a beginner level where you pretty much have to bump into the walls. Trying to keep everything simple, and have no instructions other than controls.

Thanks! I'll do my best to keep going with it.

Controls are a pain, but nice art/music/idea. Great job.

Thanks! As always, more time to work on it would be nice! But was great to get something done for once :D

Nice game, beautiful pixels. Too hard for me as well, but I'm terrible at these kinds of games.

Great job on everything guys!

Nice music and art!

Great submission. I couldn't get used to the controls to save my life, but a very interesting scheme. I was looking forward to this one after seeing your preview animation on Discord.

Nice! I'm with BytePen... I barely had a character moving at 5 hours. Would love to see what you'd have done with the full 48!

Love the idea, game play is smooth. Would love to see this cleaned up and finished!

Nicely done, great idea! Fantastic work for 48 hrs. 

This is great HAUO! Nice and small, works perfectly, nice challenge ramp up.

Very funny. I suck at asteroid type games, but this was fun. Definitely had me laughing.

Nice work and idea. Would love to hear more sfx (granny and cat noises).... Great job for such a short amount of time.

Heh, nice take on Guerrilla girls! Pretty not obvious/obvious solution. Great mechanic to reload with food, and trust me, I love throwing poop at the patrons! Great job :)

Love the Metal Machine Music sounding audio track. Mechanics are bizarre, but make sense - nice work!

Wow, great art and movement - reminds me of pluderland (Johnny Two Shoes). Great job!

Only tried 1 on 1... I looked a lot like the end of your video.... :)

I hate clowns. Nice work.