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Fish may dreamView game page

Submitted by LazygamezIta — 2 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline

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Hey. I can't download, can you attach a new file?

Developer (2 edits)

Here you can download it now

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

So it was a fish piloting the sub to save his fishy friends? I don't think I quite understood the premise, but I guess the abstract nature of fish dreaming plays a hand in that.

The controls were fine, but as you said in the description... collisions...

Bouncing off of things was a fun quirk, but the dropping boxes can trap you in place if they fall on you. Blew up all my fishy friends to get out of the glitchy TNT.

I think it's a solid concept for a game, and a few more levels to expand the fishy's submarine journey could make it a full fledged game.

I think it's just GameMaker being silly with sprites, but all the graphics looked squished and pointy. Have you considered using Unity for 2d stuff? You don't get drag and drop programming elements, but it's scripting isn't too hard to learn if you're used to GameMaker.


the issue with the stretch, as i have personal experience with, is a viewport issue. as in the game was taking a 16:9 ratio and rendering it to a 4:3 screen

Developer (1 edit)

With the last upload I didnt notice that I had checked stretch instead of aspect ratio ^^; 

will upload the newer version

Is it possible to reupload the version as for now it just deleted the old one?


uh yeah sure


it does not allow me to do it. it says you can reupload it when the Jam is over


oh, i guess just wait for now then

Deleted post

We didn't use the drag and drop feature, the error was to trust the built in variable for speed.

Yeah was trying to put toghether a fish dream in a bowl, vagueness of the dream of little golden fish wondering about a war against the props in the bowl with some friends he never had.

When you blow up your fishes or they get done you have time to recover them before they are forever gone when they touch the ground, we really enjoyed working with this strange health system and would really like to expand on it as you could have many kind of fish that work as Gradius series Options with a health system latched on but we have to find a way to reworke the collision from scratch.

At somepoint yesterday we were about to do it but it was a long and unpredictable path.