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A jam submission

Hacker WackerView game page

Made for the "Butterscotch ShenaniJam"
Submitted by t.brugel — 4 hours, 16 minutes before the deadline

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Music & Sound#143.7893.789

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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slingin' the banhammer

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AwEsOmE!!! Excellent graphics, sound, music! Controls are great and what an incredible little game for a 2 day game jam! GREAT JOB!!!


Oh and the pixel art - like it too!  The chainmail effect is nicely done on these tiny little enemies, the style reminds me of Pixel Kingdom!


AWESOME MUSIC!!!! Really good fit for the game.  Also love the delay + inertia of the hammer!  Gives it a nice bone-crushing feeling!  Good job!


Haha, awesome! I really missed being able to attack the soldiers from the air. I didn't get to trying any of the upgrades because their cost was quite high compared to the rate at which enemies spawn.

I'd say, the concept is nice, but I feel the game needs bit more "time in the oven". for example, the first jups, that seems to be the only ones, are not lethal, but sets you in a position where you can not progress (either make it possible to jump out of the pit, or make the whole bottom area water). Also, the "stun" after using the weapon, and no penalty for hitting the enemies could be balanced slightly differently, as well as the game beneftting for "multiple different attacks", like "forward attack" "aerial attack" and/or "groundpound" etc.


The pixel art is excellent. The background and the sound of the hammer is great. I wanted to unlock the power-ups but I kept only getting three or four gold each run so it was taking a long time. I plan to investigate this game more in the near future. Great work!


Really fun!
Love the blood effects, and body parts flying off :D


Good art, fitting music, sound effects, starting tutorial even a intro sequence! Nice to se all the small details come together. Im however not a big fan of the game-play. The platforming felt a bit sluggish, there where some close to "leap-of-faith" like jumps. The action itself also felt way to slow for what the game is suggesting, I wanted to hammer more things while moving around and being more "bad-ass", that the character had to stand still to hit stuff did not help. The coin gain is also way to slow, even in your trailer it takes you almost 5min before you can get one, and in a game as smal as a gamejam game, it just did not feel justified.

Overall a good gamejam creation.

  1. Ground Slam Please!
  2. The dust particles and blood particles should be influenced by gravity and disappear when they hit the ground, rather than fading out
  3. Lower the amount of time the player is frozen after swinging the hammer
  4.  Add a small explosion every time you slam the ban hammer, even if you didn't hit anything
  5. Add a screen shake when you slam the ban hammer

Music seemed very fitting to the game, and I could certainly see the concept being turned into a complete game.  I really like the superimposed tutorial keybindings to keep things simple.


You could really do something with this idea, it was fun and with a bit of work on the controls you could have a nice platformer people could play for hours.


Had the sound muted so can't comment on that. Loved the pixel art style and dark color palette, accents the gory parts. Computer lags, didn't get past the second screen, can't comment on that. From what I can see, is a normal game (though the shop is intriguing...) 4/5 overall, keep up the work!



Nice game but up the volume a bit on that epic background music man!