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Submitted by sachosdev (@sachoslks) — 22 minutes, 27 seconds before the deadline
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Music & Sound#463.0363.036

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Charismatic Counterpunch

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@peabnuts123 thanks so much for the words, will read upon the "complexity from simplicity" stuff haha. Also i completly agree on the dissapointment of having no ending =S i could not finish the game, the ending was going to be that you woke up and find out you are just a Boxing trainner dreaming about Punchguns hehe.


Loved this. Properly sat down and played through its "entirety". Almost everything about this was well implemented. Very fun and the mechanics feel good, really nailed the "complexity from simplicity" design. The only disappointing thing was lack of ending, even something simple. I was really expecting to jump that gap to some kind of end-game screen, the bug wherein dash doesn't work on the first level is somewhat disappointing, but I was still able to get across by taking some damage and using double-jump, so I pretended that was the end and felt a sense of accomplishment anyway :P Really great work! Keep it up :) 


Played your game here, it was fun~


@eltea thank you man you make me really happy and you are right there is a bug with the dash in the first Level i did not find it till after the jam ended haha, also the double jump there was no indication just a 2 in the boots i suposed that was enough but now i regret not explaining it better. Also i totally agree with the enemy thing, it sucks that there is only one type (and a pretty boring one haha) i spent too much time getting the feel of the shooting right and ended up with nothing fun to shoot at haha. And i will look into the "give" part of jumping near edges i was aware of that but did not get time to focus on that problem.


At first touch, I thought the controls would be too sharp, but I really like the feel the game had. Jumping was generally satisfying, though I did find myself wanting more of a "give" when jumping off near the edges of platforms. 

The double-jump was well implemented as well, though I didn't realize I had it for quite some time - was there an indication of the new ability when I bought it?

A surprising amount of level content and back-tracking required from a short game jam. I eventually made it to the far end of the spikes with the double jump (my dash didn't seem to work when I got back to the main room?) Maybe some of that time should have been used to create another enemy type, or add some animation to the ones that exist though.

I think the stand-out feature for me was the shield. I loved blocking damage to heal myself.

I very much like how you introduced the player to new abilities through buying items as they play. Well done!


Landing on the ground, using the punchgun and dash all felt very satisfying. It was a bit hard to predict when the shield would work or not. I like the old-school DOS flavor the music gave. Impressive how much content you got in there given that it's a solo game.


Had a lot of fun with this. Awesome jam game. Got me some of that sweet sweet double jump action.


Cool little platformer!  I like the straight to the point purchasing system too, who needs shop keepers this day and age? :)


@merlin4 @FidoGaming thanks!

@t04glovern it has some screen shaking but did not want to over do it haha some people dont like it i think, yeah i like the simple tutorial it explains everything in the first minute of the game.

@radHABiT thanks, i think i will work on it more, i like the mechanic too-


Solid platformer.  Reminds me abit of the old Duke Nukem games.


Noice game :D


This is a really great platformer! Shooting is really satisfying, but I reckon you could really amp it up with some minor screenshake :) I also really like how you're forced to pick up the boots before you can jump, really good tutorial concept


Very solid platformer, great foundation for a fun game. I like the shop/purchasing mechanic you got going on.