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A maze game in which you can't go back.
Submitted by Mazey

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Music & Sound#1231.3211.321

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Melty Caterpillar

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Nice game, i think with some added features and a whole bunch of levels you could have a solid idea in your hands! Can be ported for mobile too :)


Very nice visuals. Well designed. Nice work!


Overall great artwork + design. A little more polish and a bunch more levels and you'll have a great game!


I liked almost every aspect of this. Great concept, fun controls, good visual (lack of audio but I can respect that). THE ONLY CRITICISM I have for this game in its current for is that it's REALLY ANNOYING that the path melts from the HEAD of the caterpillar, meaning slight inaccuracies in control prevent you from going down the path you were intending to go down. Frequent resets were incurred through no fault of my intention. If the path melted from the tail, the player would have some wiggle room, and the mechanic of being a caterpillar at all would make sense. Other than that though, I really liked it. I really enjoyed the emergent speedrunning mechanic as a result of your time constraints. My fastest time to beat the game was 21 seconds.

Nice concept, but I'd say the goal tile hitbox could be larger. Also, the controls feel that they are slightly "out of place", as the game feels it cold've been executed with staight up 4 way tiled controls, or alternatively the leve design could've focused more on how the game controls currently. Also, on the topic of level design, this game could see benefits for procedural generation of levels.


Most of all, I enjoyed the art in this.  Great color palette and retro look.  I noticed in a previous comment someone saying they could see this developed further.  I second that.  Right now there is not much motivation to try to move quickly.  Maybe a count down timer?  A good song could really add to the mood and create some tension as well.  Great work!


Mmm cute little game, in the thumbnail the art looks good but i found it was pretty confusing at times, also getting stuck was not that fun i feel you get stuck on corners and with yourself way too easily. Too bad the game is so short, and i really missed some cool sounds.


Completely different take on the Melty Caterpillar theme (I got that theme too!)  Interesting concept - maybe not enough meltiness, but fun ;)


The look of the playing field in the thumbnail caught my attention immediately. I like the huge pixels and the palette! Gameplay was smooth and quite easy to understand, could really see this evolved into more complex levels actually requiring me to restart and try again.


I love it because of its simplicity. The art is really nice and fitting for it, some sound is however really needed with such a simple concept.

You also could have made it a bit more challenging by using a timer per level, so the player only have X seconds per level. Or, a better idea would be to have pickups that you have to take before going to the goal, making you have to "save" a path so you can go back.

Overall a great game.


Interesting idea, might be good with some more fleshing out.

Unfortunately I think the pace of the game feels off somehow.  And a suitable soundtrack is definitely a must have.


Neat, that was fun, could see this idea going a long way!


I appreciate your comments :)

Super cute game, I love it and want more.


Great little NES/PICO-8 [artstyle] puzzle game, fun to figure out! Good job


Really liking the artstyle, though the game is extremely short.

Hope you can add some sound effects and/or music in the future.


Small game, but with beautiful sprites and nice mechanics, I hope you guys can finish more levels.


Awesome jam game. Username checks out.