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@Merlin Thanks for the reply!

The beer sloshing for some reason worked in-editor, but would not work in the final build.  Without any build errors, it kinda didn't make sense at this stage of the dev process to investigate. The car was a standard Unity asset, and we just slapped a new model on top for a quick proof of concept.  We had intended to replace the standard Unity car sounds, but our sound guy ended up not being able to make it; which is also why the music was simply "borrowed" from a you tube link.  As far as the freezing of the game when you reached the moonshine still, that was by design but obviously not communicated.  After the lady said "GO!", your car should have unfrozen and allowed you to continue driving, unless you ran out of "Moonshine fuel" which you couldn't see in the pint glass.

Thanks again for the comment!

Great visuals, and I enjoyed the exploration of the (albeit tiny) world you've created.  I can certainly imagine this being extended into a much larger game similar to The Witness.  :)

I think I saved at least 1,000 horses? I'm not sure, but my fingers hurt now! :D Funny concept, and  I thought the progression was pretty linear.  Like a lot of other people have pointed out, the text is extremely hard to read, but besides that I think it's a great start!

Music seemed very fitting to the game, and I could certainly see the concept being turned into a complete game.  I really like the superimposed tutorial keybindings to keep things simple.

Thank you very much for letting me know the download was broken. It should now be working, so feel free to check it out now! Thanks! :D