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mini jam's

Welcome to mini jam 2nd edition

mini jam is an open studio game jam 

for independent game developers

( that means you can use any game engine you want! )


a game jam that is short but not toooo short. 

 Just for you to learn, and have fun! (ᗒ ᗨ ᗕ)

no prizes tho....( ̄▼ ̄*)

(unless you count a useless rank as a prize)


mini jam second edition is an NES game jam, which means that i follows the limitations of the NES

 like mini jam 1st edition, there are some requirements that you must follow


use the NES palette

use only 3 colors per sprite (or image)




You may overlap sprites if you want as well. 

For example, Mega man uses two sprites overlapping one another that's why he can use more than 3 colors 

Finally, you may only use 8 inputs. The NES had only 8 buttons so, feel free to use those buttons however you like


primary:self destruct



follow the jam edition requirements

rate games fairly

be nice to others

no swearing

have fun


Click here to join the mini jam discord server

All events will be posted on the discord server


Games Factory

Games Factory

Games Factory Jam is a Game Jam that takes place the 25th of every month


mini jam is still work in progress, more updates are coming soon. 

If you have any suggestions please use the "suggestions"  channel on the mini jam Discord server

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Save the sewers to save the day
The world's gone dark. Get to the bottom of what's happening.
Dwarves' feelings are complicated.
Role Playing
You are in a forest party where you must talk to other people and find what´s going on :)
Visual Novel
Dying is only half the battle.
Play in browser
Avoid spikes and rescue coins in this short but tough adventure.
control with your finger