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Big Dave

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The artwork is exceptional.

I'm not a fan of idle games, though. But a lot of people are, so rock on!

Cool. Kind of a Whack-a-Mole dynamic.

Fun game! I'm terrible at it, but it's addictive.

Thanks for your comments, guys.

Rhornbeck: You throw the balls at the clowns using the mouse. Once you hit the clown a certain number of times, the door opens to the next room.

wonderingmonster: I tried a number of variations during the jam, and I think you're right actually. I may change to WASD in a future release, or at least give the players the option of choosing for themselves.


The video is not the game.

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I fixed the bug. You can now restart the game at any point by hitting the Escape key, then clicking Main Menu, and Start a New Game. Also, when you finish the last room and are returned to the Main Menu, you can start a new game from there.

Thanks again to Severongas for being my beta tester.  :)

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for trying it, and for showing it, and most of all thanks for finding that bug! I'll get that fixed ASAP.

The player actually has a health bar at the top-left. It also shows how many balls he has in his hands. (That wasn't meant as dirty as it sounded.)  There is nothing indicating the clowns' health points, but I'm probably going to add something.

I intend to continue adding rooms with different clowns, but three rooms was about all I could manage in 48 hours.

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Maybe you'd like to try mine. I guess I'm too late for your video, but I'd still appreciate your having a look at it and rating it.


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I won't be streaming, for a couple of reasons: One, it's my first jam, and I'm sure I'm going to look like a total spaz. And two, I've never streamed before, and I don't want my first effort to be in my first jam.