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Pretty fun concept.  Controls seem a bit wonky though.  Sometimes one of the buttons that is making you go forward also makes you go backward a little bit.  I love the art work.

I definitely want to see this further developed.  I love the sound effects and the art and the weirdness of the controls.  I could just sit around and push and pull donuts for quite a long time.  

I am liking the art for this quite a bit and the way the blood particles drop and then collect.  

Like the others said, the upward motion was way too fast to be able to tell what was going on.  I love that the score is how high you blast yourself in meters!  

I found this oddly addictive.  Looking forward to trying to describe it to someone and seeing the look on their face.

Most of all, I enjoyed the art in this.  Great color palette and retro look.  I noticed in a previous comment someone saying they could see this developed further.  I second that.  Right now there is not much motivation to try to move quickly.  Maybe a count down timer?  A good song could really add to the mood and create some tension as well.  Great work!

Most fun I have ever had on a scooter!  The granny art is great!  

LOVED THIS.  When my kids wake up we will have to play a round before school tomorrow!  What a strange and beautiful interpretation of the theme.  I wish there were more dance routines for more gameplay!  The visuals and song work well together to set a good mood.  Again...loved it.