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Super Grapple DuckView game page

Submitted by Milo Games (@themiloteam) — 1 hour, 46 minutes before the deadline
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You cannot jump, but your grappling hook is your mode of movement. It is also your weapon for killing enemies as well as the time also acting as your health.

[ A+D ] to move
[ Left Click ] to fire grapple, zip along grapple and cancel grapple
[ Right Click ] to cancel grapple

Highly recommend downloading the EXE as it's more stable.

Third-party resources
Game Maker Studio

Alec Smith - Anything not listed
Dane Winn - Testing, SFX
Paul Michael Cardon - Composer

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Pretty fun game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


This is a really tight and well polished game. The grappling felt great, and the music was really catchy. 

My biggest frustration was the platforms blocking my grapple shots, but I can't think of a way that I would better implement it so players could sometimes shoot at enemies past platforms and other times shoot directly into those platforms.

Still, it's one of my favorites from the Jam so far.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks, that means a lot. A lot of people have brought up how platforms block grapple shots but I too cannot think of a way to resolve this. It's part of the nature of the game that the grapple needs to collide with blocks. It's just works ya know? You're not meant to be able to kill enemies from below anyway. It's certainly an issue I've been losing sleep over, trust me hahah.


Great work!  It's very satisfying to fly around the screen and build combos.


This game was quite a bit of fun. I thought that the graple mechanic worked well and when I managed to shoot multiple enemies at once and then hurl myself across the map it felt great. I agree with the previous point about having a bit more incentive to move around, and I also think the game would benefit from a bit more punch to everything. For example a bit of screenshake and visual feedback when getting hit/hitting an enemy would have helped a lot. I have to mention the charismatic soundtrack as well, I loved how you added a quacking sample to it and made it work. Overall, pretty great entry!


Thanks for the feedback. More punch is always good. The screen does currently shake when you hit an enemy but I agree there could be more polish for taking damage. Full credits for music go to Paul Michael Cardon though!


Really interesting. I like how movement is tied to shooting with an addition of the combo system that regenerate the player. It really make us take risks for a bigger health rewards, it's well done !

And I like how the health is displayed below the mouse cursor.

Good job !


Fun game, and I really like the combo system, it's really satisfying.

The only problem is that the platforms seem to get in the way a lot, and I found the best strategy was to just stand in one spot and shoot enemies, because you can easily shoot 1 enemy per second that way and rack up combos.

Besides that though, the art style is really nice and works well, and the music also fits the theme quite well! good game!


I just tried this out and you're right. As you know the game is done in 48 hours so there is SO MUCH MORE I would love to add to this game. An incentive to move around more would be one.


Really great job here, it was satisfying and fun to play! Also it fit the theme really well. Although I found the grapple to be a little bit hard to handle with how far it launches you when you stop. Either way, this would be a great mobile game!


It was fun to play! I like how you can build your combos to increase the timer.


I like the fast based gameplay and can enjoy for a decent amount of time. I do think being able to jump would make the game even better.


I enjoyed the combo based weapon/movement grappling but I feel like the platforms kept getting in my way of chaining big scores. Great little aesthetic there too.