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I really enjoyed testing every key on my keyboard to make sure they all jumped. Here are my findings: Num Lock, scroll lock, caps lock: JUMPS! Print Screen - triggers a program I have for screen shots - didn't jump. Alt: Did jump but froze the game. 5/5 would jump again.

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I really started having fun as I noticed EVERYTHING BURNING!

I would love to at least see my score on the death screen so I know how well I do each run through. :)

edit: I unknowingly had headphone issues where my sound stopped working AFTER the intro but before the game started... so when I realised the issue had occurred I came back and.... well I loved the music and the screams, made the game even more enjoyable!

That was great!
I got 70 steps the first time I beat it!
I'm surprised at the quality and type of game you were able to get out of RPG maker!
Awesome work.

You could really do something with this idea, it was fun and with a bit of work on the controls you could have a nice platformer people could play for hours.

This was soooo weird and out there. I loved the little sneeze sounds!
It took me about 5 goes of farting and horrible camera shakes to realise you could sneeze and that it's the way to go :D

I didn't realise there was a level reached counter somewhere and so I don't know how far I got.
I really enjoyed this simple game.
It was fun to play and the controls were nice.
Good music too.

I remember when this little gem was called black and white.
Good use of storytelling and conveying meaning through gameplay.

Fantastic and well put together.
I think anyone who plays this is going to hate you just a little bit for the rest of their lives. :D

So far this is the game I've played the longest in this jam.
I feel like the balance is maybe just slightly off,
I tried and tried and it took me about 15 minutes to be able to get to world 2, and then the timer only had about 4 seconds and it was over anyway.

I had a lot of fun playing this, thank you for making it!

I broke it by using just one of the players and throwing the other so hard he flew off the screen.
I didn't have anyone to play with so I had to make my own fun.
I've left the game open in another window and currently my distance thrown is just under 300,000. It could be more, the numbers stopped fitting on the screen.
Great choice in music! It's another reason I have the window open ;)

I got 38444 :D

Can you actually get to the moon?

squeek squeek!

The playermovement was smooth as hell but kinda weird, it seemed that you moved faster when you strafed then when you just moved forward towards your mouse.

Loved the concept,

I look forward to seeing what you can do next :)

I enjoyed that, thank you.

I didn't quite understand how to use the melee attacks but in the end that didn't really matter.

I thought the player movement was REALLY nice and smooth, although the camera behaved a little weird as you got closer to the bottom of the room.

Thanks for making this, and congratulations on making a game this weekend :)

I enjoyed the reflex puzzle mechanic.
Sometimes it felt a little unfair when a ghost took over the goat right next to a thing, but I guess that means to play the game optimally you would have to move the goat away from the dangers as you see a ghost approaching.
Interesting concept!
I got up to level 3 or 4 I think. 
Congratulations on making a game :)

Those ship pilots.
So many lives lost.
I'm so bad at this but it's so fun!

Hi SuperSwagger.
Your link to the game is broken but I watched your video.

I've been skeptical about what you've been doing based on what you say in the discord chat and the reasons you state about getting things done.
But looking at the video I'm so proud that you've manage to make something like that using just JavaScript and HTML.
Well done!!
It seems that your game dev situation isn't the best right now, but you've proven that you can get things done to some extent even in these hard circumstances.
Keep trying hard and do your best at everything you do.

Remember if you really want to do a thing, you'll do the thing.