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Great jam game.
Had a lot of fun playing this, and am also pretty awful at it.

What a gem!
Throw a solid end in this thing and you're onto something.
Had a blast playing this. Awesome jam game.

Fun game. Love that you play as the winner, even after losing. Interesting concept.
I think you could get away with speeding up the attack a bit. Controls are good, but they feel a bit unresponsive.

I'm pretty sure I won. But it all happened so fast... It's tough to say.

Loved the wonky controls. I did some similar mouse stuff in a jam game a few months ago.
Get a baddie spawner in there and let me kill more of these bastards.

I'm confused. But I'm pretty sure I was winning. 

Had the machine gut get stuck on me a couple times. And some camera quirks, but overall super fun.
Awesome jam game!

Gotta agree with radHABIT, I totally got SkiFree vibes too. 
Awesome seeing you in the trenches trying to figure stuff out all weekend.
Keep at it!

I should definitely not be in charge of grandmars' laundry.

Can't get the game to load, and the video is uh. Well. It's great, but it's not very helpful.

Ducking troubles?
Treat it just like a jump, but backwards. Can't press too early!
Saved this hot butt.

Had a lot of fun with this. Awesome jam game. Got me some of that sweet sweet double jump action.

Catering to your audience is a good call.
I'm a Sam. So uh. I mean. I won when I played alone.

212 coins. And then an infinite sea of pink. Infinite I say. Infinite. (I let it run while I watch some shows with my wife. I crushed this game. Crushed it!)

Awesome well executed concept.
One of my favorites of the jam so far.
You could totally expand this into a larger game.  Good stuff!

Super fun.
Would suggest adding in a way to break ties.
Had a couple Player One/Two wins over the top of each other.
Even if I'm totally better than my wife at this game. :D

Awesome to see pico-8 making another appearance.
Had fun mucking around with this game, but I'm super super bad at it.

I don't know what the technique is here, but I managed to squeeze out an impressive 5 points.
Bow down to my waterfall surfing superiority!

I clicked more than I'd care to admit.
Solid jam game. Even if the font size murdered my eyeballs a little.

Love the idea of needing to let the right amount leak in in a TD game.
Solid jam entry!

Awesome jam game. Username checks out.

Alright. I couldn't get the leech on the first guy. But I had a lot of fun throwing it around and trying for about five minutes.

I'm terrible, and I'm not letting that keep me from digging this fantastic jam game.

I'm not entirely sure what was going on, but I made it to round 33 before my eyes went a little buggy on me.

Exciting to see PICO-8 make an appearance. Great jam game.

Millennial homeowner here who eats avocados pretty regularly.
Game checks out.

The little squinty eyes when the plunger is getting ready to jump absolutely slayed me. Love the art. Took me a minute to figure out the movement, but dug it once I knew what was going on.

Awesome jam game.

Love the downscroll take on the infinite runner. Played this for longer than I'd care to admit trying to figure out if there was a ground or not. I THINK there's not. But, uh. Who knows. Would love to see a clear goal. "Hit the ground" or some kind of score... number of birds slapped with bananas, etc.
Great jam game.

I was super, super proud of myself when I got one that was RIGHT on the edge.
Good stuff!

Let's talk about what a miserable space pirate pilot I am.
Love the concept. But I am, really, incredibly bad at this.
I know. I know. "Space is a vacuum" or whatever. But I'd love to hear some sounds.
Great jam game.

"Poltergoats: Goats in the Machine" is a damn good title.
Had fun with this once I figured it out. Love the "how do" page.
Awesome jam game.

Holy cow. That screenshake is aggressive! Obviously going to have to up my game.
Really love the art style.

All of the sudden there was a second clown out of nowhere! Sneaky bastard, eh?!
Took me a minute to figure out I was supposed to be picking up coins.
Love the idea of dropping something to stop an enemy temporarily. The block mechanic is pretty neat.
Great jam game!