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Want to solve one dimensional puzzles?
Submitted by Lucas Delvallet (@LucasDelvallet) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
Moving serve to access the exit of the level, but moving change the level layout in differents ways according to the cells you are on. And you must color the level as the same color the exit is to open it. But, since this game is in 1D you must plan your movement so moving to the exit doesn't close it.

So movement is used to both solve puzzle and reach the exit.

Third-party resources
Developped with Monogame in C#.

The music I use is made by Kevin McLeod : Wonder.

The game, except the music linked above and some public domain sounds effect, is made by me : Lucas Delvallet

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Modular arithmetic! Is someone a maths fan or did you just pick this concept at random without realizing what it was? :)

Now, the first game is what you are being judged on and that game has .... a fair few issues. I've been studying modular arithmetic at university for 2 years and although I understood what everything was meant to be and how it worked I was still basically just guessing (and really straining my eyes to look at those thin colors)

I've only played the new version really briefly, but WOW is it an improvement. The fancy UI bits are beyond helpful to your game. I've never seen such an extreme example of UI changing a game. Well done indeed :) I'll get back to the puzzles now :)


The concept is promising. But I also had issues understanding how to change colors.

The other problem I encountered is that... I'm colorblind. :p So, yeah, that brings obviously some difficulties. The colors that were hader for me to differenciate were 5/6, and 2/3. Surprinsingly 1/4 wasn't too much a problem, though it is still a bit tricky when they're far away. However, I think there might be solutions to make the game more accessible.

With a bit of concentration, I was able to recognize 2, 3, 4 and 1. But what made it difficult was the thinness of the cells. Colorblindness works a bit like myopia (at least for me): the more little a thing is, the harder it is for me to peceive its color. I thus had to look my screen closer and squint to see if a cell is blue or violet, while I had no problems with the numbers in the UI. So I would suggest a way to have larger cells. While it might break the aesthetic, it could help a lot.

My second issue was the glowing effect for the tile where the player stands. It can really makes them hard to read. Orange fading to white makes it look like yellow, and it doesn't give enough time to focus on it. So I had to move to see its actual color, and, well, that just create other problems!^^ So again, as nice as it looks, I would have liked to be able to disable this effect.

Otherwise the concept seem really cool. And the minimalist visuals are pleasant, giving a really clean UI! So I hope this perspective on colorblindness issues can help.

Developer (1 edit)

Oh, I had a thought for colorblind people, but sadly, 48hours is a little tight to implement features that help :(. A way to display the number next to the colors would be a solution, or a way to personalize colors should do the trick too.

And you are right for the player glowing, it was a bad choice.

Thanks for your kind review ;)


I have no idea how to play this. Like, I get the general idea of opening the gate, but getting certain panels to be a certain color is all a matter of guesswork. There's no clear instructions at the beginning. I'd simplify the mechanics to make it so anyone could figure it out. But, I do like where this is going.

If you would like to see my submission, please check out Napalm Town:


Yeah. I totally failed to make the game understable. Sorry ^_^

I will probably make a more simple version in the futur


I love:
- The game did hurt my brain by the great potential it shows
- The minimalistic graphics

I would have love if:
- The game didn't hurt my brain by the lack of clarity on how to interact with it (particularly how to anticipate the effects of moving your mouse). It definitively needs a tutorial to shine.
It took me a while to start grasping how works the game and during this time I bruteforced my way through it making me feel a bit dumb :-/

In the end though it's really original and there's something to dig here, with more polish it could be a very good puzzle game.


Thank you for the deep and kind review !


Cool concept ! Needed some time to understand how it work, but at the end, it's really interesting and relaxing. And really cool aesthetics ! On a big monitor it's not that easy to play, but that's not a problem for the game itself.


Interesting idea, found it difficult to read though (perhaps it was my 27" monitor bwahahaha) - perhaps a pixel scaler to scale things up?

Developer (1 edit)

Fullscreen or zoom is definitly something I would make if I ever do an updated version.


I love the wrapping  that the game is in but I found it really hard to get my head around how moving interacts with the board. Maybe instead of colours a visual indicator of the value of each step would make it easier, like you have to line up heights to get out.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, I did a terrible job in explaining the game. I should have done better but I was lacking time :(

Lining up height is a good idea, I'd lose the full 1d experience, but keeping player on the game is better :)


Would test, but my system is very devoted to blocking the game, screaming it's dangerous.

Developer (1 edit)

Is it because of Windows smartscreen ?


Very likely, the prompt isn't keen of introducing itself.


Okay. If it is, you can still launch the game by clicking "More Info" label then check the "I understand the risk and want to run this app" and finally click "Run Anymay" button. (Text on label/button might be a little different because I've translated it)

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, the message indicate that the game was downloaded from unidentified source/unrecognized app/unknown publisher, which I am.


Well, it wasn't but unraring helped.

It was indeed a 1D game which surprised me, because i didn't expect any design to work in 1D, but it seems that puzzlers will always find a way :D