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oh it's actually left & right arrow keys don't work at all

wall hugging fixed! :) (though only with WASD; with arrow keys a new issue is presented where walking while hugging a wall is impossible)

yeah it works for like. a couple frames and then i un-snap from the wall and re-snap over and over again, dozens of times per second. it made me unable to complete one of the early levels which made me sad because the game seems really fun and i would love to keep playing but i literally can't :(

wall hugging broken

fuck yeah


good question, me from three years ago

cute! very fun and nice ending

many thanks! (i dunno why i didn't reply earlier lmao)

wait ok i understand now

wait, can you do pallets in gamemaker??

i agree (i am making my own limitations by using the screen size for the NES as well as every colour and style limitation (i.e. no parallax))



thx, will fix

nope! doesn't matter how long

and thank you!!!!

oh, i guess just wait for now then

uh yeah sure

nice job! one thing i might say is that it would benefit from having checkpoints

the issue with the stretch, as i have personal experience with, is a viewport issue. as in the game was taking a 16:9 ratio and rendering it to a 4:3 screen

i woulda had actual gameplay in there somewhere though

the best damn hot garbage there is

took me way too long to figure out the boss lol (for real though, amazing game. nothing appears after the boss?)

You're welcome!!!

Thank you for your feedback! I will take this into account the next time I run a jam (which will hopefully be soon)!

pretty fun! controls are a little wonky, but still fun!

it uhh... doesn't exist?

(1 edit)

really fun! cute art style, good gameplay, overall very good!

really fun but i'm bad at it lol :)

good work though! i'm jealous of your art skills

idea: making this a standalone application

i have a similar question: can i use 4 colours for my sprites and 4 colours for my backgrounds, or can i only EVER have 4?

also, is colour changing allowed?

mini jam community · Created a new topic sequel?

will there be more of these in the future?

Submarine Jam community · Created a new topic 2 days left!

In these last two days, you should hopefully be mostly done. Make sure to polish up any outstanding issues and add any last details you want!

Oh, and I would like to know something:

Would you guys like a second Submarine Jam, a jam of some other genre, or no more jams from me? (I won't be offended if you say no more)

my progress report: i forgot to start XD

to answer the title, yes. teams are allowed

so far there are no teams made (that i know of)