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Yea i completely agree, it is very unclear what the player can actually do when starting. We should've spend some time on that :)

A very unique idea, hard to pick up because the controls don't exist in any other game but that makes it a fresh experience :D

We were just to late with our balance patch. Here is the link if you want to enjoy the slightly improved version. (The original is just as playable, just a little less challenging)

Ah that's weird that the mouse doesn't work for you. If you played the Webgl version make sure your mouse is locked in the screen, if the issue then still occurs then maybe try out a build version like the windows or the mac version.

As for the warping back, it happens when your battery runs out (The big blue bar on the back of the robot). This makes sure you have to get to the next checkpoint in a certain time. This mechanic shines in the last area (third area) where the puzzles make better use of this.

Anyway sorry for the  bad experience, sadly i can't help more with the mouse issue other then this info since it works for everyone else weirdly enough.

Thanks for this amazing feedback, i agree with everything you said.

Very innovative concept and beautiful aesthetic, i did enjoy playing it. The only issue i had with the game was that if you jump against a wall or platform then you can't move until release and pressing the movement key again. That issue made the game feel clunky, it was great otherwise.

Maybe gameplay wise the most interesting game I've played this jam. The dashing mechanic in combination with the high paced gameplay worked really well and it felt really satisfying to use the reflect mechanic effectively.

I like the fast based gameplay and can enjoy for a decent amount of time. I do think being able to jump would make the game even better.

Awesome concept that might even be worth pursuing after the game jam. Even in the current state the game already feels polished and has a fun feel to it, great job!

Absolutely great game, a simple but effective concept. The game feels very smooth and had a good amount of fun.

Good game, i like the way you implemented the dual purpose theme with the vampire mechanics. The movement felt great, although i feel like either the attack moves shouldn't move you forward as much or make the levels a bit wider so it becomes less annoying to deal with enemies.

I'm sorry for the bad experience, since this seemed to be a major problem i added a small update with tutorial texts in the beginning area. 

sadly I didn't have the time to make a tutorial. Anyway if you aim and click on a cube it will keep flying in front of you untill you release it. You can use the cubes as platforms to advance in the level

A fun game with a unique mechanic. Quick to pick up but there isn't much depth so it is currently only fun for one playthrough.

Very unique entry to say the least. Very good idea and might be worth your time to make it a more polished game.

It wasn't the intention to make it look like Elka was stopping you from playing by talking. Anyway you can just play the game as soon as you press the start button, Elka ain't stopping you from anything! :)

Fun game, good job man!

Top notch soundtrack and visuals. The movement felt a bit weird, maybe separate movement regardless of forward direction would have worked better, other then that nice entry!

Nice game but up the volume a bit on that epic background music man!