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Omnidirectional Rocket Horse - Shenanijam 2017View game page

Raise your Horse Care and develop your business!
Submitted by Sabiarts
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Omnidirectional Rocket Horse - Shenanijam 2017's page


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Music & Sound#483.0003.000

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Omnidirectional Rocket Horse

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Nice work. Not a big clicker fan, but this seems to have everything you'd want in one. Guitar fit perfectly :) Read your notes about your planned changes, looking forward to trying it out again when you have more content and bigger text :)


I like the music!  Is that you playing the guitar? If I had time to do music for my game I would have - although I play poorly! ;)

Nice work!


Played your game here, it was fun~

The artwork is exceptional.

I'm not a fan of idle games, though. But a lot of people are, so rock on!


The text is just too tiny, but otherwise it's a pretty addictive clicker, love the relaxing music too!


I agree with the below comments. It was an interesting spin on clicker games and the horse is adoraabllee! I'd also add that perhaps you should have more directions. I've never played this kind of game before and was really confused at first


I clicked more than I'd care to admit.
Solid jam game. Even if the font size murdered my eyeballs a little.


There's a nice look and feel to the game, and with the addition of the things you mentioned above (especially the larger text haha!) the game would be quite good!
Thanks for checking out my game :D


Hey Jammers, Sabiarts here, thank you very much for your feedbacks, here I'll list some things about some of the game concepts and issues:

- Too small text: Yes, indeed, its ridiculously small, and I discovered this problem 1h before the deadline, because WebGL deals with text differently from the windows exe. But next week I  intend to fix this!

- Lack of achievements, visual effects and values: I apologize on that, it was my fault managing time, because the project on the GDD has all of this, counters on the upgrades, a more complex physics on clicking, achievements and the horses actually would do something haha, I'm thinking about working on that later on.

- Excruciatingly slow: I made it slower than most clickers because I had little content, probably when I add more things, I'll speed the pace up.

Anyways, Thank you for rating and commenting strong feedbacks and playing this game :D


Its a cookie clicker with horses. Its a proven concept i guess, and with the addition of your own "horse" to upgrade it does feel like you at-least have a goal to reach. The visuals are nice, especially for the upgrades for your own horse, but I feel it misses something more. The original cookie clicker had tons of achievements, and visual effects for uppdrages etc. something that would be hard to replicate for a jam, but maybe adding another active element other then clicking the horse?

Also, a small issue I had was that the text under the icons was way to small to read, tried to full screen the game but made no difference. Might only be a issue on my side.


Nice logo :)


Unfortunately the game stops when it loses focus, which means it loses one of the important values of a clicker game.


I think I saved at least 1,000 horses? I'm not sure, but my fingers hurt now! :D Funny concept, and  I thought the progression was pretty linear.  Like a lot of other people have pointed out, the text is extremely hard to read, but besides that I think it's a great start!


I'd like to second t04's concern about the text being too small. Can't read anything on my monitors. I was just guessing at what was what for the most part.


I was rolling with $2,048 per click had a lvl 5 Super Pegasus Unicorn (Pegacorn?) combo was about ready to purchase the "double clicks" upgrade yet again for $1.8 mil and my F%#@ING BROWSER REFRESHED!!!! 
First time a game jam entry has ever made me cry :O
Also, I think I broke my mouse, but I'll be damned if I didn't help a whole bunch of sick horses. Worth every click.


It looks good! Better then I expected and Me myself is not a fan of infant clickers but I do like it. It good :P


I love incremental games so this one was great to play. The music was nice and didn't get annoying and it looked like you put a lot of work into making all the various upgrade and bonus systems.

My only gripe was that the text for all the upgrades is quite hard to read, I was running it on the WebGL version and the text was a bit tiny. It might be worth simplifying the text fields and giving them some coloured outline to make them POP!

Overall I really enjoyed it and think you did a great job for a jam!


Decent enough clicker, but excruciatingly slow, even with a mouse macro clicking every millisecond.

Omg, so many clicks lol This was also my Theme, but unlike you, I could not think of an idea. Good job!