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30 Second LifetimeView game page

Submitted by jwiggs — 8 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline

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Music & Sound#1181.3681.368

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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NO MORE LIVES / Time morches on

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Cool little game, the "shooting costs you life" is an interesting mechanic (another jammer implemented this - Electric Leech by Jmation).  If you are still tweaking the game, I feel some basic animations / shadows under monster+player could increase immersion a bit.  And some screen shake on shooting, don't we all love screen shake ;)

this is an excellent example of the perfect game jam [game]. fully functioning/playable and completely stand-alone enjoyable. the graphics are good, the controls are quick and very responsive, the guns sometimes are slightly glitchy but it really doesn't effect gameplay overall (although, not sure if this was a glitch but at one point i had a separate gun that was firing from the walls. it was incredible) most importantly however is how much potential this game has post-jam. you should definitely pursue this, it would be insane to make co-op possible. most of all great job, you should be very proud of your game


Had the machine gut get stuck on me a couple times. And some camera quirks, but overall super fun.
Awesome jam game!


I just couldn't help myself, I was having too much fun with this and I threw together a cover image for your game:
Sorry the picture is kinda corny/crappy but I figured it's better than nothing! :)


WOW! Excellent job! You should totally put a screenshot up there too, I'm ashamed to admit I almost passed your game up because there wasn't a cover image :/
But, I'm glad I didn't this was really well done and lots of fun. I like the fact that essentially, time is your health and getting hit by those pesky scorpions subtracts time from you. I enjoyed those pixely graphics too. Lots of fun, sort of reminded me of the oldschool Gauntlet game but actually I like your concept better, the running out of time aspect gives you a sense of great urgency and that drives you crazy (which I love!) Thanks for a great submission!


Also never figured out the melee, but the gunplay was really well done.

Pathfinding was, generally, really good - impressive to see the AI make their way to me.

The overall mechanic was intriguing, and you matched the theme very well. I liked how hitting monsters didn't kill you, but took your time away rapidly.

Just a bit of sound would have really helped bring it to a high level of feeling complete.

Great job!


I enjoyed that, thank you.

I didn't quite understand how to use the melee attacks but in the end that didn't really matter.

I thought the player movement was REALLY nice and smooth, although the camera behaved a little weird as you got closer to the bottom of the room.

Thanks for making this, and congratulations on making a game this weekend :)