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I know (about the technical side now, too), but a person can dream :p

The biggest feature I'd kinda would like to see would be non-mirrored sides; A possibility to create the depth and coloring for the other side, based on the mirrored profile of the forward facing side. Just for funsies, to be honest.


This game request permission to features that it has no place trying to access. These include contacs, SMS, Camera, Microphone, Body sensors and microphone. None of these are related to the game or gameplay, and thus makes the whole apk rather suspicious. This might also be related to the game locking up for some people. So... I'd suggest removing these permission requirements.

I'm the graphics guy :)

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I  made this :p

Nice concept, but I'd say the goal tile hitbox could be larger. Also, the controls feel that they are slightly "out of place", as the game feels it cold've been executed with staight up 4 way tiled controls, or alternatively the leve design could've focused more on how the game controls currently. Also, on the topic of level design, this game could see benefits for procedural generation of levels.

I'd say, the concept is nice, but I feel the game needs bit more "time in the oven". for example, the first jups, that seems to be the only ones, are not lethal, but sets you in a position where you can not progress (either make it possible to jump out of the pit, or make the whole bottom area water). Also, the "stun" after using the weapon, and no penalty for hitting the enemies could be balanced slightly differently, as well as the game beneftting for "multiple different attacks", like "forward attack" "aerial attack" and/or "groundpound" etc.

The minimalistic artstyle works nicely, and the concept of the game is good. For feedback I'd say that since I feel the game is designed to be restarted, it could be a good idea to have a "checkpoint" after the first phase that feels like a cutscene, so that restarting would bring the player straight back to the action.

Okay, since long and extensive (read: not blunt) criticism is not allowed, let's make it short:

Game is okay, the controls suck for righthanded people. Could've set the jump and interact on the movement keys too, and besides jump is apparently useless. Probably unplayable on AZERTY keyboards (confirmation needed).

Music and sounds are okay.