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not enough requirements

A topic by bluzi created May 18, 2018 Views: 158 Replies: 5
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i feel there aren't enough constraints for this minijam. you pretty much just have to use the nes palette

i agree (i am making my own limitations by using the screen size for the NES as well as every colour and style limitation (i.e. no parallax))


I limited to same screen size as well.  I don't remember if there were button constraints but I also limited myself that way.  Plan to add controller support post-jam.  


I also limited myself by only using one synth engine and 3 waveforms for all of the sound.


Yeah i thought that as well. how about no mouse input and a 8 key/button limit?

We could agree on the same 8 keys. arrow keys, Q and W(for A and B) and A and S(for Start and Select).

This way we could just pick up and play each others games or map a controller via jottokey or something.


by the way... i choose theese keys because on the german keyboard Z and X are not next to each other. We have qwertz instead of qwerty